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What is Jasper Crystal?

Jasper is a type of Quartz which has been colored by a variety of mineral impurities, giving each Jasper Crystal a unique and breath taking beauty.

The type of mineral impurity found within the Jasper Crystal determines the variety of Jasper Crystal that forms.

The presence of hematite makes the crystal red, limonite makes the crystal brown or yellow, and chlorite makes the crystal green.

Jasper is commonly found in its red form, often in large blocks that could be carved, making it a valuable commodity since ancient times.

An Earth stone that is elemental in nature, Jasper has a slow but constant frequency that is aligned with the electromagnetic forces of the planet.

Jasper is found naturally all over the world in every color, often in crystal nodules or as the filling between rock fissures.

Jasper Crystal Meaning

jasper-crystalKnown as The Supreme Nurturer, Jasper has a lengthy history of use in ornamental jewelry, and as personal and protective amulets.

The name Jasper is derived from the ancient Assyrian word for the stone: asphu.

The use of Jasper as a healing and magical stone dates back to the time of the Shamans and healers who wore and carried Jasper as protective amulets and talismans.

Jasper comes in a variety of colors, and incredible painting-like pictographic patterns, many of which are primarily Earthy and masculine in color.

As an elemental stone, the energy of Jasper is slow and grounded, associated with the energy of the Earth.

Known as The Rain Bringer, Jasper has been used as a divinatory tool or diving stone for millennia, Green and Brown Jasper being the most effective for this purpose.

Jasper Crystal Properties and Varieties

The powerful energy of Jasper Crystals makes it the ideal crystal for creative artists and writers who are trying to overcome creative blocks.

Worn by shamans, priests, kings, and emperors since ancient times, each individual Jasper Crystal is a masterpiece of nature, and a powerful protective talisman.

Known as the Supreme Nurturer, Jasper is a protective grounding stone that provides its bearer with stability, comfort and security.

There are far too many varieties of Jasper to cover them all here, but here are several of the most common and most powerful types of Jasper available:

Jasper (Black)

Black Jasper, or Basanite, is a rare form of Jasper that is flaky or flinty.

Black Jasper empowers us, shielding us from psychic harm such as curses and threats, crowning our efforts with great success.

In its polished form, Black Jasper is a great stone for scrying, giving you the ability to see into circumstances and discern what is hidden from your awareness.

Jasper (Brown): Sacred Stone of Perfection

Ranging from chocolate brown, to a golden or reddish brown color, Brown Jasper is an ideal grounding stone, providing us with a direct connection to the Earth.

Bringing great stability and balance, Brown Jasper is a wonderful worry stone, and can also be used to facilitate meditation.

Brown Jasper is also known as the Sacred Stone of Protection and can be carried or worn to protect us from harmful energies.

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Jasper (Red): Stone of Endurance

A stone of great clarity, strength, and energy, Red Jasper stimulates our Chi or life force, enhancing our strength and stamina.

Ranging in color from deep red to a reddish brown, Red Jasper is a stone of health that offers healing and increased strength.

Red Jasper is also instrumental in enhancing our ability to remember dreams, and puts us into direct connection with our spiritual guides.

When carried at sacred sites, Red Jasper can help us make a direct connection with the spirits of the Earth and the guardians of those sacred places.

Jasper (Blue)

Blue Jasper forms in gems that display various shades of blue with unique, dark, swirling patterns embedded in each one.

Linked with dignity, nobility, and purpose, Blue Jasper gives us the ability to speak out against injustice, and to come to the defense of those who need us.

If you are in charge of others, as the head of a household, or in a business capacity, Blue Jasper is your ideal gemstone to reduce and combat stress.

Blue Jasper is a good stone for teens and kids because it can help them resist taking part in risky behaviors, or avoid these situations entirely.

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Jasper (Green): The Rain Bringer

Green Jasper is one of the multicolored forms of Jasper that are so rare and impressive.

Ranging in color from light green to a dark olive green, Green Jasper has been well known since ancient times to calm the mind and soothe the spirit.

Green Jasper can also help us balance out obsessive thoughts and actions, allowing us to regain control of our thoughts.

Green Jasper is an excellent sleep aid for anyone who has trouble sleeping or suffers from nightmares.

Jasper (Yellow): Stone of Discernment

Yellow Jasper, known as the stone of discernment, ranges from mustard yellow, to a sandy yellowish brown.

Yellow Jasper shields its bearer from negativity directed at them from others.

Offering strength, endurance, and tenacity, Yellow Jasper eases chronic worry and helps build self-confidence.

Yellow Jasper is also an effective stone to use in meditation, grounding us and empowering the energies of the Earth within us.

Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Jasper Crystal is used to manifesting qualities like strength, wisdom, and courage.

Because of its earthy appearance and powerful grounding energy, Jasper crystal is considered a healing stone.

Jasper, particularly the red variety, which is a powerfully protective and healing gemstone, is often included in most healing gem layouts.

Physical Healing

All varieties of Jasper can be used to restore internal tissues, and are particularly useful in addressing diseases of the kidneys, spleen, liver, bladder and stomach.

Jasper is the ideal stone to provide you with vibrational support during the healing process when you are recovering from an illness or injury.

Carrying or wearing Jasper Crystals can also help your body balance and metabolize minerals and nutrients, such as iron, sulfur, zinc, and manganese.

Jasper water is a soothing gem elixir made from Jasper that is useful in restoring the digestive system.

Jasper Crystals may also help staunch blood and can be particularly helpful for those who suffer from frequent nosebleeds.

Traditionally, Jasper Crystals have been used to reverse the effects of snakes bites.

Other common ailments that Jasper can help soothe are hemorrhoids, epilepsy, and gout, and it may also be helpful in restoring the sensory loss of smell.

Emotional Healing

Jasper is a soothing stone which calms and restores the emotional body, releasing us from stress and worry.

Jasper Crystal can help us strengthen our emotional body, finding a restful and calm stability.

The restorative vibration of Jasper creates a special aura around those who are sensitive to it, causing a pleasant feeling to radiate throughout the body.

Operating from states of emotional calm and strength increases feelings of compassion, patience, humility, and generosity.

As a grounding and strengthening stone, Jasper is sometimes called the Stone of Courage, increasing our tenacity and determination in all pursuits.

Jasper promotes a feeling of self-worth and honesty in all areas of life, helping us recognize and correct our shortcomings, insecurities, and fears.

The grounding capacity of Jasper helps us move forward assertively, with strength and purpose, rather than with aggression and hostility.

Jasper Crystal can help us work in harmony with others, opening our hearts and minds in all situations.

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Spiritual Healing

Carrying or wearing Jasper Crystals can strengthen your connection to the Earth and the sacredness of all life.

By increasing our states of tranquility and improving our ability to concentrate, Jasper brings spiritual wisdom in all of its forms.

We begin to celebrate the beauty that we find in the world around us, and find states of deep harmony within ourselves and around all things.

Jasper Crystals can help us in a variety of spiritual activities, including meditation, dreamwork, and in building a connection to our past lives.

By grounding us in the present moment, Jasper allows us to understand the ancient past, coming into direct contact with the deep spiritual wisdom that modern humanity has lost.

Spiritual aspirants can use this knowledge to help bring healing and real help to people around the world, through courageous and compassionate action.

Jasper Crystal Purposes and Uses

Wearing or carrying Jasper Crystals induces states of calm and tranquility.

Jasper has a cleansing effect, eliminating negative thoughts and stabilizing the energies of your aura, making it the perfect worry stone.

Carrying Jasper as a worry stone may help you concentrate and focus at work or school, releasing you from negative thought patterns.

Sleeping with Jasper Crystal in your pocket will help alleviate or eliminate nightmares and provide you with a restful sleep.

As a healing stone, Jasper is an excellent support while you recover from physical or emotional illness or injury.

By grounding our energy, it allows us to build strength and vitality, helping us overcome painful experiences.

Those who are seeking to lose weight can benefit from carrying Jasper Crystal.

The grounding energy improves will-power and discipline, while also increasing vitality when energy levels get low.

Jasper can also help people give up smoking and quit other harmful addictions.

By increasing our willpower, it cuts down on cravings, making quitting easier.

The slow and steady energy of Jasper helps us avoid all extremes in feeling and conduct, helping us persevere in all circumstances.

As a cleansing stone, Jasper cleanses our body of toxins and our emotional body of negative energies.

Jasper also aligns our chakras, grounding us in the Root Chakra and activating the higher chakras one by one.

Jasper, when combined with Garnet or Topaz, can act as a powerful aphrodisiac, and has been known to restore sperm cells and increase fertility.

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Jasper Crystal Meditation

The ability of Jasper to promote a peaceful and grounded feeling makes all varieties of it a great aid to your meditation session.

At the beginning of any meditation ritual, use Jasper Crystals to ground and calm your mind and heart.

Holding Jasper while meditating helps you find a deep meditative state with relative ease.

After beginning with Jasper, when you have achieved the calm you are looking for, switch to another gem that will help you achieve the higher aim of your meditation session.

Jasper will also provide the protection you need from negative energies while you are striving for the highest meditative states, like astral travel and communication with your spirit guides.

Jasper Crystal Birthstone

Jasper Crystals are not the natural birthstone for any particular month or time of year, but it is the traditional birthstone of March.

Jasper Crystal Zodiac Sign

While Jasper does not correspond to any specific Zodiac sign, it can be of benefit to people born under certain signs.

Cancers and Capricorn will benefit from the grounding energy of Jasper Crystals, building compassion and patience.

Aries and Scorpio benefit from the calming influence of any type of Jasper crystal.

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Jasper Crystal Chakra Healing and Balancing

Jasper Crystals can be used to ground, heal, and stabilize the physical body and the energy body, aligning and healing the chakras.

By placing any type of Jasper upon all of your chakras, you can realign, cleanse, and boost the energy of each chakra, balancing your energy body and cleansing your aura.

Jasper’s grounding energy activates the root chakra, bringing the rest of the chakras into alignment with each of the energy centers in the body.

The range of Jasper’s colors makes it the perfect type of crystal for full-body healing layouts, with your preferred forms of Jasper being placed upon each chakra for healing.

The protective nature of Jasper makes it the perfect protective stone for dream work and astral projection.

Simply place Jasper over the Heart and Navel chakras, and it will provide the protection you need for safe astral travel.

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