What Do the Pentacles Mean in Tarot?

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Suit of Pentacles Cards Meanings

When you explore the Suit of Pentacles Tarot card meanings, think about pragmatism!

This is the suit of money, work, luck and material objects in our lives.

It’s about being rooted in the realities of your environment and about building something durable, on a sound foundation.

While this is a suit depicting responsible actions geared towards achieving longer-term goals, it can also stand for indulgence. No surprise here though, as this is after all the suit that is the closest to money, and thus to luxury.

Keeping in mind the general meanings of Pentacles, it’s easy to extrapolate their duality further. Think about generosity versus greed, about social responsibility versus irresponsibility and so on.

The natural element of the Pentacles Suit is Earth and the corresponding season is Autumn.

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Positive and Negative Pentacles Suit Meanings

The positive meanings of Pentacles have to do with great finances, with prosperity and with shaping the environment in a way that is highly beneficial to you.

From a more esoteric perspective, Pentacles represent ego and self-esteem.

On the negative side, I have already mentioned above the greed.

To this, we can add focusing too much on the material side of life, managing one’s finances poorly, giving-up life balance to focus too much on career and so on.

In principle, the negative Pentacles meanings are about going to extremes when you are driven by the material side of life.

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What Are the Pentacles Cards?

  • Ace of Pentacles. When you get this in your reading, it means you are set for prosperity for quite a while. Beware though for the sacrifices you must be willing to make in order to get the prize.
  • Two of Pentacles. This is a warning that you need to pay attention to reaching a balance when it comes to finances. Take a moment to think if there is anything you would change to bring more stability in this area of your life.
  • Three of Pentacles. The Three of Pentacles indicates that you have either initiated or are about to start a big project. It may involve other people as well and the stakes are high.
  • Four of Pentacles. You are overly attached to something. This may prevent you from fully taking advantage of other opportunities that present themselves, but are currently ignored by you.
  • Five of Pentacles. Take this as a warning to take action now or lose a current opportunity for good. There is still time to act, but the window of opportunity will not stay open for much longer.
  • Six of Pentacles. This card is about your personal impact on your material environment. It’s important to understand that you determine to a large degree what you get from the Universe. So take care to adjust the actions to your goals.
  • Seven of Pentacles. Take a breath of relief, because a Seven of Pentacles in your reading is a sign that your material struggles will come to an end. Before throwing a party though, be aware that it may take some time. But the good news is that this will eventually happen.
  • Eight of Pentacles. Get the hint that you need to put on some work before reaping the rewards. Yes, nothing comes easy, but we already knew that, right?
  • Nine of Pentacles. Are you caught in some kind of consumerism rush? Slow down a bit with those shopping expeditions. You are isolated, focusing too much on what money can buy. Maybe there are some other elements in life that are worthy of your attention, as well?
  • Ten of Pentacles. Good times are coming to you when it comes to finances. Yes, you can get your friends and family and celebrate!
  • Page of Pentacles. You are indulging in acquiring something you longed for. Yes, there is a place for such things in life. Just take care not to go too far though. Do you really need to get that extravagant?
  • Knight of Pentacles. You’re turning yourself into an investor. The times when you just spent the money for fun are a distant memory. You are taking now a more mature approach to spending money. And yes, a more profitable one!
  • Queen of Pentacles. Congratulations! You have reached an equilibrium in your relationship with the material world. Not many people manage to achieve this. You can rightfully be proud.
  • King of Pentacles. Someone is in a position to help you financially. If you need this, just pay attention around you. It could be a friend, a financial institution and so on. But financial help is closely within reach.

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