The Sun Tarot Card Meaning


What is the meaning of The Sun in a reading? The appearance of The Sun in your reading is a great sign. This card is all about fun, warmth, optimism and success. It tells of a great time in your life. All your projects are successful and the people around you really appreciate and respect … Read more

World Tarot Meaning


What Is the World Tarot Meaning? Are you wondering what is the World Tarot meaning? Rest assured that this is a great card to have in your reading. Before going into the specifics below, I will already share a few general meanings of the card, so that you get a feel of its symbolism. It … Read more

What Are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards?

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings The Major Arcana Tarot cards meanings are of top importance when it comes to a reading, because they are the core of the Tarot deck. When reading these cards you need to take a higher level approach. Their imagery illustrates major symbols of human consciousness. You could consider them representations … Read more