What Does the Suit of Cups Mean?

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The Suit of Cups Tarot Meaning

The suit of cups Tarot meaning has to do mainly with the emotional area of your life.

It allows you to explore more about your feelings and about the way you connect to the others and to the world.

An important note about the Cups Tarot symbolism is that they are not the only cards that deal with emotions.

They are the ones directly linked to the heart and to specific feelings such as love, bliss, melancholy, sorrow.

When it comes to romantic life, than Cups definitely play an important role in the reading.

However, other suits also deal indirectly with emotions and feelings: Wands are about passion, Pentacles are more rooted into the ground and Swords usually indicate the presence of various types of anxieties.

Coming back to Cups, they are part of the Minor Arcana, their corresponding natural element is water and the associated season is autumn and they represent the west.

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The Positive and Negative Tarot Meanings of Cups

If you think about Cups positive meanings, consider openness, spontaneity, being in-touch with your feelings and with those around you.

Think about all the positive aspects related to the emotional level of consciousness.

On the negative meanings of the Suit of Cups, we can mention disengagement, lack of emotional connection or being overly emotional, having unreasonable expectations, being brokenhearted or having other relationship problems.

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The Cups Tarot Meanings

  • Ace of Cups Meaning. This card indicates strong feelings that can range from expressing love or forgiving someone, to manifesting psychic abilities.
  • Two of Cups Meaning. This card has a strong symbolism of “the two”, as suggested by the name. You have the feeling of being complete when you are with someone you are deeply connected with.
  • Three of Cups Meaning. This Cups card has to do with the presence of other important people in your life, except a significant other. Think about your family and friends and the way they enrich your life.
  • Four of Cups Meaning. You are ungrateful for something that someone brings into your life. It is likely that this someone is really close to you. You may want to reconsider taking things for granting and hurting others in the process of doing so.
  • Five of Cups Meaning. This card is about sorrow. You are deeply hurt by something that happened and really got to your heart. This may not be visible to others, but you feel that inside you are broken.
  • Six of Cups Meaning. When you get this card in your reading, it indicates a detachment from day-to-day matters. You are currently living in your own world, cut-off from the small stuff.
  • Seven of Cups Meaning. You are daydreaming and your hopes are often unrealistic. You feel that you can achieve anything and that there are no boundaries. While this positive energy and high confidence may serve you well, there is also the downside that others may take advantage of your innocence.
  • Eight of Cups Meaning. This Cups card shows a feeling of discontent with the current status. You don’t feel like dealing with the current situation and you would rather run away. Or you may be longing for someone that is not currently part of your life.
  • Nine of Cups Meaning. You feel like being a little selfish and you go for what you think you deserve for enjoying life a bit more. Party, pleasure and all, but take care not to go to extremes.
  • Ten of Cups Meaning. This is a great card to have in your reading. Think about deep love, connection, wholeness. Weather in relation to your lover or to your family, this card indicates a strong foundation for your feelings and relationships.
  • Page of Cups Meaning. You are growing. You may experience a wide range feelings at this point triggered by a sense of wonder and exploration of the world, while building your confidence little by little.
  • Knight of Cups Meaning. The changes in your external environment trigger changes in your inner world, as well. You need to pay close attention to the other cards in your reading in order to accurately catch the Knight of Cups meaning in your reading.
  • Queen of Cups Meaning. The Tarot meaning of Cups Queen is all about awesome personal growth. The feminine nature of the card, indicates high emotional intelligence that serves you well in navigating through life.
  • King of Cups Meaning. You have reached a balance between capitalizing on intuition and on rational approaches. This gives you the maturity to make wise decisions and make the most of a situation.

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