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What is Turquoise Crystal?

The protective Talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors around the world, Turquoise is a protective stone that is opaque and strong, yet calming and soothing to the touch.

The unique shade of blue-green or teal that is found in Turquoise Crystal is reminiscent of the sea and lends its name to anything that is of a similar color.

Often veined by webs of cream or brown, the unique appearance of Turquoise Crystals comes from the action of water upon the aluminum, copper, and iron impurities that coalesce to form it.

Turquoise has been a power stone for shamans and warriors going back into the farthest reaches of time.

Apache shamans ascribed the power of the Thunderbird to this dynamic and powerful crystal.

According to Apache lore, you would always find Turquoise Crystals in the damp earth after great thunderstorms.

TurquoiseThe Navajos believed that Turquoise Crystals had the power to bring rain, and had rituals in which these powerful stones were thrown into bodies of water in offering to the rain god.

Turquoise Crystals were often attached to weapons to bring strength, speed, and accuracy, and was thought to bring arrows directly to their mark.

In North America, the Zuni tribe used Turquoise for protection from demons and evil entities.

In Asia, Hindu and Persian mystics believed that Turquoise Crystals brought good luck and had a connection to the moon.

Holding a Turquoise Crystal and gazing at the new moon was thought to increase wealth and provide protection against evil forces.

Turquoise Crystal Meaning

Believing that it came from Asia Minor, in the area of present-day Turkey, Europeans gave Turquoise its name, which means literally ‘Turkish stone’.

The name comes from the French language because trade routes that passed through Turkey brought Turquoise stones from mines in Asia to merchants in Venice and other European cities.

Turquoise stones began to appear in Turkish bazaars throughout Europe and quickly became a symbol of nobility and wisdom in a number of cultures spanning the globe.

For millennia, Turquoise Crystals have been valued as symbols of wisdom, nobility, and the power to enjoy immortality.

In cultures as distant from each other as the Ancient Egyptians and the Aztec and Incas in central and South America, Turquoise has been a sacred adornment.

The Persians, Indians, and Chinese leaders prized Turquoise for its power to protect them from evil and attract good luck and wealth.

From Argentina all the way to New Mexico, priests and shamans have worn and used Turquoise Crystals in any ceremony in which it was necessary to call upon the Great Spirit.

Turquoise Crystal has been honored as the universal stone of power and was believed to provide its wearer with the ability to unite their minds with the Universal Source of creation.

To prehistoric people, the ability of Turquoise to change colors meant that it had the power to bestow the gift of prophecy and was thought to aid in divination.

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Turquoise Crystal Properties

Turquoise Crystals are generally rare and usually small, mainly appearing in the form of small nodules.

Turquoise ranges in color from blue-green, to dark turquoise blue, to a lighter shade of blue like the sky, and has been known to fade in direct sunlight.

The luster of Turquoise Crystal is generally vitreous or waxy with a microcrystalline structure that is rounded, soft, and not faceted.

Because Turquoise fades in sunlight, most samples available in stores are treated with a resin to stabilize their trademark coloring.

The crystalline structure of Turquoise Crystal is porous which allows them to become discolored by exposure to oils and grease.

The ability to change color has led many to use Turquoise Crystal as an indicator of the health and wellness of the person carrying it.

Turquoise tends to fade and lose color when it is possessed by someone who is depressed or ill, and regain its vibrant color when its owner is restored to health.

Tibetan Turquoise

Tibetan or Chinese Turquoise is green in color and carries a slightly different vibrational energy than the Turquoise that is light blue.

Wearing Tibetan Turquoise is considered a promise of fidelity to your love partner, and is worn by both men and women in the Himalayan region.

Tibetan Turquoise is often used to make a string of beads known as a mala and can be seen adorning objects of spiritual significance throughout Tibet and adjoining Himalayan countries.

Receiving a gift of Tibetan Turquoise is believed to pass the natural prophetic powers of Turquoise onto its bearer.

Therefore, when purchasing Tibetan Turquoise, make it gift to yourself.

Turquoise Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

The key words for Turquoise Crystal are protection, enhancement, and strengthening. For many centuries people have worn it as a protective amulet.

Given these primary healing properties, Turquoise is the perfect healing crystal for those who have inner work to do.

Turquoise Crystal gives us the strength and ability to accept ourselves as we are, forgive ourselves for our personal shortcomings and mistakes, and let go of our regrets.

Turquoise, the stone of ancient Shamans and Tibetan spiritual warriors, urges us to honor ourselves as the direct creation and instrument of Divine Source.

Physical Healing

As a protective and healing stone, Turquoise Crystal is known to restore the body and mind to its optimal levels of strength and vitality.

Turquoise can restore our energy level when we are exhausted, stop panic attacks, and bring us back from states of depression.

The energy of Turquoise helps our bodies assimilate nutrients and minerals, supporting and enhancing the functioning of our immune system.

The detoxifying properties of Turquoise help alleviate the effects of pollution and infections.

Turquoise also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acidity and alleviate the symptoms of gout, rheumatism, and stomach ailments.

Turquoise has been known to alleviate the nervous system and sensory system problems, assisting those who suffer from migraines and eye and ear problems like cataracts.

Turquoise also assists with neck and throat issues, as well as inner ear problems that cause vertigo and problems keeping in balance.

Those who have respiratory ailments including lung diseases like bronchitis and allergies can benefit from wearing a Turquoise necklace.

By healing the respiratory organs, Turquoise may also solve speech problems, alleviating stuttering, stammering, and other speech impediments.

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Emotional Healing

Turquoise is an excellent healer of mood and affect, providing wearers with calm and solace for body, mind, and spirit.

One of the key contributions that Turquoise can make in your life is a feeling of balance, serenity, and peace.

Turquoise alleviates moodiness, stabilizing our mood by lifting our spirits and restoring our vitality. We are able to focus and remain centered.

From this stable and focused mental state, we are better able to differentiate the factors in our lives that cause happiness or lead us to unhappiness.

Turquoise is also a stone of purification, dispelling all negative energy in the environment, clearing the extraneous electromagnetic interference.

The stability of mind and heart that Turquoise promotes brings us into alignment with Source and gets us in touch with our higher self.

We become more effective agents in our own lives, better able to apply positive problem-solving techniques, and develop the ability to communicate more effectively.

Turquoise also dispels negative hidden impulses that lead to self-sabotage and feelings of being a martyr.

Because it stabilizes our emotions, Turquoise is perfect for those who need to face their fears, especially the fears of public speaking and flying.

Tibetan Turquoise is especially effective at dispelling feelings of panic and hysteria and can be worn to calm the emotions of anyone who overreacts to situations.

Tibetan Turquoise is also effective at alleviating feelings of narcissism, allowing feelings of equanimity and compassion to arise in our hearts.

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Spiritual Healing

In spiritual terms, the energy of Turquoise Crystal brings together the primordial energies of males and females represented by the earth and sky.

Thus, it can be used to heal the soul-sickness brought on by romantic issues, promoting spontaneity in our romantic life.

Turquoise also changes color under the influence of the emotional energies in the environment, warning us of danger and oncoming illness.

Turquoise is a powerful spiritual cleansing stone, removing and aligning the energies of the subtle body and the physical body.

This alignment of energies brings deep wisdom and understanding to the surface, arousing kindness, trust, faith, and the ability to recognize the spiritual beauty in others.

The balancing and moderating energy of Turquoise allow us to see ourselves in our entirety, including both our positive and negative aspects, bringing these into balance.

Turquoise makes us able to view all of our experiences as valid, allowing us to learn from our mistakes and grow as human beings.

Self-acceptance and self-forgiveness allow us the spiritual freedom to experience higher states of spiritual development, making profound progress on out spiritual path.

Turquoise Crystal Uses

The main use of Turquoise historically has been as a protective amulet with the power to protect its wearer from physical injury and psychic harm.

For many centuries Turquoise has been known to protect riders from being injured in falls, which is why Turquoise has adorned bridles and other equestrian trappings all over the world.

Turquoise Crystal is also said to attract friendship and property to anyone who wears it, ensuring that anyone who owns Turquoise will never lack a friend.

In Asia, Turquoise is worn as a protector from evil spirits and entities. Wearing Turquoise is thought to attract good fortune and ward off evil.

Turquoise is also known to restore clarity of mind, bringing clear vision and effective reasoning whenever it is worn or carried.

The primary use of Turquoise is as an adornment. Throughout the world, Turquoise has been considered an important adornment for men and women.

In Europe, Turquoise was worn primarily by men seeking power, luck, and professional success.

In many countries, one was not considered well-adorned if they were not wearing Turquoise.

Today, it is known that Turquoise empowers both men and women and is worn as a talisman of success and power by people of all genders.

Turquoise promotes a variety of workplace skills and powers, including leadership qualities, and provides assistance and protection for anyone who travels or is relocating in their career.

For writers, Turquoise can be used to overcome writer’s block since it promotes clear communication and clarity of mind, improving our mental balance and focus.

Those who suffer from work-related stress and anxiety are sure to benefit from wearing Turquoise, and it can also protect laborers from accidental harm.

As a protective crystal, Turquoise is an excellent stone for protecting your possessions from loss, damage, and accidents, and may even protect your pets.

Place a Turquoise Crystal on your pet’s collar, cage, or bridle and they will be protected from theft, injury, or straying from their pen or yard.

Turquoise Crystal Meditation

The calming and soothing energy of Turquoise Crystal makes it the ideal grounding crystal for meditation.

Turquoise Crystal helps us maintain our consciousness during deep meditative states, providing us with protection during esoteric spiritual practices such as astral travel.

Placed on the Third Eye Chakra, Turquoise Crystal inspires spiritual insight and the gift of psychic perception.

Turquoise Crystal Birthstone

Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for those who are born in the month of December.

Turquoise Crystal Zodiac Sign

Turquoise is one of the Zodiac Stones for the sign of Sagittarius for those born between the dates of November 22 and December 21.

Turquoise is thus associated with the end of the harvest season and with times of plenty.

Wearing Turquoise will help us develop the positive traits of Sagittarians including kindness, optimism, and an extremely positive outlook on life.

Turquoise Crystal Chakra

Turquoise strengthens and clears the energy meridians of the body, enhancing energetic communication between all of the systems of the physical and subtle body.

Turquoise is the stone of manifesting Truth. Placing Turquoise Crystal on the Throat Chakra helps us release vows from previous lives that may be holding us back.

Turquoise helps us explore past lives and clear out old inhibitions from previous lives that may be preventing us from living our Truth and achieving our aims.

Placing Turquoise Crystal on the Throat Chakra restores the clarity of our communications, making it possible for us to articulate our deepest and most profound inner wisdom.

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