Five of Swords Tarot Meanings

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What Is the 5 of Swords Tarot Meaning?

The Five of Swords Tarot meaning is highly centered on conflict. Similarly to all Minor Arcana Fives, this one makes no exception in dealing with challenge, struggle, fight and change.

To make matters even more challenging, this card is also linked to defeat.

So it is not uncommon that following a conflict situation, you suffer a defeat and you are not going through the best times of your life.

However, keep in mind that you have only lost a battle.

You always have the opportunity to take a step back, learn your lesson and start taking the right actions that will lead you to success.

Therefore, I urge you to take a constructive perspective when reading this card.

Upright Five of Swords Meanings

five-of-swordsAs already mentioned, when you get this card in your reading, it mean that usually you are engaged in a conflict.

You need to take care.

Even though you may appear to have the upper hand, you may still end-up losing.

Although in some situations it may indicate your victory, in most cases it reveals a losing situation.

I know these two interpretations seem to be at the opposing sides of the spectrum.

However, even if you win on one side, you can still lose, sometimes significantly more, on another side.

The type of conflict this card points to is one that does not bring about anything good.

If you are not currently involved in any conflict and you still get this card in your reading, then watch out for back-stabbing.

You may be in a for a very unpleasant surprise from someone quite close to you. It is not a bad time to raise your guard up.

The high level message you need to take from having this 5 card in your reading is that you should pick your battles.

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It is not in your best interest to waste your energy via engaging into conflicts.

Even if you win the battle, the fact that you lost time and energy is a net loss for you in the end.

Five of Swords Love Meaning

As you would expect given the general meanings of this card, you will experience conflict in your love life.

The important step to take is to try and get beyond the surface motives of the power struggle.

Try to identify the root causes of challenges in your relationship.

Then have an honest discussion with your partner to identify what are the best ways to address them.

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Finances and the 5 of Swords

The word you should keep in mind for a while when it comes to money is caution. Try to be conservative with your spending and investments.

This is definitely not the best time to go on a shopping spree.

Five of Swords and Health

Take some time to relax, because everything is going crazy around you. It is not uncommon to experience highly elevated levels of stress in the coming period.

Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to taking care of yourself.

Reversed Five of Swords Tarot Meanings

The Five of Swords in reversed position indicates that you’ve had enough conflict in your life and you are now ready to move on. Good decision!

However, this reversed 5 may also show that you are having difficulties in driving a conflict out of your life. You need to keep up your efforts though, as this struggle is sucking your energy.

In general, the reversed Five of Swords shows that a negative energy related to conflict is still present in your life, blocking you from achieving your full potential.

Intensify your efforts to bring this to closure and get on with your life!

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A Few Important 5 of Swords Card Combinations

Let’s start with the positive associations. When you get The Empress or The Fool in the same reading with the Five of Swords, then the negative consequences brought in your life by the conflict are toned down.

You are less prone to making enemies and there is less negativity brought around by conflict.

On the negative side, the darker meanings of the card are reinforced when you get the Hierophant or The Devil in the same reading.

Take care and really take a moment to think about an attitude change.

Your current actions are not taking you closer to achieving what is truly important in your life.

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