What Are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards?

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Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings

The Major Arcana Tarot cards meanings are of top importance when it comes to a reading, because they are the core of the Tarot deck.

When reading these cards you need to take a higher level approach. Their imagery illustrates major symbols of human consciousness.

You could consider them representations of archetypes, forever relevant for the human nature.

There are 22 Major Arcana cards, out of which 21 are numbered and one of them, i.e. The Fool holds the number 0.

You may wonder if there is something special about the zero card, i.e. about The Fool. It is.

While the other cards deal less with the individual and with people in general and more with spiritual symbolism, The Fool represents the individual.

Pay attention to the way this card is positioned versus the other Major Arcana cards, in order to read the message you need to understand, regarding your spiritual development path.

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What Does it Mean if You Get Mainly Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot Reading?

If you get mainly Major Arcana cards in a Tarot reading, you need to expect major changes in your life.

You need to pay attention to the lessons you need to follow, in order to grow and move to the next level of development in your life.

If the cards are reversed, it means that you are not paying enough attention to the lessons you need to learn. It would be wise to do so, because otherwise you will get into the same struggles again and again.

When to Use a Major Arcana Tarot Spread?

If you are interested in guidance for your spiritual growth, then go for a Tarot spread using only the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. You will get valuable insights into what you should do in order to grow.

What Are the Major Arcana Cards?

  1. The Magician Card. If you do the reading for yourself, it means you have all the tools to succeed. If you read for someone else, then beware of a skilled liar around you!
  2. The High Priestess Card. This represents the empowerment of knowledge. What they say is true. Knowledge is power!
  3. The Empress Card. Conquer old roadblocks and choose what is right for you! Well-done!
  4. The Emperor Card. This is about power and control. Make sure that it is you the one who controls your own destiny!
  5. The Hierophant Card. You find a good place for yourself inside the group you have recently started to interact with.
  6. The Lovers Card. This is an invitation to grow through the quality of your interactions with those around you. Partnership is important!
  7. The Chariot Card. Victory! Your actions are successful and you also receive the due recognition for them.
  8. The Strength Card. In order to succeed you need to overcome obstacles. Find your inner strength and fully commit to achieving what you’re after!
  9. The Hermit. You will reach a higher stage of development by the means of separation. Don’t resist if you foresee any separation coming. It’s part of the process.
  10. The Wheel of Fortune Card. Don’t take this card personal, as it mostly represents fate. But get ready to go through a big transformation. Fingers crossed!
  11. The Justice Card. This is the change that happens as the final act related to an aspect of your life. You may have gone through good and bad, but get ready for the final act! The fate lady is about to sing!
  12. The Hanged Man Card. This is a signal that you are taking a passive stance and you are not actively influencing what is happening in your life. Get proactive and stop staying on the sideways. It’s YOUR life!
  13. The Death Card. Yes, the card number 13. But don’t panic yet! It may just indicate the end of something and in some instances this is not bad. It will be a drastic change versus the current status though.
  14. The Temperance Card. You will get the help needed to cope with all the turbulence that has come into your life lately. Better times are coming, relax!
  15. The Devil Card. Don’t let the imagery scare you! This wild beast can indeed have negative meanings such as addiction and self-destruction. However, there is a huge energy that can be channeled for the better.
  16. The Tower Card. Let there be chaos! You can choose to run away or to make the best of this opportunity and set things for the better.
  17. The Star. Although you may not be the prototype of a great leader, the stars have aligned! Now it’s the time to capitalize on your inspiration and convince the others to follow you.
  18. The Moon Card. You have the power to connect deeply and emotionally heal those around you. Use it!
  19. The Sun Card. Think about success, fame and glory. This is the card of your ego.
  20. The Judgement Card. The universal laws determine events that are outside your influence. Accept their justice!
  21. The World Card. It’s time to get excited! When you get this card, everything is going to be great in the covered time period.
  22. The Fool Card. As mentioned, follow this zero card in order to decipher the spiritual path it is wise to follow!

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