Suit of Wands Tarot Meaning

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What Does the Suit of Wands Cards Mean?

The Suit if Wands Tarot Meanings are rooted in passion and adventure. It is the suit of those who discover, who impatiently push the limits to reach further.

Think about enthusiasm and about an unstoppable desire to excel and to win. Wands are about huge energy put behind something you fully believe in.

There is no in-between here, but only full-swing initiatives.

It’s about giving your all in order to achieve something.

Wands also represent the spiritual side of life, our self-concepts, and in general, the matters that hold the highest importance to us, at a deep level.

You might have already guessed that the natural elements of Wands is Fire. The associated season is Summer.

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Positive and Negative Tarot Symbolism of Wands

Think about Wands when you contemplate your daily “to-do list”, as well as launching new projects. Also, whenever you take action driven by something that you are deeply passionate about.

On the negative side, Wands may indicate a lack of clear direction, meaninglessness, as well as impulsive action taken without proper consideration upfront.

What Are the Suit of Wands Cards?

  • Meanings of Ace of Wands. You get the inspiration you need in order to successfully initiate a new project or develop further an existing one. There is great potential in this venture. Congrats!
  • Meanings of Two of Wands. You are well-connected to your activities and thus, you are well-positioned to enjoy success in your field of choice.
  • Meanings of Three of Wands. This is a card that validates on one hand your out-of-the box approach and on another hand your ability to successfully bring your vision to life.
  • Meanings of Four of Wands. Take this as a reminder that great relationships are important in life. Don’t forget that we do need to nurture them though!
  • Meanings of Five of Wands. Sometimes we take life as a game and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The key is to get out of day-dreaming and start taking real action when it’s needed.
  • Meanings of Six of Wands. Yes, you can throw a party to celebrate your victory! Your hard work is finally coming to fruition.
  • Meanings of Seven of Wands. Sometimes you are ahead of others in terms of creativity. Don’t lose faith in your vision just because others fail to see the possibilities.
  • Meanings of Eight of Wands. Your creativity is great, but sometimes, chasing too many ideas is not a good thing at all. Little gets accomplished. Focus!
  • Meanings of Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands is here to point out what are the roadblocks in bringing your creative ideas to life. So take notice!
  • Meanings of Ten of Wands. When you develop a new vision, don’t expect everybody to jump in and congratulate you. Your biggest critics may even be the closest persons in the family. Don’t let that put you down, though. Carry on!
  • Meanings of Page of Wands. The Page is here to indicate that you have a new idea you are passionate about. Nurture it and then act upon it!
  • Meanings of Knight of Wands. You feel sudden inspiration to start something or to move something further. Capitalize on your inspiration and make the most of it!
  • Meanings of Queen of Wands. This the card that confirms that you are be successful in engaging others and convince them to follow your vision. Well-done!
  • Meanings of King of Wands. You are becoming a leader that has more and more influence. Get ready to be successful beyond your initial expectations.

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