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What Are the Meanings of the Page of Wands?

Generally speaking, the Page of Wands Tarot Meaning is in the area of having projects that come to fruition.

Something you initiated a while back starts to deliver positive results.

Another meaning that is to be considered frequently in a reading is that this Page represents a literal person in your life.

(S)he is a high energy person, a high-achiever that brings a positive vibe in your world.

Beware of lack of focus though.

Energy, success and enthusiasm are all good, but don’t take your eyes off the prize just yet.

page-of-wands-tarotUpright Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Wands card brings creativity, inspiration and energy into your life. It may be that you start to experiment something new.

Are you taking on a new project that excites you? Or it may be that you are just excited to get the most of what life has to offer to you.

There are no huge burdens to cloud your mind.

You approach life as an adventure and you keep discovering new reasons to smile everyday.

It happens quite often for the Page of Wands to be a messenger that brings you surprising news.

Don’t worry, it’s all positive, even though they may not always match your current plans.

On one hand, Page of Wands is similar to the Fool, in all the aspects mentioned above.

On the other hand though, it may indicate some serious positive changes in your life.

Don’t discount its presence, viewing it a childish game. Open up and you may be surprised at what you can achieve.


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Page of Wands and Work

If you get this in a work-related reading, there is someone who is willing to help you get further at work. In case you apply for a job, expect good news.

It is most likely that you will get a positive answer. Even if you stay in your current work environment, there will occur some changes that will impact you positively.

Page of Wands Love Meanings

A new opportunity will present itself to you in terms of your love life.

There is quite a sound base to justify giving this opportunity a shot. So if you are single, don’t miss it!

If you are involved in a relationship, this may be a way for your destiny to test you out. Is your commitment is strong? Are you happy?

If you are, then no worries. But if not, maybe the time has come for you to take some time and really think about where you your love life is heading to.


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What Are the Finances Page of Wands Meanings?

In a finances-related reading, this card is also the bearer of good news. You can expect an upwards movement in your bank account.

Capitalize on the positive trend and start planning your finances for the longer term.

Now it’s the perfect time to do it and ride the positive wave of energy in your life.


This time, the way you read this Page is that you need to put on some work. You either need to exercise, to start eating healthier or to sleep more.

You know better the steps you need to take in order to improve your health. This card is here in order to invite you to take action right now.

No more excuses!

Reversed Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Wands reversed often indicates that the new ventures you started out have not panned out yet.

While you haven’t wasted significant resources in the process, this is a sign that you may need to plan better.

Balance your enthusiasm to initiate projects, with the maturity to weigh more thoroughly all the implications of such endeavors.

Another meaning is that you continuously put off taking action on a project. You have reached a blocking point and you just need to remove yourself from this stand still. Don’t let your insecurities stop you from moving ahead.

A reversed Page of Wands may also indicate immaturity and possibly lack of ambition.

The Fire may lead you to jump from project to project, or to initiate fights, to run around without accomplishing much. It’s time to settle down a bit and see what your best options are in the current situation.

The Reversed Page of Wands Love meanings have to do with unreliability. While charm and excitement are abundant, reliability is not.

The typical situation is that of a quick one night stand. If you are looking for a serious relationship, take care if you get this card in your reading.

Guard-up a test potential mates to make sure you filter out those who don’t match what you are looking for.


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A Few Page of Wands Card Combinations

You need to take notice what are the other cards in your reading. Do you have lots of pentacles? Maybe your new found inspiration will bring you lots of riches.

Or maybe you have lots of Cups. This is indicative of new energy firing up your love life. Swords? Take care with your actions, as you may easily upset other, although this is not what you intend to.

If there are other wand cards around, then creativity plays a big role in that particular reading.

As you know, Court Cards combinations uncover important elements about the relationships in your life.

In this care, a Page of Wands combined with other Court Cards is likely to revel something about an important relationship in your life.

A bad combination to watch-out for is the one with Devil. This indicated that the negative traits of the Page of Wands are exacerbated. You lean too much on the pleasure side, building-up a lot of negativity in the process.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, it’s great when you have the Temperance card paired with the Page of Wands in a reading.

The Temperance balances out the negative traits of the Page and allows you to fully capitalize on its strengths.

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