Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

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It often happens that people think about the reversed tarot cards meanings in negative terms.

The logic is that their symbolism is opposite to one of the upright cards.

While this is not a completely wrong approach, it is nevertheless a very limiting one.

There is definitely more to reading the reversed cards.

In this article we take a broader view and explore the various perspective you can take when you get reversed cards in your reading.

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How to Interpret Reversed Tarot Cards

The opposite meaning of the upright cards. As mentioned, this is probably the route travelled most often. It is a valid approach up to a point.

One of the cons is that this approach favors a negative interpretation.

This is not necessarily the most constructive way to help someone get ahead though. Try to combine it with the alternative methods mentioned below.

Roadblocks. A reversed card may simply mean that the potential to capitalize on the positives symbolized by the upright card is blocked.

This is a very helpful hint that you need to take action to remove these roadblocks. So in such a case you are taking a positive approach when reading such a card.

Via removing these obstacles, you will be able to enjoy the positives represented by the upright card.

Slow-downs. Another way to read reversed cards is that they represent a delay in the manifestation symbolized by the upright card. T

hink of a project that was advancing at a fast pace and now has come to a stand-still. Or about a project that was about to be initiated and has just been delayed.

Lessons still to be learned. A reversed Tarot card may also mean that a certain lesson that has to do with the meaning of the upright card, still needs to be learnt.

Until we fully internalize the learnings of the lessons life presents to us, we are bound to face the same type of situations over and over again.

Classical meanings. In the booklet you get when you buy almost any Tarot deck, you will find brief descriptions of the meanings of each card.

Take a look at them and you can use them as a starting point when you are in the beginning. But don’t neglect enlarging your perspective via also using the approaches above.

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What Does It Mean When Most of Tarot Cards in a Reading are Reversed?

When most of the cards in a reading are reversed, this means that there is a high degree of confusion and blocked energy related to that situation.

It may also be an indication that the Universe and/or you are not prepared to deal with the answer to that question at this time.

Try to find a related question whose answer may help you

 What Are the Reversed Major Arcana Card Meanings?

  • Reversed Fool Card Meanings: risk-taking, naivety
  • Reversed Magician Card Meanings: less than ideal planning, manipulation
  • Reversed High Priestess Card Meanings: hidden agendas (take care!)
  • Reversed Empress Card Meaning: dependence
  • Reversed Emperor Card Meaning: rigidity, domination
  • Reversed Hierophant Card Meaning: rebellious attitude
  • Reversed Lovers Meaning: lack of harmony
  • Reversed Chariot Meaning: aggressive energy
  • Reversed Strength Meaning: weakness
  • Reversed Hermit Meaning: isolation
  • Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning: bad luck
  • Reversed Justice Meaning: dishonesty
  • Reversed Hanged Man: delay
  • Reversed Death Card: inability to move on
  • Reversed Temperance: excess
  • Reversed Devil: detachment
  • Reversed Tower: fear of change
  • Reversed Star Card: despair
  • Reversed Moon: unhappiness
  • Sun Reversed Card Meaning: lack of success
  • Judgement Reversed Card Meaning: self-doubt
  • World Reversed Card Meaning: lack of closure

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