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What is Jade Crystal?

Jade comes in two forms that are comprised of two distinct minerals: Nephrite and Jadeite.

While both are extremely tough stones, among the most difficult to break, each has its own composition, density, and crystalline structure.

Nephrite is an example of a calcium magnesium silicate, while Jadeite is an example of a sodium aluminum silicate.

Both Nephrite and Jadeite occur in a variety of colors, especially in the universally recognized shades of olive that we have come to call Jade green.

Nephrite commonly occurs in a range of colors from mid-to-deep olive green, to deeper shades like brown and black.

Jadeite is likely to range in color from a grayish white, to blue-green, in addition to Jade green.

Harder, more lustrous and rarer than Nephrite, emerald green Jadeite is often translucent and usually more expensive.

Known as Imperial Jade, this translucent form of Jadeite is likely to contain colored traces of chromium which make it even rarer and valuable.

Jade Crystal Meaning

jadeReverence for Jade is so widespread that many historians believe that it goes far back in history, perhaps as early as 6,000 years ago.

Ancient and archaic people around the globe are known to have regarded Jade Crystal as an important, healing stone for millennia.

Known for its toughness, ancient people in the British Isles polished and sharpened Jade into axe heads, knives, and other weapons and tools.

In ancient Mexico and Central America, deity masks and other ritual artifacts were carved from Jade and cast into wells and bodies of water as offerings to the deities.

In China, Jade has been held in high esteem, valued for its great beauty, durability, as well as its healing and restorative powers.

In all of its forms, Jade has represented royalty and nobility, both in terms of social rank, as well as in terms of cultural ideals.

Wearing Jade jewelry or carrying a Jade talisman has offered people the best protection possible against harmful entities and deceitful spirits.

This is why you find so many Jade crystals, vessels, incense burners, statues, and beads at burial sites and spiritual centers around the world.

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Jade Crystal Properties and Varieties of Color

Jade is best known and revered for its metaphysical and spiritual properties, as well as its healing and protective powers.

Since ancient times, Jade Crystals have been revered as dream stones, giving the wearer or carrier unparalleled access to the spiritual dimension.

Jade has been known to provide users with insight into the spiritual world, enhancing creativity and ritualistic knowledge.

As a protective talisman, Jade is said to offer its bearer a long life and a peaceful death. Its energy is also said to have healing powers.

Jade is the amulet to carry whenever we want to dispel negativity and attract good luck.

Jade in all of its varieties (except Red Jade which energizes) enhances our tranquility, making it an excellent stone for meditation.

While Green Jade is one that is most commonly associated with Jade Crystal, each has its own attributes that we will quickly review:

Jade (Green)

Often called the Growth Crystal, Green Jade is a stone that attracts the energies of healing and renewal from nature itself.

This energetic wonder is an excellent aid for those who are involved in nurturing fledgling relationships and business enterprises.

Green Jade offers the perfect energy for keeping us on the right course in life, constantly renewing our energy and purpose.

Green Jade serves as an excellent stone for achieving our aims, allowing us to grow slowly and steadily toward our higher purpose in life.

Jade (Black)

Offering the Power of Stillness, Black Jade emanates a strong and protective energy, making it an excellent protective talisman.

The protective energies of Black Jade can ward off physical or psychic attacks, and can even keep our thoughts from becoming negative and limiting.

Jade (Blue)

Known as the Stone of Serenity, Blue Jade emanates a highly metaphysical vibration that promotes the vision, aiding in dream recall.

Blue Jade is great for meditation, calming the mind, and bringing on states of peace, calm, and reflection.

Jade (Lavender)

Lavender Jade is often called the Stone of the Angels because of its lavender hue which is associated with the highest energy on the etheric spectrum.

This powerful form of Jade Crystal alleviates emotional pain and heals wounds of the heart, helping us find the spiritual nourishment that we need.

Jade (Purple)

Known as the Stone of Mirth, Purple Jade encourages joy and happiness, purifying our aura.

By purifying our energy body and dispelling negativity, Purple Jade increases our level of personal refinement and taste.

Jade (Red)

The Chi Stone, Red Jade is not an appropriate stone for meditation. It’s energy level is way too high.

Red Jade is the perfect stone for those who need to dispel fear and worry to get beyond whatever is holding them back from success and happiness.

Jade Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Jade is a powerful stone for healing, cleansing, and enhancing the functioning of the body’s internal organs and energy system.

Jade offers distinct benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

Physical Healing

Jade Crystals work in the body as powerful cleansing stones, enhancing the functioning of the body’s organs of filtration and elimination (kidneys, spleen, liver, and digestive system).

Wearing or carrying Jade crystals can help balance the pH of the body, making us less acidic and therefore less prone to disease.

The restorative powers of Jade Crystals help us at the cellular level, rejuvenating the production of new cells, helping our skeletal system heal itself.

Jade helps reduce the amount of recovery time that is needed after plastic surgery and can help heal reproductive disorders.

Jade is also helpful for mothers in childbirth, especially those who are afraid of giving birth or do not know how they will care for and raise their children.

Emotional Healing

Jade Crystal helps us release negative thoughts, having a profound effect on the mind and heart.

By stabilizing the mind and emotions, Jade Crystal reduces irritability and soothes the mind, helping us maintain a stable mood.

With a stable personality, we are able to release self-limiting thoughts, helping us attract the perfect conditions for the fulfillment of our desires.

Imperial Jade can help us improve dysfunctional relationships.

It also restores the dignity of anyone who has been bullied or mocked for being different and helps us give up self-loathing.

Spiritual Healing

The wearing and carrying of Jade jewelry and amulets assist in all forms of spiritual endeavor, protecting us from harmful and deceitful entities, while we aspire to the highest good.

Green Jade is the stone of spiritual and metaphysical abundance, representing the power of Source Energy in all of its manifestations.

Jade Crystal aligns us with the energies of Source, helping us find harmony in our personal and professional lives.

Jade’s spiritual energy invites us to reconcile ourselves to our friends, family, and work associates, bringing harmony, joy and material abundance to all settings.

Jade prompts us to stay in touch with family, enjoy the moment and share our love and feelings with those we care about, staying perpetually in the Now.

Jade Crystal Uses

Jade Crystal offers us calm in the middle of a storm, balancing our nerves and soothing the heart, keeping a calm and steady cardiac rhythm.

Keeping a Jade Crystal or talisman in our pocket and rubbing it from time to time can recharge our energy, guarding against illness.

Jade Crystals are good for eliminating fear for those who are in the hospital or away from home for any significant amount of time.

Jade can be used to heal negative feelings such as guilt and self-defeating thoughts, making our thoughts more realistic and down to Earth.

When we are overcome with an almost pathological need to conform, Jade Crystals can release us from such compulsive mental states, restoring our equilibrium and mental freedom.

Green Jade makes an excellent travel stone, preventing illness and providing us with protection while we are on vacation or staying away from home.

Jade can be used as a healing and restorative crystal, enhancing our life force or chi, and is great for those who enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors.

Jade Crystals promote the emotional balance and energy necessary to nurture our love relationships, enhancing feelings of trustworthiness and fidelity.

In the healing professions, Green Jade is the perfect talisman for doctors, veterinarians, nurses, and psychiatric professionals.

Jade is also an excellent talisman for those who are seeking ‘peace through strength,’ like teachers in public schools and parents of children with a history of disruptive behavior.

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Jade Crystal Meditation

Green Jade is particularly helpful in terms of our meditation practice, which is why malas, rosaries, and other prayer beads are often made from this rare and powerful stone.

Jade Prayer Beads

To meditate with prayer beads, it is best to recite a mantra or affirmation.

To do this, finger the beads one at a time for each recitation of the mantra or affirmation.

The mantra of affirmation that you choose is completely up to you, but it should be something that is uplifting or inspiring.

Something like ‘May all beings be happy,’ or ‘May all beings be at peace’ is perfect.

Upon each recitation, advance one bead until you have gone all the way around the mala of necklace.

This type of Jade bead recitation will bring on profound states of peace.

Black Jade

Black Jade is an excellent aid for those who are doing advanced shamanic work like soul retrieval or shamanic journeying to the other world.

Not only does Black Jade help us focus on our meditation, it call provides us protection as we journey into deep states of higher consciousness.

Blue Jade

Blue Jade, the dream crystal, arouses inner vision, opening us up to profound dream states and visions.

Blue Jade also enhances our ability to focus during meditation, allowing us to become more focused and able to maintain awareness during states of altered consciousness.

Lavender Jade

Lavender Jade is perfect for Zen practitioners and those who are seeking states of deep stillness.

By helping us find deep inner peace and tranquility, Lavender Jade helps us cultivate and attend the internal space of ‘no thought.’

Purple Jade

Another excellent aid for shamanic journeying, Purple Jade helps us receive information and remember it when we enter deep trance states.

Purple Jade can also be helpful for those who are seeking to enhance dream recall, lucid dreaming, and powers of dream interpretation.

Jade Crystal Birthstone

Jade is not a traditional birthstone.

Jade Crystal Zodiac Sign

Jade is traditionally known as the Zodiac Stone of the sign of Taurus, for those of us born between April 20 and May 20.

Taurus is symbolized by the bull, with characteristics like strength and stability, ruled by the planet of love Venus, which also rules the sign of Libra.

Taureans are practical and down to Earth, known for being realistic but stubborn or ‘bullish.’

Jade can help Taureans balance their emotions, keeping their famous tempers in control.

Jade is also associated with the sign of Libra, which is assigned to those who were born between September 23 and October 22, the middle of the harvest season.

Libra is symbolized by The Balance and during this time of year, day and night are of equal length.

The energy of Jade can help Librans, who are often strong-willed and sensitive, remain balanced and centered.

Jade Crystal Chakra

Jade is the perfect crystal for finding emotional balance and healing of the emotional body.

Traditional Green Jade awakens and opens the Heart Chakra, cleansing and aligning it with physical and emotional health and well-being.

The Heart Chakra regulates our energetic and emotional exchanges with the outer world, controlling what we are open to, and what we are resistant to.

An open Heart Chakra, in alignment with our emotional and physical health, balances our emotions and puts us into a state of equilibrium in our environment.

When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, we may be overly critical of ourselves and others, being overly controlling and acting in strongly emotional ways.

The vibrational action of Jade Crystal will put the Heart Chakra into balance, helping us overcome our emotional tendencies.

We are able to understand our own emotional needs as well as those of others, giving us the ability to state our emotional needs with clarity.

We also become open to the emotional needs and health of others, accepting the ups and downs of relationships in healthy and mature ways.

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