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What is Amazonite?

The admiration of this crystal dates back many centuries, appearing in fashion and art across the globe. It’s prized for its beauty and healing abilities.

Amazonite is a beautiful textured pale green-blue color that can sometimes appear almost speckled. Shades of amazonite vary from lighter greens to richer green-blues.

This mineral rock has been valued across cultures, including Central America in the 10th century BC. Amazonian warriors adorned themselves with amazonite, believing it would grant them strength and protection in different forms.

Amazonite was a prized fertility stone among the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. Even one of Egypt’s most famous mummies, King Tutankhamen was buried with amazonite carvings.

amazonite-crystalThe crystal has been significant to other cultures as well, including the Jewish community. Throughout history, it has appeared in many carved forms and figures.

In modern times, amazonite has spread across the world and enjoyed by many cultures. Its relatively soft texture has made it easily carvable for a variety of cuts for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

The crystal was once deposited in the Amazon River, which is where its name originates. However, today it is mostly found in the U.S., Madagascar, and Australia.

Some people mistake amazonite for jade because of its similar appearance. For this reason, you may hear amazonite referred to as “Colorado jade.”

Amazonite is not a form of jade though. Despite the similarity in appearance, the two stones possess entirely different properties.

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite has more than one meaning, as it is related to both calming and strengthening energies. Its soft green appearance makes it inherently soothing to be around.

It’s nicknamed the “Stone of Courage,” for its strengthening aspects. Illustrated by the ancient warriors of the Amazon, it is an empowering crystal that promotes self-worth and confidence.

Part of what makes Amazonite so powerful is that it allows you to move past mental blocks and calmly face sobering realities or challenging situations. The crystal is a useful tool for helping you become more in tune with yourself and your surroundings.

Amazonite helps you balance your feminine and masculine energies. It also helps you set comfortable boundaries between yourself and others.

It has been used as a supportive tool for facilitating understanding and compassion in romantic relationships. In fact, amazonite is an excellent crystal for strengthening marital relations.

In addition, Amazonite is a wonderful crystal for finding your voice and communicating clearly, because it helps you calmly express yourself while accepting what is out of your control.

It helps its owners to view situations and relationships from an exterior perspective. Instead of feeling like your own outlook is a full depiction of reality, amazonite helps you consider others perspectives as contributors to the truth too.

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Amazonite Properties

Amazonite possesses a variety of qualities that can benefit the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental states. Its main properties include balance and harmony.

Since Amazonite helps individuals develop the courage to face the truth, using it results in a more balanced life. This is an illustration of how the crystal promotes balance.

In addition, the crystal promotes harmony truth metaphysical transformation. It calms and realigns the chakras, harmonizing the spiritual and physical bodies.

Amazonite is an excellent stone for resolving conflicts and can be used to enhance communication skills. It helps strengthen the throat chakra, which results in the strengthening of the voice.

Furthermore, amazonite possesses the property of security, which stems back to its inherent calming characteristics. The crystal provides comfort, allowing users to decrease feelings of insecurity and threat.

It can also be used to create positive energy in work environments, dispelling conflicting energies from the workspace. Since it clears environments, it opens up space for new opportunities and prosperity.

Its color is a reflection of the vernal equinox, making it an excellent stone to keep nearby in the winter to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder. It supports rejuvenated energy and a revitalized spiritual self.

Amazonite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Amazonite is especially beneficial for people who seek emotional healing, however, it can be used to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well.

It is a highly angelic crystal with spiritual properties. People who want to build a strong connection with their guardian angels should keep a small piece of amazonite close to them at all times.

Amazonite also supports our ability to have clear dreams, as well as interpret our dreams. Therefore, by sleeping next to the crystal your dream clarity will increase.

There are several ways to use amazonite for healing purposes. Based on the issue you that you’re trying to address, the method for using amazonite will vary.

Before establishing how to incorporate the crystal into your own life and daily practices, first determine what you hope to gain from it. Once you understand what you’re seeking, you’ll be able to establish a routine to work towards it.

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Physical Healing

Amazonite is one of the most beneficial crystals for supporting the nervous system. Furthermore, it can help promote cell regeneration and supports thyroid health.

It is also soothing for external ailments and helps heal rashes. In addition, the crystal has been used to support reproductive health throughout history and in modern times.

Emotional Healing

Since it is inherently calming, it is an excellent stone for individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and confidence. If you’re suffering from self-esteem then amazonite is an excellent crystal to add to your collection.

The crystal helps individuals become more confident in setting boundaries, which also contributes to an increased sense of wellness.

Amazonite can be used to decrease irritability and redirect that energy into a more purposeful use. It is an excellent crystal for individuals seeking personal growth.

Spiritual Healing

Amazonite provides direction for individuals who are feeling lost or uncertain about their paths. It helps people take a deeper look at their internal spiritual selves and focus on self-discovery.

It is an excellent crystal for overcoming resentment and moving past grudges. Amazonite helps us let go what we can’t get over and become free from negativity.

People who are feeling stuck can use amazonite as a tool to help them move forward in their lives. It is a supportive stone for individuals suffering from worrying about the past and fearing the future.

Amazonite Uses

There are several different approaches to using amazonite to promote physical health. To promote overall physical health, adorn yourself with beaded amazonite necklaces and bracelets.

Amazonite elixirs can be used to help heal calcium deficiencies, as well as to help support healthy hair, nails, and skin. Placing the stone directly on the skin can help heal infections and rashes.

To promote emotional health, you can wear amazonite earrings or an amazonite necklace, which will place the crystal near the throat and promote throat chakra health. This placement will strengthen the voice, resulting in an increase of confidence and courage.

You can also add amazonite to your daily meditative practice by placing in your palm and using it as a worry stone. Focus on placing all of your worry and anxiety into the stone, as it can be bare these emotions without being negatively affected.

In addition, to promote your spiritual health you can place amazonite around your home. You can also sleep with it under your pillow.

Amazonite is a powerful spiritual stone, making it an excellent stone to support dreams. It can even help relieve restlessness nights of sleep and ward of nightmares.

Amazonite is an excellent protector against electromagnetic pollution, so placing it near large electronics and computers is an excellent way to protect yourself. It can also help absorb radiation from microwaves and cell phones.

Amazonite Meditation

It is an excellent crystal for meditative practices because it helps us strengthen our ability to trust our intuition. It also helps us see reality more clearly, so we are able to increase our capacity for holding intuitive knowledge.

Amazonite helps people access the spiritual dimension, which can be a challenging task in this often hectic world. It helps us to realign with our spiritual selves when used in meditative practices.

The crystal increases consciousness, allowing individuals who use it in meditative practices to align with the higher self. It also helps to calm the mind from wandering during meditative practices.

Since one of the amazonite’s most powerful properties is harmony, it can be used to harmonize your meditative practices. For instance, you can realign your physical and spiritual bodies to create a more balanced meditative practice.

One of the best ways to use amazonite during meditation is by holding it in your palm, which is the traditional practice used for worry stones. You can also place the crystal around your head in a grid, which will enhance mental clarity and concentration.

Another great way to incorporate the crystal into your meditative practice is by setting up a healing or sacred space with other crystals in addition to the amazonite. Then, you’ll be able to direct yourself towards the shrine as you sit in a meditative posture.

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Amazonite Birthstone

Traditionally, amazonite is not a recognized by most as a birthstone. There is an exception made for turquoise amazonite, which can be recognized as a birthstone for the spring period ranging from March 20th to April 19th.

Amazonite’s color aligns with the vernal equinox, making it an excellent crystal for individuals born during this spring period. It is an especially grounding and powerful crystal when used by people born during this time period.

Amazonite Zodiac Sign

Several zodiac signs are associated with amazonite, including Leo, Aries, and Virgo. These signs are usually very drawn to this crystal.

Amazonite is also used by Scorpios to help overcome feelings of depression or sadness. Given this sign’s late fall birthday, Scorpios can sometimes experience de-elevated moods that sometimes occur in cooler months.

Amazonite Chakra

This crystal is beneficial for bringing balance to all the chakras. Its harmonizing properties realign the chakras with one another.

In addition, amazonite is specifically a powerful crystal for strengthening the throat chakra. Wearing it around your neck daily will help support a steady, confident, and unwavering voice.

Because the throat chakra affects the balance between all the other chakras, it is pivotal to the unification and rebalancing of the seven chakras. It is common for people who do not practice meditation or who are just generally unhappy with their lives to have a blocked throat chakra.

It takes courage to reopen the throat chakra and you must be willing to experience vulnerability. Most of all, you have to choose to see things as they are.

Amazonite is an excellent crystal for helping support individuals with the challenging pursuit of reopening the throat chakra because it helps people overcome their fear of being vulnerable. In addition, it helps people see things more clearly and gives them the courage to face the truth.

Lighter shades of amazonite will help you unblock the voice of the throat chakra. Darker shades of the crystal will help to reveal the truth and support a stronger intuition.

Amazonite is also very beneficial for the heart chakra and wearing a low hanging necklace on a daily basis is a good way to keep the crystal near the heart chakra.

Amazonite brings balance, supporting our interactions with the exterior world. It also supports feeling healthy emotions about ourselves and other people.

Sometimes, we feel unbalanced and negative feelings about our relationships arise. Amazonite helps people overcome these attitudes by overcoming the ego.

In essence, amazonite helps the heart chakra feel secure and visible. When the heart chakra feels supported and secure, it becomes more open to experience.

People that are highly emotional or experience a “roller coaster of emotions” will benefit from carrying amazonite with them. The crystal helps support stability and emotional health.

Simply surrounding yourself with amazonite or carrying a small crystal with you will support the balancing of the chakras. However, if you want to support the throat or heart chakra specifically then you’ll benefit from wearing it in necklace form.

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