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Peridot Crystal Meaning and Uses

Peridot, a translucent gem with olive-green coloring, crystals vibrate with inspirational energies. Even the gem’s name rolls lyrically off the tongue. It conjures images of verdant fields and starlit meadows.

The stones have a positive charge, like some kind of a metaphysical battery. But there’s more than raw, directionless power at work inside the spellbinding facets.

Travel along the gem’s crystalline lattices now as we expose the message carried on the crest of those vibrational waves.

What is Peridot?

The stones radiate raw energy when they’re held. In truth, the unrefined stones are rough-edged and pebble-like. They look like small blocks of green coals, with wild shades of celadon burning deep within.

Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone. Its olive-green hues are uncovered mainly in China, Pakistan, and Burma. The stones are steeped in history, and they’re part of Egypt’s ancient lore.

Smaller deposits can be found in the Americas, especially in the state of Arizona.

Ancient Romans were once adorned in Peridot jewelry, which was said to exert a calming influence.

peridotKnown as “Evening Emeralds” by this ancient Mediterranean civilization, the stones also share deep spiritual connections with Greek and Egyptian lore.

The mineral is known as olivine by scientists.

A staid lab technician could dissect its chemical properties and return a printout that lists magnesium, iron silicate, and a number of trace minerals, but the metaphysical arts aren’t interested in scientific labels.

The true esoteric meaning is concealed behind this geology-centric curtain. Like Dorothy in Oz, let’s pull back that curtain and reveal the spiritual strengths of Peridot.

Peridot Meaning

Among their many virtuous qualities, the olive-green gemstones are famed for their healing properties. The crystals are baptized by fire, which is to say they’re forged in volcanos and released by seismic activity.

Unlike diamonds, however, they rise from the Earth’s crust with a seemingly flash-frozen green hue, a shade that denotes healing Gaia energy.

Ancient perceptions shape belief systems, which is why the Earth’s volcanic birthing of Peridot crystals was likely interpreted as a gift from Mother Nature.

Like the grounded energies that permeate the natural world, the crystals are thought to be bursting with life, with the condensed force of creation itself.

With these thoughts in mind, Peridot crystals are known to put forth a revitalizing effect. The life-colored stones re-energize the spirit, dispel black emotional states, and they send waves of calming power coursing outwards.

To wear Peridot is to be connected to Mother Earth, and to view the stone is to experience the sun’s neverending radiance.

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Peridot Properties

For those who dwell in darkness, wear the mineral as a life-affirming torch. The raw green coals, freshly excavated from an extinct volcano or a timeworn meteorite site, are typically refined until they’re polished and multifaceted so that their inner shine glows ever brighter.

Just like the Earth, there’s a vibrational harmony emanating from the crystals. The energy calms and clears the mind. It inspires, restores optimistic mindsets, and generates a field of well-being.

Used in this manner, Peridot crystals form potent psychic shields.

Essentially, Peridot stones carry a slice of everything that is life-affirming on this small blue-green globe. The inner radiance is of the Earth, but it’s also attuned to the sun’s yellow luminance.

Beheld from a color-biased perspective alone, Peridot minerals are mostly green. Additional iron content deepens that hue. Cut and polished, yellow accents flash off of the many faces.

It’s this coruscating green and yellow blend that bleeds together to produce sun and earth-toned luminosity.

Colored, Earth-linked Peridot energies discharge and sizzle through the physical body.

The crystal vibrations calm fast-beating hearts, clarify overly active minds, and they provide a balm for worn spirits.

Peridot Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Threefold crystal healing doesn’t begin within the corporeal body, it starts as a soul seed. Nourished by Sol and Earth, that seed grows, spreads outward from the divine spirit, then it embraces the heart.

Physical Healing

The endocrine system, a group of body-wide glands, falls into disrepair when the physical body is out of balance. Chemical messengers communicate poorly, and bodily well-being is forfeit.

If random maladies are causing physical distress, weakness, and pain, the endocrine system could be exhausted. Thyroid and adrenal gland exhaustion are common in this endlessly on-the-move society.

In the event of an endocrinal crisis, wear a Peridot crystal as a restorative influence.

Interestingly, since this is an Earth-to-Sun linking mineral, the effects of its vibrations can be akin to a flowering plant’s reaction to a warm summer day.

The crystals improve nutrient absorption and water intake. If there’s evidence of dehydration or nutritional deficiency, Peridot jewelry will highlight these issues and improve overall dietic absorption ratios.

Like a distilled Earthly tonic, the olivine stone augments physical health. It strengthens the body until the wearer’s aura sparkles with good corporeal wellness.

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Emotional Healing

Baptized in fire, the green stones return that stored heat when they’re called upon during an emotional crisis. Only the lava-hot heat radiates as purifying lifeforce, not as magma fire.

Imagine this fire as it radiates throughout a ragged emotional being. The power of the stone touches upon past guilts and present anxieties.

It caresses those emotional wounds and helps the stone bearer find the courage to release such terrible burdens.

Like the proverbial double-edged sword, the crystal light burns away depression, ingrained negativity, and psychological distress.

Meanwhile, with that second light-blade edge, the stone fosters a sense of exuberance, of optimism and good cheer.

Even if depression clings stubbornly to a gem wearer’s emotional center, the support is there, waiting for a call to arms. Use a Peridot aura shield to manage depression and garner courage.

The crystals are ideal protection stones. Their olive vibrations have the power to dismiss the shadows that often eclipse the human heart.

Spiritual Healing

An undercurrent of universal love ties the crystal facets to their wearer. The stone is perhaps viewed as a good-luck piece, as a talisman. It’s both of these things and more.

Peridot channels the angelic realm. It gives voice to the angels that surround every living being.

To own and wear one of these volcanic stones is to experience angel love, which is a level of divinity before which nothing can stand.

Spiritually forlorn individuals receive soundless angel messages when they employ the fire-born minerals as a spirit-nourishing focal point.

The spirit cannot be touched by corporeal dangers, but it most definitely can be harmed by emotional scarring. Karmic debts pile up as the year’s pass, and old regrets take their toll on a once virtuous soul.

Peridot is a mighty physical healer. Happily, that power extends into the spiritual realm.

Peridot Uses

The Egyptian Pharaohs referred to this stone genus as “The Gem of The Sun,” so they were worn as ceremonial accents during the rituals that honored Ra and Mother Isis.

In Greece, it was Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, who received copious quantities of ritually-anointed Peridot gems.

Today, there are fewer gods to worship, but that truism hasn’t stopped the crystals from making their presence known.

In recent years, perhaps before the advent of the industrial revolution, the green minerals were worn as charms, a means of holding evil spirits at bay.

That same outdated mindset saw psychological ailments as demonic possession. Night terrors were similarly identified as sinister incidents.

Wearing Peridot as a talismanic ward, those now scientifically recognized illnesses were once spiritually treated.

Today, intellectual studies are improved when the wearer takes the path taken by other enlightened crystal users. The wearer experiences improved physical health, success through optimism, and insomnia relief.

It’s even said that Peridot can help with the annoying chore of finding lost property. Waking up from a peaceful, nightmare-free nights sleep, with lost car keys in hand, the yellow-green gem also aids those who are trying to get ahead in their daily work duties.

At work, profits rise when the crystal is nearby.

Finally, expect less gossip-related paranoia and a more capable means of dealing with uncooperative associates when Peridot vibrations are propagating at close quarters.

Peridot Meditation

Radiating heartwarming vibrations, Peridot gems are bridge builders. Wearing the stone during extended periods of contemplation, the stone helps spiritual voyagers to travel intuitively between the conscious mind and the inner self.

Meditation is a tool, a way of aligning the spirit and achieving an enhanced state of self-awareness. Peridot crystals boost this effect so that overly active brains can benefit from the same soul balancing effect.

Left and right hemisphere activity synchronize, additional brainpower sparks, and cognitive thinking skills improve. Meanwhile, this newly realized intellectual prowess is matched by intense levels of right-brain intuition and creativity.

A feeling of peace and well-being lights up like the morning sun has just put in an early appearance. To fully experience these emotions and spiritual effects, visualize a green field of vitality flowing from the crystal.

Place it above the heart to open that emotional gateway. For insight and enlightenment, wear the gem as a broach or position it securely upon the center of the forehead.

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Peridot Birthstone

For those born in the month of August, Peridot is their traditional birthstone. It’s a stone of awakening, just like the spring and summer months. That fact is further reinforced by the gem’s olive-green hues and summer-yellow facet tinge.

Spiritual redemption, weakened physique resurrection, or the stirrings of emotional exuberance, all of these personal virtues are enhanced if the wearer came into this precious world on a late summer day.

An item of Peridot jewelry is assigned more meaning if its wearer’s life began in August. In other words, late summer individuals enjoy the same effects and crystal benefits as any other gem devotee, but those qualities are significantly magnified by the astrological calendar.

Peridot Zodiac Sign

Speaking of astrological calendar months, Leo is the ascendant star sign at this time of the year. Leos are fun-loving individuals, although their less desirable personality traits can tarnish that charming disposition.

Loving and loyal like the lion, difficult Leo behavior can be reined in if the person in question decides to wear peridot. Alternatively, daily peridot meditations will tame egomaniacal behavior patterns and unpleasant personality traits.

If the wearer is overzealous or has an overbearing personality, an olive-green stone will attenuate these antagonistic qualities.

Peridot Chakra

The gemstones, whether they’re polished or purchased in their raw form, radiate a single color. The olivine mineral vibrates beautifully with green energy, which resonates with the heart chakra. The heart is a fickle but mighty organ, one that closes down when it’s emotionally wounded.

Peridot, when placed on the breastbone, breaks the chains that bind dulled heart chakras. With the angels channeling divine love through the crystal, straight to the heart chakra, emotion-numbing walls come tumbling down.

Heart center blockages break down when the green energy flows unobstructed. But look deeper, at the facets and the sparkling face edges. A coruscating yellow flashes off of the crystal geometry.

That thin-edged yellow hue stimulates the solar plexus chakra, a place where fear and disappointment hides. Allowed into the solar plexus, the yellow radiance burns away such emotional and spiritual blockages.

Peridot green deepens when its iron content is high. With this science-based tidbit grasped, the mineral’s aesthetics are clearly appealing, although the crystal’s geological source will likely influence the stones tonal range.

From mint-green to olive or jade, the mineral colors are appealing on a conscious level.

Below and beneath such prosaic concerns, angelic energies flow outward from some unknown crystal interface, a place where the metaphysical and corporeal realms exist simultaneously.

These celestial vibrations manifest in Peridot gems as a healing light, a force that inspires the creative mind as it also buoys the spirit with limitless exuberance.

Recognized by ancients, by shaman and wise tribal elders alike, the mineral positively sparkles with warmth and love on every spiritual frequency band.

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