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Morganite crystals radiate flashes of tinctured warmth. Look deeper, deep into the unfathomable depths of the gently blushing mineral to experience its soul-kindling energies.

What is Morganite?

It’s categorized by geologists as a member of the Beryl family. To be clear, Beryl is a crystallized form of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate, but that dry description really doesn’t do the stone justice.

To a poetic soul, the prismatic crystals gently discharge rosy pinks, colors that owe their tender hues to manganese, lithium, and cesium saturation.

Crystal believers experience that gentle pink light as untainted energy, a vibrational fizz that soaks the bearer’s aura.

Morganite is found in moderate quantities in California. The Beryl-based mineral has also been uncovered in Maine, Madagascar, and Brazil.

A chalky pink when first exposed, the crystals can be polished and cut until they sparkle like rosy-pink diamonds.

Morganite Meaning

morganiteChaste energies stoke feelings of love and devotion. Indeed, the pale pink tones convey warming and healing energies. The heart positively swells in size when it falls under the sway of this peachy-pink mineral.

With its gentle vibrational energies, compassion soars. Empathy thrives while cold disdain withers. Morganite is a heart stone, one that attunes with the heart chakra, but more on this quality later.

From an ethereal perspective, emotional scars and stubborn anxieties are dark shadows. Morganite is the light that burns away such negative influences. Left free of such gloom and doom, cynicism cannot prevail.

Morganite Properties

A key high-vibrational property of this pink stone is the propagation of unconditional love. Shining like an unsullied beacon, the mineral attracts honest love, not fair-weather friends.

Filled with divinity, potent metaphysical forces beat in tune with open hearts. And, should that heart be choked by past pains, the vibrations can open that mighty organ so that a floundering relationship gains much-needed impetus.

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Morganite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Physical Healing

Hearts beat strong and steady when this hard gem is nearby. It eases chest palpitations and boosts circulatory systems. If the bearer is troubled by extremity numbness, expect an oxygenated bump to restore those lost feelings.

The mineral also heals respiratory ailments. Hold the Morganite in both hands while lying comfortably on a soft surface. Using the ribcage to support both clasped hands, breathe in and out.

A steady pulse, asthma attack relief, circulatory boosts, these benefits hit their stride thanks to the power of Morganite.

Like an angel’s hand on the gem owner’s heart center, the presence of this mineral can ease all kinds of chest-related maladies, including emphysema and tuberculosis.

Emotional Healing

When balancing the emotional form, success can be fleeting. Here’s a gently coruscating crystal that harmonizes male and female energies. From this balance comes inner peace.

A stone of the heart, Morganite gems open the emotional center. Hidden pains are then released, stinging resentments soothed, and past grievances are forgiven.

For relationships, expect stronger, deeper connections. When superficial feelings dominate and heartfelt bonds falter, the mineral’s vibrational energy strengthens that rapport so that a stronger, more meaningful relationship can develop.

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Spiritual Healing

Divine love, an angel’s blessing, radiates from the pink stone. If life is raw and instinct-driven, this aura of love tempers those base senses by adding spiritual warmth to the user’s ethereal form.

Spiritual isolation is a modern plague. Fortunately, Morganite has the power to connect troubled spirits, to grant the lonely access to the universal heart. It’s here that purpose is renewed, trust is reborn, and cynical thoughts are cast aside.

Morganite Uses

Find peace and strength from within, just by focusing on the crystal, even when jaded by cold societal contact and polite indifference. Alternatively, as in ancient times, use a larger stone as a scrying tool or a crystal ball.

Cool and aloof, some situations send chills blowing across the heart. Morganite talismans, perhaps worn under a business suit, will protect the wearer from casual indifference.

Consider this benefit when attending an interview or when meeting a bank manager for a loan.

The stone is a talisman for the lonely, a companion piece that evokes feelings of inner confidence when social awkwardness strikes.

Morganite Meditation

The mind may reason and the body calls out for attention, but, simply by using the gem as a focal point, the stone naturally harmonizes the ethereal and corporeal. Balanced and poised, a quietened spirit allows the heart to have its own voice.

A lust for life is unleashed when meditation stirs the body. Mated with the pink gem, that experience is transformed so that a love of all things living blossoms within the meditator’s deepest spiritual center.

Morganite Birthstone

There are only so many months in a year, but there are very many energy-stirring crystals resting within Mother Earth. As such, Morganite crystals do not owe allegiance to a single traditional birthstone.

Looking towards the natural world, the vitreous crystals do have a place within the Autumnal birthstone family. For those who treasure the reds and browns of mid-autumn, Morganite is like a pale spark to a fire.

It brings love, joy, and energy during the course of those sleepy months.

Morganite Zodiac Sign

The pale rosy hues are full of congenial warmth, but there’s a hidden power within the stone. It tames those who are influenced by the second sign of the zodiac.

Reining in the bull’s wild head, Morganite gems stop Taurus types so they can pause and gather their wits for a moment.

Morganite Chakra

Attuned to the heart center, the chest resonates with energy when the crystal is used as a chakra aligning tool.

Delicate hearts, crushed throughout a cold and hard day, open up like rose petals when the gem’s high-frequency vibrations are experienced during chakra meditation.

Aspects of warmth and love dwell inside Morganite crystals. They project divine love, innocence, and vibrant healing energies.

Used with a pure heart, Morganite crystals open the door to higher realms, where the universal heart resides.

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