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What is a Ruby Crystal?

A ruby is a precious gemstone. As a precious gemstone, the ruby is commonly used as a decorative piece in jewelry.

There are three other precious gemstones. They are the diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

The ruby is very well-known as a birthstone for the month of July. Rubies are a rich red in color and are quite beautiful.

Although they are commonly bright red in hue, they can also be witnessed as a deep crimson or light rose color as well.

ruby-crystalThe ruby was once believed to be even more valuable than the diamond during ancient times. The most valuable ruby is called the Sunrise Ruby, which is mined in Myanmar and can cost up to $30.4 million USD.

Understandably, the name “ruby” is Latin for the color red. It is also referred to as the stone of nobility.

For a better understanding of nobility, this term is commonly used to acknowledge people of a high ranking social class. Typically, nobility is also used to describe a social rank where people do honorable tasks.

In folklore and in current times, the ruby has been the ultimate symbol of wealth. A regal person is typically surrounded by rubies in many stories and movies.

Ruby Meaning

The ruby has been around since ancient times. Over the course of many years, the ruby has developed different meanings to a variety of cultures.

According to Burmese legend, the ruby can make an individual completely invulnerable when it is inserted into the skin. This is an extreme belief held by one out of many cultures which highly value the ruby gemstone.

However, its rich red color has helped this precious gemstone to become a representation of both strength and vitality. The ruby is believed to symbolize the sun in our solar system.

As a symbol of the sun, the ruby can denote fiery passion, vitality, and enormous potency. The ruby is highly representative of strength.

Strength in all forms is then a major theme of the ruby. Whether it is a personal strength or even physical strength, the ruby is the perfect gemstone to turn to.

Many rely on the ruby to ensure clarity and to think with increased concentration. In addition to the strength that it brings a wearer, power is another keyword that comes to mind.

When a ruby is worn, the wearer will more than likely experience a feeling of incredible self-confidence. It could be a result of the ruby’s infinite beauty, but this gemstone is absolutely beneficial for anyone who is seeking achievement and power.

The ruby is said to help amplify the enjoyment of being in the physical realm and also enhances desire. In Hinduism, the ruby is used to awaken one’s kundalini.

Rubies are also believed to represent love. In ancient times, rubies were considered to be the perfect gemstones for a wedding.

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Ruby Properties

The physical properties of a ruby can best be described as ranging from a bright, pristine red to a pale pink in color. The ruby can also change in color to become a deep reddish-purple hue as well, such as the colors scarlet or maroon.

In order to gain these beautiful red colors which have become synonymous with the gemstone ruby, there must be at least two components present: chromium and iron. Additionally, titanium plays a critical part in establishing the gorgeous red hue of the ruby gemstone.

Chromium is the main reason why rubies come in their variety of riveting reds and pretty pinks. Without it, other gemstones are generally classified under the sapphire category.

Ruby Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

The ruby is alluring to many for more than its undeniable physical beauty. This gemstone gains the attention of quite a few as a result of its incredible healing properties.

However, when it comes to healing, the ruby provides an incredible wealth of benefits. This gorgeous and highly sought-after gemstone is believed to bring a fire to a person’s life.

With rubies being red, it makes sense that they can quickly symbolize a flame. Using a ruby to heal can bring a substantial spark of energy to one’s life.

This energy can be manifested in a myriad of ways. Many wearers use it to harness their personal energy and to use it as a means of accomplishing the most ambitious of dreams.

By using a ruby to grow in this way, many people feel a sense of emotional healing. The ruby is used to help a wearer achieve wisdom and the knowledge to choose a productive path rather than one of harmful destruction.

Ruby Physical Healing

Due to the vibrations that they send out to the world, gemstones have been used for centuries for their healing properties. They are commonly used for physical healing properties as well.

Rubies are no exception to this. As a matter of fact, rubies have many physical healing properties that can benefit a wearer.

Since rubies are symbols of strength, they can physically help a wearer to have increased stamina. This can be applied to many areas of the physical realm.

From weight training to helping improve overall weakness, rubies are incredible gemstones for their strengthening abilities.

Since rubies can come in a blood-red hue, many believe that there are close associations between the ruby and blood. For this reason, rubies are used to promote healthy blood pressure.

Similarly, rubies have been used to treat wounds, especially ones that require healing as a result of heavy blood loss. Rubies are commonly used to treat the pain of any kind, especially the type that comes with fevers.

The ruby can also help with nightmares that a wearer is experiencing. Rubies are also said to help heal the legs, so turn to the ruby in the event of a broken bone or restlessness.

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Ruby Emotional Healing

Emotionally, the ruby has much to offer in terms of healing. For anyone who has experienced self-doubt or a lack of confidence, the ruby can be used to help bring these qualities back into a person’s life.

The ruby is a powerful tool to help its wearer connect in a more positive way to his or her emotions. As a result of this, rubies can assist in connecting with others in a more meaningful way.

For people who are seeking love, the ruby is the gemstone to reach out for. Rubies have had a close relationship to love in the eyes of many cultures upon its first discovery.

This makes the ruby gemstone an influential talisman when it comes to receiving divine love. For emotional healing in terms of love, you should turn to the ruby gemstone.

For increasing self-esteem, the ruby is an amazing gemstone to wear. The ruby will provide its wearer with a sense of increased mental fortitude, emotional stability, and the warmth to reach out and connect with others in a loving and positive way.

Ruby Spiritual Healing

When it comes to spiritual healing, the ruby has been used for many different purposes. When a person is out of tune with their spirituality, he or she can experience low energy levels and lethargy.

The ruby is used for its strengthening capabilities. This makes it the perfect stone to help heal a lack of spirituality in one’s life.

Rubies are known to help a person achieve their own bliss. This helps spiritually so that wearers can decipher what their own spiritual bliss might be.

The gemstone is commonly seen as a symbol of light. The ruby is used as a light to shine in the darkness.

Spiritually, the ruby can be a tool for its wearer or user to see the light. If the wearer had previously been in a place of spiritual darkness, the ruby can be a helpful way to bring back the light on this subject.

Ruby Uses

There are nearly infinite uses to the lovely and well-respected ruby gemstone. As a gorgeous piece of decorative jewelry or as a powerful healing tool, the ruby is suitable for either purpose.

In love, rubies have been used as the gemstone of weddings, although a diamond is currently used in current tradition. Even still, rubies are used to express feelings of love and romance, especially since they are red in color.

Red is commonly believed to have an association to love, desire, fire, and confidence. These terms can easily be applied to the ruby gemstone.

Aside from jewelry, rubies are used to promote many forms of healing. From physical healing to emotional healing, the ruby truly can inspire its wearer to become more in touch with his or her loving feelings and strengthen his or her confidence to a healthy degree.

The ruby is also critical in helping to restore the heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for loving feelings, relationships, transformation, and forgiveness.

Wearing a ruby can help you to feel renewed and recharged. It will allow you to take on the day with zest and positivity.

A ruby can also help you to undergo a constructive transformation of any kind, such as a surgery or significant life change.

Ruby Meditation

When it comes to meditation, the ruby is not frequently used. This is because the ruby has an energy and aura to it that is too powerful for meditation purposes.

Meditation requires a quiet mind. However, the ruby is used to increase the concentration of the mind, which is usually too powerful for meditation of any kind.

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Ruby Birthstone

The ruby is well-known as the birthstone for the month of July. Each month has at least two different zodiac signs attributed to it.

Both Cancer and Leo are the zodiac signs that fall under the month of July. The Cancer is represented by the fourth house in astrology, while the Leo is considered to be represented by the fifth house.

These two signs both share the ruby gemstone. However, the Cancer and Leo zodiac signs are both quite different in personality.

Ruby Zodiac Sign

The ruby is the gemstone for both the Cancer and Leo zodiac signs. Although these two signs share the same birth month, their personalities are a bit different.

Cancers are known for their compassionate, sensitive, and caring nature. They make incredible friends since they are very in tune with their own emotions as well as the emotional needs of others.

Leos are very lively and make great leaders. They are very artistic and love the theater, especially drama. Many Leos end up as actors and actresses or even directors.

These two signs share artistic qualities. The Cancer is known for its artistic and musical abilities.

Although the Leo can prove to be artistic in these two categories as well, they shine the brightest when in the limelight, while the Cancer is content with sitting on the sidelines.

Both signs have a great sense of humor and can easily draw others to them as a result of their positive energy.

Ruby Chakra

The ruby has a lot of heart in its character. Perhaps this is the reason why the ruby has close ties to the heart chakra.

The heart chakra and the ruby work well together when it comes to healing this vital energy. It is very important that the heart chakra is balanced because it helps us in a variety of significant ways.

When the heart chakra is balanced, it allows us to express our feelings of love and joy more efficiently. The heart chakra also helps us to love more easily, whether it comes to loving ourselves or others, or even both.

With a healthy heart chakra cleansing, we are shielded from psychic and emotional attacks. This makes it easier for us to take on the challenging demands of our day.

When a person decides to have their heart chakra healed, they will more than likely experience increased energy and positivity. Love, compassion, and feelings of a deepened connection to the physical world are also heightened.

If you feel as though your heart chakra needs to be purified, you can call on a ruby to help restore its energy and balance. This will drastically improve your daily life.

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