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What Are the Suit of Swords Tarot Meanings?

The Suit of Swords Tarot Meanings are related to action, power and conflict. Like with almost anything, such actions can be good or bad.

However, Swords symbolism tends to be a bit skewed towards negative meanings.

It is not unusual for cards that are part of this suit to indicate enemies and battles.

The natural element of Swords is Air and the corresponding season is either Spring or Winter.

The Suit of Swords meanings is mainly rooted in thoughts and beliefs, as opposed for example to Cups, where the meanings are mainly rooted in feelings.

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Positive and Negative Tarot Interpretations of Swords

The meaning of a Suit of Swords card is positive when the action and power that are representative of this suit are used in a positive way.

As always, you need to read the cards in the context of the spread. When Swords brute power is balanced by feelings (Suit of Cups cards) and channeled by Spirit (Suit of Wands cards), the outcome may be positive.

The negative Swords meanings include violence, anger, abuse.

When you get a lot of Swords in a reading, you need to think about ways to solve the struggles, which may occur at various levels: mental, relationships, and so on.

It may be a warning that you need to build more harmony in your surrounding environment.

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What Are the Suit of Swords Cards?

  • Ace of Swords Meaning. This card symbolizes a logic ace. You have clarity in your thoughts and your mind is sharp as a knife, cutting through problems to find logical solutions to the problems you encounter.
  • Two of Swords Meaning. This card shows that you have a difficulty in coming to terms with reality. You know how things are, but you are not yet prepared to accept them. You are simply choosing the avoidance route.
  • Three of Swords Meaning. This card shows a permanent loss that you need to face. It can be something you lose forever, a death, break-up, or another kind of serious loss.
  • Four of Swords Meaning. Although on the outside you look like still water, inside you there is a storm of thoughts triggered by active contemplation.
  • Five of Swords Meaning. This card indicates selfishness. Don’t take it personally, but think hard if you really have a tendency to focus on meeting primarily your needs.
  • Six of Swords Meaning. If you get this card in your reading, think if you are in the middle of a mourning process. And then think about how to best manage it. You need to allow yourself to go through the grieving process. However, there comes a time when you simply need to move on.
  • Seven of Swords Meaning. This card is about rationalizations. If you get it in your reading, try to avoid going for the easy route. Force yourself to take the right route instead, even if it’s not that easy.
  • Eight of Swords Meaning. Are you being stubborn? While sticking to your ideas can definitely have its benefits, there are also downsides associated with this. How about trying to inject some flexibility into your approach?
  • Nine of Swords Meaning. This is about the loss of hope and about taking the wrong direction that does not leave room for turning back. Take care!
  • Ten of Swords Meaning. Things are getting serious with this card, as you can probably notice by contemplating the imagery. Don’t give in to the tendency to find external causes for your problems and do nothing. Find a creative solution to solve the situation.
  • Page of Swords. When you get the Page of Swords in your reading, then it’s time to up your game in terms of maturity. Take this as a growth challenge and try to wise up quickly!
  • Knight of Swords. Speed and energy. When the time has come for an idea to come to life, there is nothing that can stop the change that is about to come.
  • Queen of Swords. Ok, you can take the compliments on the nice way to carry yourself. Not only that others view you in a positive light, but this is a subtle way to gain influence.
  • King of Swords. You are good! You lead your life in accordance with the laws of the Universe and you are generously rewarded for this. Congratulations!

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