Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of the Ace of Cups Tarot Card?

The entire Cups suit speaks to our emotions and the Ace of Cups is no exception.

This card is generally depicted as a large golden chalice with water overflowing from within.

Some decks will show the chalice decorated with doves.

Aces by nature are very powerful in the Minor Arcana. This means that they generally will be setting the overall tone of the reading, regardless of the other cards appearing in the spread.

It’s crucial that you understand how the Ace of Cups is influencing the entirety of your reading.

The Ace of Cups shows up in a reading when you have reached a point of emotional stability, happiness, and peace.

It is a reminder that you have good emotional intelligence and a strong foundation on which you are able to take on the world, usually with a smile on your face.

The Upright Ace of Cups Meaning

ace-of-cupsIn a past position the Ace of Cups points to an old relationship, be it romantic or platonic, that may have left you feeling a little emotionally scarred.

Because of its position this means that the end of that relationship has set the foundation for your ability to adapt and to be emotionally strong.

You’ve already lived through the worst, now you are ready for the best!

A present position Ace of Cups means that the path your life has taken is the best one for you.

Whether it’s your relationship, family life, or career, you are in a secure and stable place emotionally.

Whatever you’ve been doing, it’s working in your favor so keep at it.

The Ace of Cups in a future position is not as positive as the other two, though it does offer valuable insight.

With this card sitting in your future, it is saying that you have an idealized version of the perfect sort of love and high standards for what you believe will ultimately make you happy.

While it’s fine to dream, the Ace of Cups is a fair warning that your dreams of perfection are a bit out of the realm of reality.

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Work and the Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups in a work related spread means that you have security and safety with your current company.

If you are currently looking for a job, this card is a good sign that you will soon find one that brings you a lot of happiness.

Love and the Ace of Cups

If you are currently attached, the Ace of Cups is a good sign for marriage! For those who have already tied the knot it could signify children or grandchildren are coming very soon.

Single subjects of the reading, it still brings you good news. The Ace of Cups promises happiness, especially in your love life.

Don’t be surprised if you meet “the one” very soon. Keep yourself open to the possibility of love because it’s right around the corner.




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Ace of Cups and Finances

When it comes to financial security, this card is one of the best omens you could receive.

It says that now is the time to start saving because you are in a place where you can build your financially secure future.

If you already have a deep savings account, do not be tempted to spend. You’re already in a place of stability, so maintain it.

Meaning of the Ace of Cups in Health

The Ace of Cups denotes great health. If you or the person you are reading is currently ill, know that there is wellness in the future.

If your health is something that you’ve been worried about, put that anxiety to rest because you are in a good place physically.

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The Ace of Cups in Reversed Position

A reversed Ace of Cups means that you need something new in your routine to put a little hop in your step. The reserves position is saying that you’re bored, or in a situation that’s gotten stale.

Now is the perfect time to examine your life and honestly say if you’re happy with where it’s going.

The reversed Ace of Cups urges you to find new passion, perhaps in a new hobby or by taking a more active role in your community.

Ace of Cups Combinations

If the Ace of Cups should appear in a reading with many other cards of the same suit, this means that your emotional foundation is sturdy enough to endure whatever life should throw at you.

Death in combination with the Ace of Cups is a surprisingly good omen. This indicates the proverbial death of emotional incompetence.

These cards together signify a new chapter beginning in your life, though it may not seem that way at a first glance.

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