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What is Apatite Crystal?

Apatite Crystals appears in many colors and forms and may resemble many other crystals.

In fact, it took until the 18th century before Apatite Crystals were recognized as a distinct mineral type.

While Apatite may be present in almost any type of rock, these crystals are most likely to form in bands of sedimentary rock.

In sedimentary layers, Apatite Crystals may have formed from the remains of tiny sea creatures.

While they are found around the world, Apatite Crystals are particularly prevalent in Canada and Spain.

Apatite Crystals have a distinctive ‘crackled’ appearance, with networks of fissures and cracks over smooth surfaces.

Due to their brittleness, Apatite Crystals are easily scratched and should be handled with care.

Apatite Crystal Meaning

apatiteApatite, called the Stone of Manifestation, is known for its ability to help us build personal power and achieve our professional goals.

Apatite works in two ways at once, clearing our minds of confusion and negativity while also stimulating our cognitive powers to expand our knowledge and intelligence.

The name Apatite comes from the Greek word which means ‘to deceive’ because of the tendency to mistake Apatite for other types of crystals, especially Peridot.

Apatite Crystals are made up of the same mineral phosphates that are found in tooth enamel, horns, antlers, and tusks, giving Apatite a connection to animal conservation.

The dual nature of Apatite is best realized in its contrasting vibrational aspects. Apatite is both a grounding stone and a profoundly spiritual crystal.

Apatite’s energy cleanses our aura and grounds us while enhancing our ability to explore our higher spiritual nature.

Apatite’s practical and grounding nature makes it ideal for everyday problem solving, while also increasing our energy and vitality.

The spiritual qualities of Apatite are perfect for those who are looking to take on advanced spiritual quests, like past life regression and consulting the Akashic Records.

Apatite’s vibrational frequency is in tune with the future and is therefore related to service and humanitarian efforts.

Carrying or wearing Apatite Crystals stimulates the advanced development of psychic abilities and spiritual powers, aiding in self-expression and the communication of our vision.

Apatite’s dual characteristics help us balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives, helping us to unify our efforts and focus our attention on our goals.

By unifying our efforts and helping us focus, Apatite eliminates hyperactivity while also relieving apathy and lethargy, evening out our activity level.

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Apatite Crystal Properties

The most common forms of Apatite are blue and green, but it also comes in pink, violet, and yellow forms.

Apatite helps us juggle all of life’s demands, relieving us of anxiety and confusion and helping us overcome harmful thoughts and various roadblocks on the road of life.

By sharpening the intellect, Apatite enhances creativity while also reducing frustration and irritation levels, awakening us to our higher nature.

With expanded knowledge and enhanced cognitive abilities, those who carry Apatite of any variety will feel more centered, able to release sorrow, anger, and apathy.

Apatite releases us from the fog of negativity that many of us experience, helping us attract the life we have always wanted.

Apatite (Blue)

Blue Apatite is a motivational stone that promotes clarity and personal power.

Known as the Stone of Manifestation, Blue Apatite aligns us with our highest intention, helping us attract our desires and achieve our aims.

Apatite (Green)

Also known as asparagus stone because of its distinctive green color, Green Apatite is a healing stone of extraordinary power.

Green Apatite carries a direct connection to the heart, facilitating communication between the wisdom of the heart and the mind.

Stimulating the flow of vitality and energy in the physical body, Green Apatite acts as a stone of abundance and financial manifestation.

The healing energy of Green Apatite makes it a stone or regeneration, helping us to replenish our energies by connecting us to the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

Apatite (Yellow)

Yellow Apatite reduces and eliminates toxins, benefitting the internal organs like the liver, pancreas, spleen, and gallbladder.

This cleansing and detoxifying crystal releases us from depression and helps us overcome lethargy and apathy.

Apatite Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

All Apatite Crystals are healing stones that can heal us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical Healing

Apatite is the ideal healing crystal for those who are suffering from illnesses and injuries related to the bones, cartilage, and teeth.

Apatite helps the body absorb vital compounds such as calcium, allowing the body to repair bones and teeth naturally.

Holding Apatite Crystals and placing them on joints and relieve the pain and swelling of arthritis and other joint problems.

Green Apatite Crystals are also known to help with weight loss, working as a natural appetite suppressant that encourages a healthy diet and increased metabolism.

Yellow Apatite aids in digestion and helps clear our body of cellulite, helping us eliminate toxins more effectively.

The vibrational influence of Apatite radiates healing throughout the body, bringing healing to your internal organs, glands, and energy meridians.

The grounding and calming influence of Apatite can help reduce blood pressure and relieve chronic hypertension.

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Emotional Healing

Psychologically, Apatite Crystals are known to increase our motivation, joy, and zest for life.

By reducing our negative thought patterns, we are healed psychologically by our negative mental habits that limit our ability to achieve our dreams.

By enhancing our ability to focus our mental attention, Apatite improves creativity and releases us from the grip of negative, limiting emotions.

The regular use of Apatite as a talisman or amulet clears confusion, reduces frustration and irritability, and allows us to release emotions like anger and sorrow.

Spiritual Healing

Apatite is an excellent aid for our spiritual practice, grounding us to our present moment reality while also opening us to our higher awareness.

The healing and grounding of Apatite Crystals put us into the here and now, helping us gain clarity and true perception.

Being grounded and gaining perceptual clarity stimulates our higher spiritual faculties, increasing our access to our higher spiritual powers.

Those who are seeking communication with higher beings and access to the Akashic Records should use Blue Apatite in their daily meditation ritual.

Green Apatite awakens out heart knowledge and can help us understand the Karmic unfolding of our present and past lives.

Apatite Crystals stimulate spiritual powers like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and our awareness of ethereal worlds, helping us access past-life material and achieve mental telepathy.

Apatite Crystal Uses and Varieties

All forms of Apatite provide us with clarity and enhanced creativity, helping us get in touch with our higher self.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite, known as the Stone of Manifestation, is motivational in nature and promotes independent thought and action.

By providing clarity of mind, and opening the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite enhances our communication skills and is ideal for those who are required to do public speaking.

Blue Apatite is particularly useful for business consultants and investment managers who need to deliver speeches to large groups and share their ideas with investors.

The energy of Blue Apatite is also helpful for those who are between jobs, as its energy can help us attract opportunities and financial support while we manifest our ideal situations.

As a dream talisman, Blue Apatite helps us access, understand and remember subconscious messages, helping us detect and correct karmic patterns that may be holding us back.

For artists, writers, and musicians, Blue Apatite can enhance creativity and awaken deep wells of creative energy.

Those who are involved in charitable and humanitarian organizations can use the energy of Blue Apatite to realize their humanitarian aspirations, bringing healing and valuable teaching to all beings.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite is the rarest and most valuable variety of Apatite Crystal.

By grounding our energy and awakening our higher intention, Yellow Apatite attunes us to the future.

The energy of Yellow Apatite combats feelings of apathy and listlessness, awakening us to our higher self, making us more optimistic and sociable.

Yellow Apatite gives us the courage to take risks, while also giving us the clarity necessary to know which risks are worth taking.

This form of Apatite can be especially valuable whenever you are beginning a new business venture.

The energy of Yellow Apatite supports our creative ventures and helps us develop our business skills.

Green Apatite

Known as the Stone of Healing, Green Apatite promotes enhanced hand-eye coordination when worn as jewelry or carried as an amulet.

Those who are in the healing professions can wear or carry Green Apatite to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy great clarity of mind and mental focus.

In the workplace, Green Apatite Crystals can reawaken professional enthusiasm and rejuvenate the focus of ourselves and our coworkers.

Green Apatite is also said to facilitate our psychic or telepathic communications with animals, birds, pets, and wildlife.

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Apatite Crystal Meditation

Apatite Crystal is a real game changer for anyone who is looking to deepen their meditation experience.

Apatite is best used in meditation when you create a daily meditation ritual in which you state one specific intention on which to focus your spiritual energy.

Apatite Crystals strengthen the power of our intentions, helping us focus our energies on a specific goal by placing our minds firmly on our desires.

The deep states of concentration engendered by Apatite Crystal increase self-discipline, clarity, peace, and unity with our higher self.

Green Apatite, in particular, is ideal for encouraging states of deep and peaceful contemplation.

By simply resting your gaze upon your Green Apatite Crystal, you can cleanse your aura and enjoy states of higher spiritual awareness.

Apatite Crystal Birthstone

Apatite Crystal is not a natural or traditional birthstone.

Many people associate Green Apatite Crystal with the season of Spring, the renewal of the energies of life, and the Month of May.

Apatite Crystal Zodiac Sign

While Apatite Crystals are not associated with any particular Zodiacal sign, many associate these crystals with the sign of Gemini.

This is likely due to the dual nature of Apatite Crystals as both grounding stones and crystals that open us up to higher spiritual awareness.

Gemini is symbolized by the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, one of whom is mortal and Earthbound, and the other immortal and belonging to the spiritual realm.

Those born under the sign of Gemini can benefit from both the grounding and ethereal energies of all varieties of Apatite Crystal.

Apatite Crystal Chakra

Apatite Crystals bring soothing warmth to the Chakras like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold day.

Apatite Crystals can be used to awaken, cleanse, and align the Chakras, preparing us for our astral journeys into the Spiritual Realm.

Each form of Apatite is known for cleansing and activating particular Chakras and should be used with other Crystals to cleanse the entire energy body.

To take stock of your energy body, lie down and place an Apatite Crystal on each of the appropriate Chakras.

Place a Yellow Apatite on the breastbone over the Solar Plexus Chakra, a Blue Apatite Crystal on the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, and a Green Apatite on the Heart Chakra.

This procedure cleanses and aligns the energy centers of the body, activating all chakras and allowing us to access our higher nature.

It also clears all energy blockages in our energy body, allowing the energies of Kundalini to rise to the Crown Chakra where we can access higher awareness.

Blue Apatite

Opens, cleanses, and aligns the Throat Chakra, making it possible for us to communicate our ideas clearly and effectively.

Blue Apatite will also open and align the Third Eye Chakra, directing and sorting our perception in ways that align us with our deepest intentions.

The enhanced ability to communicate and perceive truth unlocks our deepest, hidden language centers, opening up communication with our higher self.

Yellow Apatite

Activates, cleanses, and aligns the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping us to better manage our internal energies.

By eliminating toxicity from our minds and bodies, Yellow Apatite gives us feelings of incredible clarity and personal power.

Green Apatite

Green Apatite opens and cleanses the Heart Chakra at the level of the breastbone.

Opening and cleansing the Heart Chakra regulate our interactions with the external world, providing us with a sense of balance in our environment.

An open and activated Heart Chakra helps us deal with the emotional ups and downs of daily life.

Our emotions and moods are more regulated and we become less prone to emotional extremes.

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