Red Beryl Crystal

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What is Red Beryl?

The red beryl crystal is a beautiful yet rare stone to find here on earth. These gorgeous crystals are typically a raspberry red in tone, but they sometimes appear a bit on the lighter pink side.

The red beryl was first discovered in 1904 by a man named Maynard Bixby. Initially, the stone was called the Bixbite after his discovery. However, a black mineral named bixbyte (who Bixby had also discovered) made it confusing to determine the different names.

This is where the red beryl name came from instead. Beryl sounds closer to “berry” which is precisely what its color resembles.

Red Beryl Meaning

The red beryl has many different meanings. For most, it is a crystal of love and self-enlightenment. It is commonly used as an energizing talisman which is perfect for athletes.

Because of its energy, it helps to stimulate the growth and repair of various illnesses. Because of its red color, it stimulates confidence and self-esteem.

Red BerylRed Beryl Properties

Physically, the red to pinkish-red forms of this crystal are due to its beryllium aluminum silicate mineral. Its coloring comes from manganese and some traces of iron as well as chromium and calcium.

Due to its physical color, the red beryl can be referred to as the “red emerald” or “scarlet emerald.” Sometimes it is confused with pezzottaite, which is known as “raspberry beryl” or “raspberyl.”

As far as other properties go, the red beryl has many various healing properties, such as physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is beneficial for many reasons.

Red Beryl Healing Properties

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The red beryl crystal is commonly used for its healing properties. One of the biggest reasons why people rely on the red beryl is because they are healers themselves.

In order to support a heightened sense of healing, many healers rely on the red beryl crystal. It helps to heal the wearer, and can additionally assist anyone who needs to be healed in a way such as extreme fatigue, tiredness, or weakness.

This is a very powerful stone for healing in terms of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

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Physical Healing

As far as physical healing goes, the red beryl crystal has been commonly used as a talisman for athletes. This is definitely an important physical characteristic because athletes are constantly on the go, whether they’re working out or kicking a football.

This stone is perfect for anyone who needs a swift and powerful repair. It helps the physical body to repair itself due to the manganese found in the stone.

Manganese is required to help cell reproduction and to form new blood cells. Red beryl is also used to increase stamina, making it easier to take on the daily challenges of the day.

Since it raises energy levels in the wearer, it is a great crystal for athletes, people who are ill or anyone who needs treatment for leukemia and cancer.

Emotional Healing

Emotionally, the red beryl is an excellent aide. If you are suffering from a lack of self-love, turn to the red beryl for help.

This stone will help you to begin the journey towards a self-loving nature. If you have ever suffered from low self-esteem, then the red beryl is a great help.

The red beryl stone helps you to unlock your personal gifts and abilities. This makes it easier to understand why self-love is important and that you are truly worthy of praise.

It will help to fight off irrational fears that are a result of low self-esteem. Ultimately, this stone will help you feel more loving toward yourself and to others as well.

You will enjoy a heightened level of self-esteem and confidence with this stone. You will also experience more creativity with the red beryl stone.

Spiritual Healing

To heal spiritually with the red beryl, you will benefit tremendously from its ability to release karmic conflict. Ancient wounds from the past will be eliminated if you use the red beryl for spiritual purposes.

Red beryl has been referred to as the stone of love for the New Age. It will bring energy of the stars to the practical plane of earth.

Healing with this stone will make it easier for you to accept all events that come your way as a natural part of the universe and that one’s own responsibility is to impart love onto others.

The red beryl allows its user or wearer to live with courage, loyalty, friendship, and love.

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Red Beryl Uses

Luckily for its wearer or owner, the red beryl provides many invaluable uses. First of all, the red beryl – likes its color suggests – is a stone of love.

Whether this love is for the self or to send out to others, red beryl is the perfect way to express love and to experience self-love.

The red beryl is also used for creative purposes, making it easier to express yourself through art or other creative endeavors. Additionally, the red beryl is perfect for athletes or anyone who requires a substantial amount of stamina.

Red Beryl Meditation

Meditating with the red beryl stone is a great idea since it can enhance physical energy and help to boost the base chakra. With this physical energy, you can take on more challenges of the day in order to complete life’s daily demands.

Red Beryl Birthstone

Traditionally, the red beryl is not associated with any birthstone. However, the beryl color is red, which makes it the “natural” birthstone of those born between October 22nd to November 20th. Red crystals are known to bring energy, passion, bravery, and love.

Red Beryl Zodiac Sign

Since it is a beryl, bixbite (mentioned earlier) can be used under the sign of Taurus. This stone will help the Taurus person to calm their impulsive energy.

It can also be used for the sign of Cancer to help them see themselves more clearly and less through their emotions.

Red Beryl Chakra

In addition to the base chakra, red beryl also activates the heart chakra. When it works with the heart chakra, it leads to a certain level of sacred love. This brings enlightenment to the clear state of love.

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