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What is Emerald Crystal?

Emerald is a precious green variety of the mineral Beryl, which forms in granite and pegmatite rocks, taking its color from additional chromium and vanadium atoms.

Colors range from a milky green with a somewhat plastic appearance, to a deep transparent green that Emerald is famous for.

Due to this famous range of green colors, Emeralds have always been associated with Spring, New Life, and renewal.

First mined in Egypt over 4,000 years ago, today Emerald is found in southern Africa, South America, Russia, and Pakistan.

Natural Emerald is one of the four main precious stones, ranking with Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire as one of the four most valuable stones in the world.

As the green variety or Beryl, Emerald is a form of beryllium aluminum silicate that may also be called Green Beryl in its less valuable forms.

emeraldWhile low quality, cloudy examples are relatively common, the finest, most verdant examples of Emerald Crystals are extremely rare and very valuable.

Emerald Gemstones generally form in long, hexagonal crystals which are usually faceted or domed on the ends.

In mystical circles, Emerald is not just known as a powerful, life-renewing crystal, but is also associated with Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus which held the secret to Hermetic Wisdom.

For this reason, Emerald Crystal is associated with magic, mystery, and the cosmic powers of unseen life-giving forces at work in our everyday reality.

Emerald Crystal Meaning

According to Indian legend, the word Emerald comes from the Sanskrit Marakata which means ‘the green of things that grow,’ and the Persian word Smaragdus, meaning green stone.

Over the centuries, the word Emerald gradually emerged from the Old French and Latin words Esmeraulde, Esmaralda, and Esmaraldus.

As we can see from the evolution of the word, Emerald has been the eternal stone of magic, signifying Life and Nature throughout the millennia.

As the eternal stone of magic and mystery, Emerald symbolizes youth, renewal, health, and vitality.

Emerald is the revealer of truth and offers its bearer protection from enchantments, spells, and magical conjurations.

As St. Hildegard of Gingen wrote, “All of the green in Nature is concentrated within the Emerald,” green being symbolic of youth and vitality.

Representing youth, and the power of Spring to bring vitality and renewal, Emerald can also be said to represent our hope for the future, inspiring us in an ongoing, eternal pursuit of Love and Truth.

Known as the Stone of Successful Love, Emerald Crystals heal the heart and opens us to the capacity for love on all levels of our being.

Emerald Crystal Properties

Emerald Crystals are stones of foresight and intuition, awakening our internal capacity to foretell future events and reveal the hidden truth.

As a stone of wisdom, Emerald Crystals improve memory and enhance mental clarity, allowing our minds to bring forth that which is not consciously known but nonetheless intuitively understood.

With increased focus and mental clarity, we activate our psychic abilities, enhancing our intuition and awakening the power of clairvoyance.

As a protective stone, Emerald Crystal has the power to shield us from dark enchantments and protect us from harmful spells.

Long considered a gemstone of universal, cosmic insight, Emerald increases intelligence and strengthens memory, bestowing the gift of prophecy.

In Medieval times, Emerald was thought to have the capacity to reveal whether or not a lover had been faithful, and was worn as a symbol of fidelity.

In that capacity, Emerald became known as the Stone of Successful Love. Representing youth and innocence, Emerald symbolizes hope for the future, renewal, and growth.

As a stone of balance, Emerald supports and nurtures friendships, opening our hearts to the views and feelings of others.

Emerald is also a stone of intuition, wisdom, and vision.

In fact, Emerald was associated with vision and eyesight long before it was thought to promote the spiritual vision and the ability to foretell future events.

Emerald has been a stone of great fascination for thousands of years, and was even worshipped by the Incas and the Chaldeans.

In Egypt, Emerald was the symbol of eternal life, the gift of Thoth, God of Wisdom. and the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra.

Emeralds have adorned the crowns of royals for centuries, acting as powerful talismans for Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and King Charlemagne.

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Emerald Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Emerald is a strong healing gemstone with protective qualities that can restore and stimulate body, mind, and spirit.

Wearing or carrying Emerald Crystals can restore damaged body tissues and protect us from negative energies and psychological attack.

Physical Healing

Emerald offers an incredible rejuvenating and revivifying quality, combating the effects of time and revivifying aged organs.

Emerald Crystal is a strong healer of the physical heart as well as the Heart Chakra and is useful in treating ailments of the lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and gallbladder.

The emanation of the powerful Emerald Green Ray aids in our recovery from infectious diseases and chronic conditions.

Emerald is the best gemstone for treating vision problems and for restoring eyesight. Bathing the eyes in Emerald water can alleviate eye infection and soothe painful eye conditions.

Drinking Emerald elixir may also soothe gas pain and alleviate weakness of the heart, and is known to treat gout and other conditions related to old age.

Wearing or carrying an Emerald Crystal can alleviate seizure disorders like epilepsy and can be used to reduce fever, and cure headaches and sinus problems.

Emerald has also been known to clear up skin conditions like eczema and rashes.

Wearing or carrying Emerald Crystals can also help with reproductive issues, making couples more fertile and assisting women with childbirth.

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Emotional Healing

Emerald dispels feelings of restriction and claustrophobia, alleviating emotional heaviness, creating a light and vibrant mood in all who carry it.

The energy of Emerald heals heartbreak and gives us the energy and strength to overcome misfortune, leading us to health and abundance.

By balancing the emotions and cleansing the Heart Chakra, Emerald Crystal clears away patterns of negative thinking that lead to feelings of victimization.

By overcoming heaviness and feelings of victimhood, we learn to transcend personal loss, summoning a newfound courage and personal power in the process.

As the stone of regeneration and spiritual recovery, Emerald brings us feelings of emotional freshness, vitality, and compassion for ourselves and for others.

Spiritual Healing

Emerald is the gemstone of the Green Ray of Archangel Raphael, a manifestation of the healing aspect of Divine Love.

Emerald opens the heart and stimulates the mind, clearing our connection to God’s Divine Love.

This connection to Divine Love has the power to sustain and support us on our spiritual journey.

Emerald Crystal heals the spirit and encourages us to live from our authentic self.

This prompts us to act on our deepest convictions and truest intentions, making us open to giving and receiving love.

Emerald provides us with the encouragement to offer unconditional love and compassion to everyone in our daily lives and interpersonal relationships.

Being open to love in all of its forms opens us up to the blessings that flow from Divine Source.

This will provide us with everything that we need in terms of our financial material lives to flourish and grow.

Emerald Crystal opens us up to true abundance, inspiring us to live lives of generosity and deep gratitude.

Wearing or carrying an Emerald Crystal encourages us to have trust in Divine Source, knowing that the Universe will provide for our needs.

Emerald Crystal Uses

Often called the Stone of Successful Love, Emerald is the perfect stone for reviving a person’s passion in a relationship, as well as their interest in a line of work.

Emerald can be worn out of sight, against the heart, to attract romantic love.

To attract an estranged lover, say whatever you wish to say to them softly with the emerald close to your lips, then seal the emerald in an envelope.

Carrying tumble stone Emerald can help enhance self-esteem, and restore confidence in teens and young people who have been teased for their weight or appearance.

Despite having the ability to calm the heart and soothe the emotions, wearing emeralds can invigorate the mind, inspiring deep reflections on philosophical ideas.

Emerald activates the creative centers of the mind, stimulating artistic creation, and helping artists, musicians, and writers bring intensity and focus to their work.

Emerald is extremely supportive in the workplace, increasing mental acuity, eloquence in speech, while also strengthening our memory.

Holding a Natural Emerald Crystal will help improve recall of facts, and is ideal in professions in which insight and intuition are necessary for success.

Carrying an Emerald Crystal can be helpful during legal affairs and can provide much-needed assistance when facing any type of litigation.

Emerald Crystal brings emotional balance, mental clarity, and equilibrium, making it beneficial whenever you need to stimulate cooperation and understanding within a group.

Emerald also relieves psychological distress, soothing the symptoms of claustrophobia.

Emerald Crystal Meditation

Emerald is the crystal gemstone of the Green Ray of Archangel Raphael, a crystal of great healing and abundance.

Emerald is the crystal of growth and acts as a conduit of nature’s constant power to bring about new birth, development, and renewal.

Meditating with Emerald Crystal summons this same creative energy within ourselves, stimulating renewal and growth in all areas of our lives.

Lighter Emerald stones promote a renewed interest in our spiritual path, while darker talismans promote physical strength, protection, and safety in travel.

Meditating with Emerald Crystal helps us maintain the deep rhythmic breathing regimen necessary to reach deep meditative states

Once these higher states of meditative calm and concentration are reached, Emerald can help us reach states of reflection and spiritual healing.

The Emerald Green Ray of Raphael promotes healing, intuition, and spiritual insight, prompting visions and enhancing our ability to manifest our desires.

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Emerald Crystal Birthstone

Emerald is the traditional birthstone for the month of May and was historically birthstone for June.

Emerald Crystal Zodiac Sign

Emerald is traditionally the Zodiac Stone for those born between June 21st and July 22nd, under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The sign of Cancer is symbolized by the crab. Those of us born under this sign are extremely loyal, adaptable, generous, and display great attachment to family.

People born under this sign are often talented musicians, artists, or writers, with strong imaginations.

Like the psychic powers, Emerald Crystals are thought to bestow upon their wearers, the sign of Cancer is also known as a sign of prophecy.

Emerald enhances all of the gifts known to originate from the sign of Cancer and has also been known to help those born under the sign of Taurus to see things more clearly.

Emerald Crystals may also encourage Capricorns to be more reflective and meditative, resisting negative traits commonly associated with that sign such as being stubborn and headstrong.

Emerald Crystal Chakra

Emerald is the gem that is most closely associated with the Heart Chakra and the emotional life of all who wear of carry it.

Emerald resonates at a vibration that is most closely in tune with the energy pattern of the Heart Chakra.

Located near the breastbone, the Heart Chakra regulates our emotional interactions with the world, controlling both what we desire and what we reject.

When the Heart Chakra is in alignment, it gives us emotional balance and the ability to act spontaneously in our environment.

If the Heart Chakra is out of balance, we end up being controlled by others or trying to take control of others, making us moody and overly critical either way.

The green energy of Emerald Crystal opens and aligns the Heart Chakra, releasing emotional blockages and providing us with emotional clarity and understanding.

Wearing or carrying Emerald can align our energetic body with the ebb and flow of any emotional relationship, helping us understand the cyclic nature of our relationships.

Emerald is also known to stimulate the energy of the ‘High Heart,’ an energy center that is above the general Heart Chakra, awakening compassion and interpersonal understanding for all beings.

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