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Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Uses

Intense energy and power reside within the soft purple hues of the Amethyst. The stone can be used for many metaphysical purposes, and it is the center of crystal collections kept by many people.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals found today. It has a strong energy field bolstered by many centuries of metaphysical use.

The Purple Amethyst is most commonly used for esoteric purposes, but other varieties include the Brandberg Amethyst and Chevron Amethyst. Each variety possesses its special properties.

Some will find that having multiple varieties of Amethyst can even increase the energy field of each individual stone. They tend to vibrate in tandem with one another.

amethyst-crystalAmethyst stones have been held in high regard for hundreds of years. In some older societies, its worth could equal that of a diamond.

Today, this crystal is considered a semi-precious stone that serves as the birthstone for those born in February. It is readily available and often fashioned into rings and necklaces.

Many legends exist regarding the creation of Amethyst. The most famous concerns the Greek god of wine, Bacchus.

Bacchus was a temperamental god, and following an insult decided to kill the next person he met by feeding the individual to hungry tigers. That person was a young maid named Amethyst.

Amethyst prayed to a goddess and was spared by being turned into a crystal. Bacchus poured the legendary wine he was known for over the crystal, turning it purple, and the stone as we know it was born.

This legend could be the source of the crystal’s protective qualities.

While this is an amusing legend, there is genuine evidence to suggest that Amethyst was considered to be an anti-intoxicant by both the Greeks and the Romans.

Manganese, when found in clear quartz, leads to the creation of Amethyst. The traces of iron in each stone are what determine the level of its purple hue.

It is common to find various shades of purple from stone to stone. This tends to make each crystal a unique work of art.

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Amethyst Meaning

Love has always been one of the primary meanings of this crystal. It’s association with romantic love is one reason Amethyst is the traditional February birthstone.

The solemn appreciation of sacred vows is one of the meanings of Amethyst. It reflects the desire to apply oneself to compassionate service.

Of course, married couples will instantly feel attuned to this stone. It has an energy that seems to be at its highest when coupled with loving relationships.

Amethyst means that one appreciates the need for moderation in all things. As such, it indicates the need for balance.

This crystal means that one is passionate about their own life, and about the lives of others. It means that one has abandoned selfishness in favor of humility.

Amethyst also serves as a reminder that excess in any area is not good for the spirit. Excess places the spiritual and physical bodies in a state of imbalance.

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst is considered to be a stone of temperance and moderation. It has the ability to help one control drunkenness.

Likewise, this crystal can also help to prevent overindulgence when it comes to food. This makes it a wonderful stone for those who wish to lose weight.

The energy within this crystal is passionate and strong. It is aligned with the element of fire.

Increased creativity is a property of Amethyst, and it can help artists regain passion for their work. It inspires the creation of spiritual works of art.

Romantic love, of course, is very much associated with Amethyst. It has properties of fidelity and commitment that make it useful to lovers.

The love represented by Amethyst is that of the highest order. It transcends physical desire and reflects divine love.

The stone has at times been used by spiritual leaders to prevent divine intoxication. It encourages one to balance the concerns of the spiritual and mundane worlds.

When one is too focused on one aspect of their lives, this crystal will gently return the individual to a place of centered well-being.

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Amethyst Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

As a healing stone, Amethyst has long been regarded as an effective therapy for multiple issues. Entire books have been written about the stone’s ability to soothe physical and emotional issues.

It is most common to see this stone used for balancing the emotional energies of the body. It has a powerful effect on physical issues like insomnia that can also be related to depression.

Any problems of the nervous system could potentially be improved by working with the crystal on a regular basis.

Physical Healing

Those who require physical healing will find that Amethyst produces its greatest effect on the nervous system. It has been used to treat arthritis, the immune system, and hormonal imbalance.

Insomnia can be relieved with Amethyst. The stone works to correct the underlying cause of insomnia by addressing emotional issues.

Those who bruise easily will find this condition is helped by Amethyst. It can have positive affects on all matters of the body involving blood flow.

Issues of the veins such as deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins may be relieved when this stone is used regularly. It can be placed in water as a tonic and then removed before the water is consumed.

Oxygen flow in the body can be improved with this crystal, and it may be useful in treating ringing in the ears.

Those who suffer from tension headaches can find relief with Amethyst. It promotes mental relaxation which reduces stress that can cause headaches.

Emotional Healing

When Amethyst is used to address emotional issues, improved physical health is often experienced. This stone’s emotional healing properties affect the body on many levels.

First and foremost, Amethyst can bring calmness. As such, it is a useful crystal for those who suffer from anger or temperament issues.

Those who are feeling overwhelmed by the mere pressures of life will find comfort in the stone. It helps one to emotionally center themselves and return to a place of control.

Amethyst goes beyond symptoms to work on root causes. It will often bring to light issues that are responsible for causing emotional pain and suffering.

As one works through these emotional issues, Amethyst is a comforter. It alleviates feelings of loneliness.

The stone can be a great source of comfort in times of grief. Amethyst reinforces the understanding that departed loved ones have merely exchanged one form of existence for another.

The emotional side of addiction can be treated with this crystal. It’s general properties of temperance and sobriety will assist with recovery.

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Spiritual Healing

The energy of Amethyst vibrates at a very strong frequency. It is believed that the stone has a powerful connection to the angelic realms.

This crystal can increase one’s focus during moments of prayer. It helps to center the mind on what one wishes to receive from the world of spirit.

Likewise, quiet contemplation with Amethyst can often reveal the answer to prayer.

There are great protection properties in Amethyst. It can be used during ritual activities to shield its wearer against the presence of harmful energies.

One’s psychic abilities may also be increased when working with this stone. It can help to open up the Third Eye and produce psychic insight.

Amethyst Uses

Amethyst can be used in a number of ways. It makes a beautiful piece of jewelry when worn as a ring or necklace, and it is wonderful to display in the home.

Married couples have found ways to incorporate Amethyst into their wedding rings. It represents devotion and fidelity.

Some have used these stones in naval piercings. It is said that keeping the stone close to one’s abdomen can prevent intoxication.

Those who work in positions of leadership carry Amethyst to increase their personal magnetism. The stone has the ability to restore calm and give those under one’s command a sense of purpose.

This crystal can be carried by the gambler to increase luck. It will also help prevent excessive gambling and financial loss.

When this stone is kept beneath one’s pillow, a good night’s sleep is the likely result. It may also assist one in remembering important dreams.

Amethyst can be used as a protection stone to ward off negative emotions. It has been known to lighten the atmosphere of the home and bring positive energy.

The crystal can be placed in pet beds to help relieve anxiety. It is particularly useful in helping calm pets that are disturbed by thunderstorms.

The Chevron Amethyst is good for encouraging astral travel, while the Brandberg Amethyst can help reset the body to optimum health.

Amethyst Meditation

When one meditates with Amethyst, the resultant energy vibrations can be quite strong. It is recommended that only those experienced with meditation work with this crystal on a frequent basis.

This crystal vibrates at a very fast rate. As such, it tends to affect the chakras near the top of the body closest to the spiritual realms.

In particular, this crystal is good for using meditation to open the Third Eye. It can be held on the forehead during meditation to encourage visions.

Simply holding an Amethyst during meditation can produce a sense of calm. It helps to lower the respiration and the heart rate while quieting the flow of thoughts in the mind.

To perform a basic meditation with Amethyst, select a crystal to hold in each hand. Sit quietly in the meditation space and relax.

As thoughts come which interrupt the flow of the meditation, allow those thoughts to be absorbed by the crystal. This will help to clear the mind so that an altered state of consciousness can be reached.

Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst has long been the traditional birthstone for February. It resonates with energies of romantic love.

Individuals born in February will have great success when using Amethyst for the purpose of locating a mate. It works to bring a suitable partner into one’s life.

This stone is also a natural birthstone for those born between November 21 and December 20. It signifies the turning of the Great Wheel during the winter solstice, and represents new beginnings.

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the zodiac sign which infuses Amethyst with astrological power. This sign rules the period of the year from February 19 to March 20.

Like two fish moving in opposite directions, Pisces often presents a struggle between emotional and material goals. Those born under this sign can often feel conflicted about their purpose.

Amethyst helps to remove the conflict by bring clarity and balance. It can also help the Pisces individual to emerge from their shell and develop better relationships.

The creative side of a Pisces is enhanced by Amethyst. It brings inspiration to create beautiful works of art, many of which are spiritual in nature.

Amethyst Chakra

Two important chakras can be stimulated with Amethyst. These are the Third Eye or brow chakra, and the crown chakra.

The Third Eye is the seat of perception. It influences how one chooses to view the world and their experiences.

Amethyst can help to open the Third Eye. The energy of the crystal enables its user to access the brow chakra for enlightenment and wisdom in making important decisions.

The crystal is also very beneficial in bringing balance to the crown chakra. This chakra influences how individuals mentally process and react to their surroundings.

The crown chakra also serves as a vital link to the divine realms. Amethyst can help to open channels to the higher realms of spirit where important information can be accessed.

The hues and colors of Amethyst vibrate with great intensity. As such, they are more beneficial than many other crystals at assisting the flow of the body’s energy.

Regular work with this stone can help to balance and open all of the body’s energy centers.

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