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What is the Chrysanthemum Stone?

The chrysanthemum stone is very compelling. Each chrysanthemum stone has its own unique look, which ensures that each one you own has its own story to tell.

Chrysanthemum stones look like a black and white photo of the flower it is named after. The white image on the black body of a chrysanthemum stone is very similar to the petals and shape of the flower.

First discovered in China over two-hundred years ago, this stone can also be found in the United States, Japan, and Canada. It is made up of gypsum, dolomite, and limestone.

Celestite, calcite, andalusite, and feldspar are additional minerals that can be found on this cheerful and gorgeous stone.

Chrysanthemum Stone Meaning

ChrysanthemumThe chrysanthemum stone can have a very significant meaning to a certain person. In various cultures and throughout history, the chrysanthemum stone has held many different meanings.

Chrysanthemum stones were first formed in the Permian Age, which was roughly over two-hundred and fifty million years ago. Because they are from China, these stones are considered to be the certified emblem of the Chinese imperial family.

The Chinese culture refers to the chrysanthemum stone as the “stone of wealth and honor.” Perhaps this is why it is assigned as the stone of the Chinese imperial family.

Chrysanthemum Stone Properties

The physical properties of the chrysanthemum stone are truly a sight to behold. Their dark stone bodies, which are typically black or brown, stand in a stark contrast to the white or silver image of a chrysanthemum flower.

The black or brown coloring of this joyful stone is due to the mixture of dolomite, gypsum clay, limestone, and porphyry.

The white and silver coloring of the flower image featured on top of the stone is due to the celestite, calcite, feldspar, and andalusite.

Luckily, these beautiful and decorative stones serve more than an aesthetic purpose. They are commonly used for their many healing properties as well.

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Chrysanthemum Stone Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

In order to heal from many different factors – such as physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma – the chrysanthemum stone is truly a wonderful help. They assist many in these different components of living.

Physical Healing

The chrysanthemum stone is used for maturing. As you age and transition from different cycles in your life – such as childhood to adolescence – the chrysanthemum stone will ensure that a peaceful changeover takes place.

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty during puberty, the chrysanthemum stone can help to balance out the challenging emotions and changes that occur.

Chrysanthemum stones are frequently used to help women with their fertility. Because of this, it is commonly purchased as a gift for anyone who is pregnant or is trying to become pregnant.

Because this is a stone that helps its wearer unlock their untapped potential, it is perfect for the severely disabled. It also treats disorders that are related to the skin, eyes, and skeletal disorders.

Additionally, you can rely on the chrysanthemum stone to absorb nutrients and clear out negative toxins. You can benefit from it to remove tumors or growths as well.

Emotional Healing

Emotionally, the chrysanthemum stone is a tremendous source of power. Just as its name suggests, it allows you to “bloom” and evolve on an emotional level.

As a stone that promotes harmony, you can benefit emotionally from the chrysanthemum due to its calm and confident energy.

It will assist you in being in the now rather than focusing on the past or future.

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If you feel as though you have been neglected or abused and it has prevented your emotional growth, turn to the chrysanthemum stone.

It will help you to redevelop your ability to connect with others and demonstrate your love.

You can use the chrysanthemum stone to be more open and willing to take risks. Your confidence will increase as a result of wearing or placing this stone around you.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritually, the chrysanthemum stone will instill a larger faith in one’s self. It will allow you to believe spiritually in the natural flow of life, and it can be used to start essential new life journeys, such as careers or relationships.

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As a lucky stone, the chrysanthemum can bring a newfound appreciation for the spiritual realm. If you feel as though you have missed your calling or would like to find an inner truth, refer to the chrysanthemum stone to develop spiritually.

Chrysanthemum Stone Uses

There are many different meaningful uses to the chrysanthemum stone. Many carry, sleep, or meditate on this stone to hone in on their personal abilities.

To discover your personal gifts and talent, turn to the chrysanthemum stone. It will help you to develop essential characteristics of your personality that you might not have realized in the past.

The chrysanthemum stone is perfect for dreamers since it will provide you with the confidence to bring these ideas to fruition. Additionally, this stone is used to help eliminate jealousy, resentment, or even animosity.

Chrysanthemum Stone Meditation

If you wish to meditate with the chrysanthemum stone, you are in luck. This is a wonderful meditation stone because it restores balance to both the mind and spirit.

It will help to eliminate excessive Yang energy. This will provide you with a more peaceful and tranquil mind.

The chrysanthemum stone will make it easy for you to focus on meditation because it is a stone of inner peace. It will be easier for you to concentrate on your goals during mediation.

This stone is very interesting because it can help with time travel, astral travel, and even connecting with angels.

Chrysanthemum Stone Birthstone

Since this is not a traditional birthstone, the chrysanthemum is not associated with any month. However, you can select it as your personal birthstone if you feel it resonates with you.

Chrysanthemum Stone Zodiac Sign

The chrysanthemum stone is connected to both the Taurus and Aquarius zodiac signs. Taurus people are known for their appreciation of fine art, which is what the chrysanthemum stone looks like. Aquarius people are known for their individuality and uniqueness, which each chrysanthemum stone contains.

Chrysanthemum Stone Chakra

The chrysanthemum stone is used to help promote a seamless flow of healing energy to open up the aura and the meridians of one’s physical body, beginning from the base chakra to the crown chakra.

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