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What is the Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card?

The eight card of the Major Arcana, Strength, represents order, discipline, and confidence.

In traditional tarot Strength is depicted as a woman and a golden lion that she has subdued.

This portrayal quite literally shows that she is soothing the beast.

Strength is not aggressive, but she gets the job done and does so with poise and grace.

Strength is all about your ability to assert yourself in a diplomatic and constructive way.

It is also about your own personal growth and coming into your own by taking the reins and directing yourself down your path without stepping on the toes of others.

It is a very powerful card and is generally a good omen in your readings.

strength-tarot-cardThe Upright Strength Meaning

Strength in your past position shows that your current situation stems from you maintaining your composure and claiming control over something in your past.

It represents making the best decision for you and shows personal growth from standing your ground.

Because of this moment in your life, you are now reaping the benefits of coming out on top.

If Strength appears in your current position this means that you are in a good place mentally and emotionally, even if you don’t quite realize it.

At the moment, you are capable of taking control and making favorable outcomes for yourself by cooperation and diplomacy instead of an aggressive or domineering approach.

In a future position Strength is a favorable outcome for the person being read. Whatever it is that they are experiencing in the present, they are fully capable of coming out on top by asserting themselves and taking control over the situation.

This outcome is easily achieved when one remembers their confidence and tact.

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Work and Strength

Strength showing up in a career spread is telling you that you have all the key features for success. If you are looking for work, she urges you to keep pressing on. You have the skill set and determination to get the position you deserve.

For those already on their career path, Strength is a good indication of a promotion or a pay raise. Now is the best time to ask your boss for either.

This is also the perfect time to volunteer to lead a meeting or take on the supervision role of a big project.

Love and Strength

If you’re already attached, Strength in a love oriented reading is a sign that your relationship has stability and room for both parties to grow together in a healthy way.

For those looking for love, this is a good sign that it’s right around the corner, so long as you’re putting yourself out into the dating pool.

Right now is the best time to let your confidence shine through and meet the person of your dreams.

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Strength and Finances

When it comes to your finances Strength is a good sign that you currently are or soon will be financially stable. If you’ve been considering a big purchase, such as a car or a home, it is a good time for it.

However, Strength warns against taking out loans for big ticket purchases if you aren’t absolutely sure of how you will be paying it back.

Meaning of Strength in Health

Strength is a card that is considered to defy all odds. What this means for your health is that any ailments you may have can be overcome.

As long as you are keeping up with the doctor’s orders and stick to your regular exercise routine, you are capable of pulling through.

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Strength in Reversed Position

In the reversed position Strength is telling you to take a step back and slow down before making decisions you will ultimately regret.

If you’ve been acting in a way that isn’t completely you, it’s likely Strength will appear in your reading this way.

Be honest with yourself and figure out which area of your life needs to be met with a bit more calculation and restraint.

Now is not the time for risky behavior or for being impulsive.

Strength Combinations

Strength is best paired with The Magician and Temperance than any other Major Arcana cards. With this combination Strength is even more powerful and success is inevitable.

This trio means that you will get anything and everything you want.

While The Tower can be a tough pill to swallow in most readings, Strength negates its negative traits which makes this a desirable pairing.

When they show up together Strength kicks into overdrive in a chaotic situation.

Regardless of what The Tower is bringing to the table, you will easily move through it. This pair is also a good sign that any risks you’ve been considering are a good idea to take.

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