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What is an Opal?

An opal is a gemstone is considered to be one of the most beautiful stones available in the world.

A gemstone is a precious or semiprecious stone. This means that it is cut and styled to serve as a decorative piece in jewelry.

The opal is quite interesting because it is formed primarily by rain. After the water from the rain evaporates, the remaining silica dries out to help form and complete the opal gemstone.

Silica is commonly found as a part of the sand and in quartz. The millions of silica spheres which are formed in different sizes are the reason why opal gemstones contain many splashes of beautiful colors.

A common opal is also known as a potch. A potch has an opalescence to it which appears as a pearly luster.

opal-crystalOn the other hand, a precious opal will have a “play-on-color” to it. This is when flashes of ingenious color are seen after turning the stone in the light or shifting its angle.

There is a fire opal as well, which has a red, yellow, or orange primary color to it. The play-on-color is barely present in contrast to the precious opal.

The opal is mainly produced in Australia, where ninety-five percent of it is formed. The fields of Coober Pedy, located in South Australia, hold a majority of the white opal.

However, Ethiopia has been known to produce a variation of the opal as well. This is known as the Ethiopian opal, which is characterized by its distinct reddish body as well as hints of electric green and majestic purple.

Opal Meaning

The opal’s name comes from the Greek word opallios. The word “opallios” means to see a change in color.

This translation is fitting because the opal gemstone is known to be highly unique with variations in color depending on which one you purchase. For instance, a white opal can have traces of light pink, cyan, pastel aquamarine, and peach.

In Greek mythology, Zeus was believed to cry tears of opal gemstones after he defeated the tyrannical titans. Because of these tears, the Greeks formed the belief that the opal possesses prophetic powers.

Aborigines in Australia view the opal as our creator’s footprint which touched the earth at the beginning of the rainbow. The image of a rainbow is understandable considering the array of beautiful colors that can be found in many different types of the opal gemstone.

An opal gemstone has many meanings that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. However, one of the biggest keywords for the opal is fire.

This fire stands for the spirit in our hearts. The opal also symbolizes both purity and hope.

Opal serves as a way to protect its wearer from any potential harm. In addition to symbolizing purity and hope, the opal is viewed as a powerful protector as well.

The opal has been used for its good luck properties. Wearers enjoy the good luck that seems to attract them when wearing it.


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Opal Properties

The opal has many properties. Physically, the opal comes in a variety of different forms.

An opal is most commonly seen with a light body color. This color is generally white, yellow, or cream.

On top of the light body coat is a flash of nearly every color of the rainbow, along with a variation of other hues. These stones are frequently used for jewelry.

When the opal is seen in this form, it is referred to as the white opal or the white precious opal. This is the most iconic version of the opal.

Another well-known variation of the opal is the Andean opal, which also goes by the name of the Peruvian opal as well. This opal is found in Peru, which is where its name comes from.

The physical properties of the Andean opal stone range from translucent to opaque with hints of pastel blue and pink. These stones feature a pearly sheen.

In contrast to the white opal, there is a black opal variation as well. Known as the black precious opal, this stone hails from Lighting Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.

The body of the black opal is dark in color and usually appears as black or gray.

In certain cases, the black opal can have a deep blue or green body with speckles of rainbow coloring. It is the most sought-after opal in the world since it is said to bring good luck and positivity.


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Opal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

When it comes to healing, the opal is a magnificent stone to turn to. The opal has a variety of different physical forms, but each version provides its wearer with incredible healing.

One example is the white opal. This version of the opal is said to assist in identifying old wounds, anger, and fear in order to successfully heal.

It instills joy by manifesting the Light of the Divine into the energy field of the wearer. The white opal is said to help connect with angels and spirit guides.

The white opal is also symbolic of lasting love, which can be used for the purpose of self-love or for attracting lasting love to you. This love will be felt on an incredibly deep level.

The white opal is used to restore faith in the bitter-hearted. As a good luck stone, it helps to reverse any bad luck.

The black opal is used for similar purposes but is in higher demand than the white opal due to the added good luck and power it provides a wearer.

Physical Healing

Overall, the opal can present many sought-after physical healing properties. Many rely on this stone to retain their youthfulness.

In this sense, youthfulness helps the wearer to remain young in the heart and in physical appearance, which helps to improve stamina.

As a stone of youthfulness, the concept of beauty practically goes hand-in-hand. To emphasize your more attractive features, you will be pleased with the results of an opal stone.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from anxiety, you can rest easy with the help of an opal. These stones are said to help with any nervous energy or anxiety you are facing in order to transform it into self-confidence and fearlessness.

Heart problems are also addressed and worked on with the help of an opal. If you have had any heart issues in the past, opal is the perfect stone choice.

Eye problems can be alleviated with an opal as well. To improve your vision, you should consider wearing an opal bracelet or necklace.


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Emotional Healing

In terms of emotions, the opal is tremendously beneficial. The opal in any of its many forms can help to produce a deep love for one’s self or another individual.

If you are seeking to restore or gain true happiness, the opal can provide these essential emotional benefits to you. Through the opal, you will learn to become aware of your highest self, as well as the need to throw away any negative patterns.

By eliminating negative behaviors, the opal will help you to truly feel in control of your life. Having a sense of control and security is vital to one’s emotional healing.

Spiritual Healing

On a spiritual level, many people rely on the help of an opal. Although the opal comes in a variety of forms, each opal has extreme spiritual healing benefits.

The black opal is used to connect to the highest spiritual goals of its wearer. As a protective stone, it allows the wearer to focus on his or her aspirations to work on their inner soul.

An opal of any form has very deep ties to the dream realm. If you have ever needed a stone to assist you with lucid dreaming in order to succeed spiritually, the opal is the best stone out there.

To achieve a higher level of insight, the opal can truly assist you. Intuition on a spiritual level is increased when an opal is worn.

The opal can help you to delve deep into the self. This is important in a spiritual sense because the wearer will be better equipped to understand their inner soul.

Opal Uses

The opal can be used to encourage a sense of safety and security. It is often used to ease stress and even depression.

If you are having difficulty centering your mind, the opal can help. The opal will promote happiness and can help to produce gratifying dreams.

Children benefit from the use of opals for any bad dreams they might experience. They take away nightmares and replace them with pleasant dreams.

Even if the child is not experiencing nightmares but believes he or she is seeing an imaginary enemy or creature, the opal can be used as a source of protection and security.

Opal Meditation

An opal is frequently chosen as a meditation gemstone. It helps the wearer to have a calm and centered mind, which are two important characteristics of meditation.

To ease stress and bring about peace, the opal is the most appropriate stone. This is extremely beneficial for a wearer during meditation.

Meditation begins with a clear and restful mind. An opal of any kind can easily assist with a tranquil and calm state of mind to reduce stress and uneasiness.


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Opal Birthstone

The opal is the birthstone for the month of October, which is the tenth month of the year. There are two zodiac signs that fall under the month of October.

Libra is the zodiac sign that begins in the month of October. The sun does not go into Scorpio until the twenty-third of October.

The opal is an excellent gift for anyone born in October. It has a great deal of beauty and power which promotes positivity for its wearer.

Opal Zodiac Sign

Since the opal rules the month of October, it can be associated with both the Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs.

A Libra is a peace-loving and diplomatic sign with extreme artistic abilities. The opal is known for its ability to restore peace within and its physical appearance resembled a beautiful abstract work of art.

A Scorpio is a strong sign which is known to experience deep transformations. The opal promotes the strength of the soul as well as emotional transformations.

The opal is also connected to the maternal sign of Cancer.


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Opal Chakra

Because the opal has many different forms, it can be used for various chakra cleansings. It depends on which chakra you need to restore balance on in order to choose the correct opal.

If you need to adjust your root or crown chakras then the black opal is the right form to choose. The root chakra helps promote a sense of security while the crown chakra allows us to delve deeper into a higher state of consciousness.

The Andean Opal is used to activate the heart and throat chakras. The restoration of the heart chakra promotes peace and love while the throat chakra helps with communication.

Another example includes the fiery Ethiopian opal. This version is used to restore the base and sacral chakras.

A base chakra helps a wearer with becoming more grounded with the physical world. The sacral chakra is the center of our emotions.

Alleviating any issues with the sacral chakra can assist with understanding our emotions on a deeper level. The Ethiopian opal can be used for meditation and chakra healing for this purpose.

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