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What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a very interesting stone. As one of the oldest minerals on earth, the moldavite stone is believed to originate from outer space.

The moldavite was formed by a meteorite impact located in the southern region of Germany about fifteen million years ago. Moldavite is a tektite.

Tektites are forms of terrestrial glass that result in meteorite impacts. They are usually black, green, or gray in color.

As a crystal from space, the moldavite is shrouded in appeal and mystery.

It can be a connection from space to the earth.

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Moldavite Meaning

moldavite-crystalThe word moldavite translates to “molten.” However, the moldavite offers more than this translation.

For an incredible stone of the stars that serves a tremendous purpose and meaning, many are drawn to the mystique and appeal of the moldavite.

It is believed that the moldavite is a catalyst for attracting light into your life.

Additionally, the intense frequency of the moldavite provides a strong power to the wearer.

This incredible stone can only be found in Czechoslovakia. It is a stone of connectivity that can offer light in the darkness.

Moldavite Properties

The moldavite’s physical properties are quite astounding, just like the stars in the sky where it hails from. As a tektite, the moldavite has a glassy texture.

Typically, tektites are black or brownish in color. However, the moldavite is usually a shade of green, particularly forest green.

The moldavite can be seen in other shades of green, such as olive, lime green, or brownish-green, with the latter being commonly found in Moravia.

Tektites are made out of silicon dioxide, aluminum dioxide, and other various metal dioxides. They have an amorphous crystal structure.

The moldavite comes in a variety of different shapes. It is most commonly found in a drop-like formation.

It can also be constructed as a plate shape, oval, spheroid, rod-like, or spiral shape. Depending on where the stone originates from the shapes will differ.

When the moldavite is from Bohemian localities, it generally comes in more drop-like or elongate shapes. Moravian stones are more spherical in shape.

Moldavites also have beautifully carved, wrinkled, and sculpted textures. These can be witnessed no matter what shape it comes in.

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Physical Healing

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

The moldavite has amazing physical healing uses. It is frequently used to diagnose the cause of a multitude of diseases.

This powerful stone from the stars can be used for its unbelievable healing powers as well. This is due to the high vibrational energy it emits.

You can rely on the moldavite to cleanse blocked areas and to support new cell growth. This cell growth is completed to near perfection.

For the many allergy sufferers out there, moldavite is one of the best stones to use to alleviate this common ailment. You can use the moldavite to aid in battling the flu or anemia.

If you are concerned about aging well, you should wear a moldavite for its ability to slow down this process. It also helps to improve the memory and the mind.

Emotional Healing

If you want to heal on an emotional level, the moldavite can help with a variety of issues. When many first encounter a moldavite, it is said that they feel a warmth in their hands when they hold it.

This warmth is significant of its close ties to the heart, which is the chakra area it governs. As a stone of the heart, it brings subconscious issues to the forefront of healthy emotional healing.

It brings the heart and the mind together in peaceful harmony which helps the wearer to have a perfect balance. As a powerful stone for supporting the mind, it gets rid of negative thinking patterns that are no longer helpful to the wearer.

The moldavite will help its wearer uncover hidden emotions that have been suppressed. This helps with deeper emotional healing.

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Spiritual Healing

As a talisman from space, the moldavite stone has much to offer on a spiritual level. It is a stone that promotes spiritual awakening and transformation of the self.

If you feel a strong connection to the moldavite, you will enjoy a sense of spiritual protection. This is because it prevents any negative energy from accessing your aura.

Due to its ties to outer space, the moldavite is believed to have a strong connection to cosmic messengers. One of the most prominent spiritual purposes that moldavite stones provide is a light to assist in healing our planet.

Moldavite Uses

The moldavite provides many beneficial uses for a wearer. It is up to the wearer to determine what he or she wants to use the moldavite for.

As a stone of the stars, moldavite can be used to build a connection to outer space. Moldavite has been viewed as a spiritual talisman due to its incredible spiritual abilities.

Moldavite has been worn as amulets back to the Neolithic period. The Venus of Willendorf statue, which is the earliest goddess statue recorded, was found accompanied by moldavite amulets.

It is believed to have a close association with the heart chakra. Because of this, it can be used for deep heart chakra cleansing.

Moldavite Meditation

If you chose to meditate with moldavite, you’ll enjoy its tremendous benefits for this purpose. By wearing or holding moldavite during meditation, you can uncover your karmic path on earth.

Moldavite can help you unlock your inner power. By meditating on this stone, you can unveil a deep transformation.

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Moldavite Birthstone

Unfortunately, moldavite is not a traditional birthstone. If you feel a strong connection to this powerful star stone, you can choose to elect it as your birthstone.

Moldavite Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are based on the constellations in the sky, meaning that they are formed in the stars. Since moldavite originates from the stars, it is affiliated with every sign of the zodiac.

Moldavite Chakra

As a stone of the heart, it makes sense that moldavite is associated with the heart chakra. You can use it to balance your heart chakra so that you can eliminate any feelings of being controlled or controlling in a relationship.

Because the moldavite stone is green, it helps to resolve blockages within the heart chakra. The moldavite can also be used to open up your third eye chakra, which can strengthen your psychic abilities.

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