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Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

The seventh card of the Major Arcana, The Chariot, is related to being goal oriented, having confidence, and overcoming obstacles in your life.

Traditionally this card depicts a man riding a chariot that’s pulled by two animals of opposite colors without reins to guide them.

This image is symbolic of the confidence it shows within the person being read.

The two animals and their opposite colors say that regardless of what pulls you, be it positive or negative events, the situation has an attractive outcome.

chariotThe Upright Chariot Meaning

When The Chariot appears in a past position, it is showing you that you have gone through a major life event that is acting as a catalyst for your current and future positions.

Perhaps it is a reminder of what you’ve overcome and it’s showing you that you are still capable of being that untouchable person.

In a present position The Chariot is strongly suggesting that you keep a cool head and stay on the path towards your ultimate goal.

It is saying “you can do this!”, so long as you do not falter.

The Chariot upright in a future position is the person being read coming out of the situation on top and as a better person for it.

They have overcome whatever obstacles sit in the past and present positions despite what signs or omens they’ve presented.

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Work and the Chariot

In a work related spread, The Chariot denotes a change in positions or even entire careers.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, now is the perfect time.

There is also the possibility that a better job offer will come along and The Chariot says to accept.

One other possible meaning in this sort of spread is an unexpected work related trip that could result in a pay raise or promotion within your current company.

Love and the Chariot Card

Often The Chariot will appear if the person being read has recently ended a relationship or if a particular rough patch is about to show itself in their current one.

Whether you’re single or attached, The Chariot s telling you that this too shall pass.

Despite the hardships you’ve faced in love, you will come out stronger and better because of them.

The Chariot says to take your experiences and use them to know better for next time.

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The Chariot and Finances

When this card appears in a financial spread or the person being read is asking a question related to their financial situation, the time to spend is not now.

Though The Chariot is a good indication that more money is coming your way, it is ill advised to start frivolous spending as the card can also be a sign that an unexpected event is on the horizon that could cause a huge financial blow if you are not prepared.

Meaning of the Chariot in Health

For someone who is already in poor health, The Chariot means that there is still some ways to go until you are better.

While that can sound quite ominous, keep in mind that overcoming obstacles is still one of the root meanings for the card.

Even with the possibility of illness ahead The Chariot means you are strong enough to endure it.

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The Chariot in Reversed Position

Appearing in the reverse, The Chariot is acknowledging the feeling of a lack of control over your life.

It is suggesting that you take a moment to figure out what it is that is causing these feelings and to give yourself time to fix the situation.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that The Chariot speaks to your strength.

Even in a reversed position, you are still tough enough to get back on track even if things seem hopeless.

If you feel as though life is moving on and leaving you behind, The Chariot is very likely to pop up reversed in your reading.

The lesson it teaches in this situation is a harsh one, as it’s a reminder that change will happen whether you want to go along with it or not.

Chariot Combinations

When the High Priestess appears with The Chariot, the spread is telling you that wisdom is your best tool on the path to victory.

The Star in combination with The Chariot highlights the “victory” that will be made.

If all three cards, The Chariot, the High Priestess, and The Star, all appear together in the same spread then there is no doubt you will be unstoppable.

The Chariot paired with the King of Pentacles is a strong indication of coming into some money.

If you’re single, The Chariot in combination with the King of Cups means that love is right around the corner in a huge way.

These two cards working in tandem are a huge omen for marriage.

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