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What is Ocean Jasper Crystal?

Ocean Jasper Crystal is the term used for a particular type of Jasper found in a specific mine on the coast of Madagascar.

Ocean Jasper is a highly collectible and relatively rare crystal with profound energetic powers.

There are several varieties of Ocean Jasper, including Sea Jasper, Cellular Jasper, and Orbicular Jasper crystals.

Ocean Jasper has an almost psychedelic appearance with swirling and orb-like intrusions of color including green, yellow, blue, gray, white, black, and brown.

Among the swirling bands of color you are also sure to find a variety of patterns, and even the sparkle of quartz, making Ocean Jasper an exceptionally beautiful crystal gem.

Beyond the mere surface beauty of this powerful stone, the whirls and patterns of color on this gem are examples of naturally occurring sacred geometry.

A type of chalcedony, Ocean Jasper combines a variety of powerful minerals, compressed and heated in primordial flows of lava, to create a stone of unique power.

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Ocean Jasper Crystal Meaning

ocean-jaspers-crystalOcean Jasper draws its meaning and significance from the sea, and the element of water, with which it is associated.

Sometimes called the Atlantis Stone, Ocean Jasper is believed to originate from this ancient submerged continent, and may even hold the mysteries of its power in its structure.

The appearance and energy of Ocean Jasper are associated with the activity of the ocean, and the slow and rhythmic patterns of the tides and waves.

Ocean Jasper reminds us to live with an open heart and a peaceful mind, open to the flow of Universal energies.

Ocean Jasper is the perfect crystal to add to your collection of sacred gemstones to keep your life on track and your energy grounded.

The grounding energy of Ocean Jasper ensures that we live in balance and gratitude, attracting prosperity and wealth and a flow of abundance into our lives.

Ocean Jasper Crystal Properties

Like all forms of Jasper, Ocean Jasper Crystals reduce stress and promote peace and tranquility.

This makes it the ideal crystal for the cultivation of patience and peaceful relationships.

The calming and soothing vibration of Ocean Jasper opens and cleanses our heart Chakra, getting us in touch with compassionate and loving thoughts.

Often our biggest emotional obstacles arise from a lack of love and compassion for ourselves.

Ocean Jasper dispels feelings of self doubt and self hatred, arousing feelings of compassion and self-esteem.

The intricate patters, swirls, and circles found on Ocean Jasper represent the interconnected nature of all life on Earth.

The ability to promote peace and tranquility makes Ocean Jasper the ideal crystal for those who are suffering from negative thoughts, promoting love of self and others.

Ocean Jasper anchors us in the whorls and eddies of our emotional lives, helping us deal with buried feelings that are often dredged up in times of crisis and self doubt.

Those who are not suffering from emotional turmoil will feel instantly soothed and grounded when holding an Ocean Jasper Crystal.

The ability to clear and dispel negative energies also gives Ocean Jasper a protective quality, clearing away harmful energies, and protecting us from harmful magic and spells.

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Ocean Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Like other forms of Jasper, Ocean Jasper has the ability to bring about physical, mental, and emotional healing.

The ability to bring tranquility and deep calm has restorative effects that make Ocean Jasper a powerful crystal with profound healing powers.

Physical Healing

Ocean Jasper is a restorative crystal that helps reduce the deterioration of our tissues and internal organs and can help us drain our lymphatic system of toxicity.

The cleansing effects of Ocean Jasper cleanses the body of toxins that cause a variety of problems like body odor, bad breath, and flatulence.

Ocean Jasper will also improve the functioning of our internal organs, especially our digestive systems, helping us derive more nourishment from the food we eat.

The influence of Ocean Jasper can also help us metabolize sodium and balance iodine levels in the blood.

This helps us keep our blood pressure under control, while also relieving bloating and water retention.

Those who are undergoing hydrotherapy or salt baths can enhance the effectiveness of these treatments by carrying an activated Ocean Jasper Crystal.

To make a Ocean Jasper elixir, just let an activated Ocean Jasper stone soak overnight in filtered or demineralized water.

Drinking this elixir restores the digestive system to its proper functioning, soothing away vomiting and nausea, and bringing healing to the internal organs.

Wearing or carrying Ocean Jasper can help alleviate a variety of ailments, from thyroid disease, to sea sickness and inner-ear disorders.

Ocean Jasper can help clear up skin problems related to stress and emotional distress, including eczema and psoriasis.

Emotional Healing

The symbolic connection of Ocean Jasper to our emotions is essentially elemental in nature.

Emotions arise and pass like the waves and tides of the Ocean, similar to the elemental forces that form the sacred geometry found on Ocean Jasper Crystals.

The cyclic and flowing energy of Ocean Jasper helps bring long submerged emotional crises to the surface, where they can be dealt with in depth.

Ocean Jasper encourages us to deal with our emotional problems with self-honesty, self-love, and compassion.

We learn to take responsibility for our own emotions, and live from our deep emotional center.

By opening our hearts with its vibrational energy, Ocean Jasper helps us experience empathy for others and love for ourselves.

Using Ocean Jasper over time promotes a deep sense of healing and a keen sense of self-acceptance. We begin to look forward to the future with great anticipation.

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Spiritual Healing

The sacred geometry found in the intricate patterns of lines and colors found on Ocean Jasper are directly connected to the lost continent of Atlantis.

Many experts believe that these patterns found on Ocean Jasper Crystals contain sacred information concerning the mystery of Atlantis.

At the level of mind, Ocean Jasper helps us unlock the ancient wisdom and past life lessons that are encoded and held in the Akashic records.

By aligning our Chakras, Ocean Jasper connects us with the vibrational frequency of Divine Source, helping us activate the energy of the Law of Attraction in our lives.

Through activating our vibrational alignment with Source, Ocean Jasper can protect us from negativity and harmful energy systems that may assail us from outside.

As a green crystal of healing and renewal, Ocean Jasper promotes spiritual and personal growth, getting us in touch with deep wells of spiritual energy.

Ocean Jasper Crystal Uses

The main use of Ocean Jasper, like any form of Jasper, is the alleviation of stress and the experience of deep calm and tranquility.

Carrying or wearing Ocean Jasper can cleanse your energy system and stabilize your aura, eliminating negative energy and dispelling harmful influences.

Ocean Jasper is often recommended for use as a worry stone or rubbing stone for its ability to soothe nervous energy and worried thoughts.

Carrying an Ocean Jasper Crystal in your pocket and rubbing its smooth surface between your fingers will dispel negative thoughts and cycles of worry and stress.

The energy of Ocean Jasper can help those who lack focus by banishing repetitive thoughts that distract us, helping us improve our ability to concentrate on any task.

When carried as an amulet, Ocean Jasper acts as a talisman of compassion and patience, allowing us to release anger and clear emotional blockages from our energy body.

Ocean Jasper is recommended for teachers and counselors who need to arouse empathy and compassion to help their students and clients.

Carrying Ocean Jasper while forest bathing can help you alleviate feelings of stress and emotional burnout, restoring you to a balanced state.

The ability of Ocean Jasper to calm and center our energies makes it the ideal stone for those who suffer from ‘monkey-mind’ during meditation practice.

Ocean Jasper Crystal Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to access the warm and peaceful vibrations of this healing and protective stone.

You can integrate Ocean Jasper into your daily wellness routine by settling your gaze on your cleansed and activated Ocean Jasper Crystal during meditation practice.

While concentrating your soft gaze on the Ocean Jasper Crystal, practice allowing any thoughts or emotions to arise and fall away naturally.

Meditate for as long as you wish, allowing all thoughts to rise and pass away naturally, without evaluating them.

This promotes a state of deep meditative peace and concentration.

You may ask your spiritual guides to use the energy of this stone to cleanse away negative thoughts and limiting beliefs as you meditate.

The peaceful and soothing energy of Ocean Jasper will draw you into deeper states of calm and meditative concentration every time you use it.

A daily practice like this will reawaken your soul, aligning you with higher energies and deep spiritual wisdom.

Holding Ocean Jasper during meditation is a perfect antidote for anyone who is having trouble concentrating on the breath.

The deeply cyclic vibrational patterns of this stone’s energy can help us breathe freely, centering our energy, and aligning us with our higher self.

Deep states of meditative concentration helps us rouse our spiritual energy from lower to higher levels.

This may make it possible for us to access past lives and deep spiritual lessons from our Divine Protectors.

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Ocean Jasper Crystal Birthstone

While Ocean Jasper is not a traditional birthstone, it is a type of Jasper which is the birthstone of the month of March.

As they are generally green in color, Ocean Jasper Crystals are often associated with renewal and may be considered the natural birthstone of those born in the Spring.

Ocean Jasper Crystals act as harbingers of renewal, financial success, and vigorous health.

Ocean Jasper Crystal Zodiac Sign

Jasper is associated with the month of March and the Zodiacal sign of Aries, the ram.

Those who are born under this sign can wear or carry Ocean Jasper to sooth some of Aries’ negative qualities, such as impatience, a hot temper, moodiness, and impulsivity.

As a natural antidote to anger and ill-will, carrying an Ocean Jasper amulet can help Aries realize their positive leadership qualities such as enthusiasm, positivity, and courage.

In elemental terms, Ocean Jasper is associated water, which is the ideal antidote to the fiery influence of Mars on those born under this sign.

Ocean Jasper Crystal Chakra

The energy of Ocean Jasper Crystal is associated with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras, and can help us align, cleanse and balance our Chakras.

All forms of Jasper are connected to the grounding energy of the Earth.

This grounding energy is associated with the Sacral or Base Chakra which stabilizes our physical and emotional energies.

Ocean Jasper Crystals can be used to balance and harmonize the energies of all of the Chakras. This can help us restore balance and remove blockages from to our energy system.

Place your activated Ocean Jasper Crystal upon each Chakra and it will amplify, cleanse, and realign the energy of each one.

The cyclic vibration of Ocean Jasper resonates with the Heart Chakra, especially stones that are basically green in color.

When the Heart Chakra is out of balance and contaminated with negative energy, we can find ourselves having trouble in our relationships.

Holding Ocean Jasper over your Heart Chakra can help realign it with the Base Chakra, putting your emotions back into balance.

When the Heart and Sacral Chakras are properly balanced, all of the other energies come into alignment, and we become free from inhibitions and emotional blockages.

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Ocean Jasper Talismans and Amulets

Ocean Jasper is a highly transformational crystal, providing us with the energy and support to change various aspects of our lives.

Transformational crystals like Ocean Jasper provide emotional and spiritual support for us in our efforts to reach our highest potential.

In this way, wearing an Ocean Jasper talisman or amulet can help us develop new capabilities and attract opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.

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