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Kunzite is charged with the energies of emotional healing and wellness. It can help anyone find a place of peace in today’s stressful world.

What is Kunzite?

Kunzite is a crystal that is often used to balance the emotions. It helps to forge a bond between the heart and mind.

This crystal was first discovered in 1902. Kunzite is named after George Frederick Kunz, the first person to catalog it.

Its primary color can range from a subtle pink to light shades of violet. The surface of Kunzite is glassy and smooth, but vertical striations may be observed within the crystal.

The color of the stone can fade when it is exposed to sunlight. It is difficult to cut, but some stones are occasionally used to create jewelry.

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Kunzite Meaning

The acceptance of love is the primary meaning of Kunzite. It encourages one to let their guard down and embrace trust.

This crystal means that you are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. It also means that optimum living is achieved when the mind and heart commune with one another.

Kunzite Properties

kunziteThe energy field of Kunzite is very pure and subtle. It embodies the attributes of pure love and complete trust.

Kunzite has the ability to help an individual reach the most honest version of themselves. It lays bare the secrets of the heart and reveals true motives.

This crystal has an ability to bring immediate comfort in times of sorrow and distress. It also has a calming influence that brings peace to the household.

Kunzite Healing Properties

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Kunzite healing energies are perfectly suited to those who are experiencing emotional or mental illness. It can also be used to address physical issues that are exacerbated by stress.

For healing, the stone can be worn as an amulet. It can also be used in a wand which is passed over affected areas of the body.

Physical Healing

Many experienced energy healers suggest that Kunzite can bring relief to those who suffer from psychiatric conditions. It has also been very effective at reducing depression.

The debilitating side effects of panic attacks can be mitigated with Kunzite. It is also good for preventing seizures.

Women have found that the crystal is beneficial as a treatment for PMS. It can also help to regulate the hormones in older women.

Wearing the stone around the neck is believed to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It can also encourage healthy respiration.

Emotional Healing

Few stones match Kunzite when it comes to emotional healing properties. It can help with everything from phobias to PTSD.

Kunzite brings a sense of calm. It can reduce the levels of anxiety that are felt in the solar plexus and other areas of the body.

This is a great stone for those who suffer from a lack of intimacy. It also helps those who have trouble maintaining good relationships with others.

The crystal can sometimes help individuals face painful repressed memories. It can give them the courage to confront past hurts so that release and healing can occur.

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Spiritual Healing

Divine love is the hallmark of Kunzite. The crystal brings an almost immediate connection to the realms of spirit.

Holding the stone in moments of prayer will increase faith and gratitude. It can also speed the answer of prayer requests.

Those who are near death can achieve a more peaceful transition to the spirit world when this crystal is nearby. It brings an end to fear and uncertainty.

Kunzite Uses

Those who are sensitive to residual energies from traumatic events will find relief from Kunzite. It can be carried when visiting places where tragedy has occurred.

The crystal can be placed in a vehicle to eliminate driving stress. It can also be carried during air travel to reduce anxiety.

Children entering their teen years will find that the stone helps them to feel less awkward. It helps them to fit in without sacrificing their values.

Keeping the crystal close following a break up or divorce will help to eliminate sadness. It can also ease the pain of loneliness for those who are separated from family.

Kunzite Meditation

Few stones are better at helping one connect with the universal consciousness. When this stone is used in meditation it helps one feel connected to the whole of creation.

Kunzite has been known to induce deep states of altered consciousness. It can assist one in making soul journeys, and it may also prompt astral travel.

One can use Kunzite during meditation to develop more closeness with divine beings. It can also help one to connect with a guardian angel.

Kunzite Birthstone

This crystal does not serve as a traditional birthstone. Kunzite that appears predominantly pink can serve as a natural birthstone for those born between October 22 and November 20.

The energies associated with this time of the year are passion and love. These vibrations are strengthened by Kunzite.

Light purple or violet varieties of the stone are attuned to those born between December 21 and January 19. Those born during this period can use Kunzite to bring psychic dreams.

Kunzite Zodiac Sign

This crystal has not been assigned a relationship to the zodiac. It tends to work in cohesion with all astrological signs to some extent.

Kunzite Chakra

The pink and violet hues of Kunzite help to open the heart chakra and crown chakra. The crystal can bring balance to these energy centers.

Stones that are pink resonate with the energy of divine love that is common to the heart chakra. This chakra sits in the middle of the chest near the breastbone.

When the heart chakra is open, one feels more love toward others. An open heart chakra also promotes charity and compassion.

The crown chakra is opened by violet varieties of Kunzite. This chakra forms the connection between the physical body and the realms of the divine.

An open crown chakra helps one to realize that the universe has a divine plan. It places one in the proper universal energy current to create a feeling of peace.

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