The Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of the Judgement Tarot Card?

The Judgement card is part of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards and it is the twentieth card of the suit.

This card tells of making a judgment on a present situation or making an honest appraisal of what is going on in your life.

The appearance of the Judgement card suggests that it is time to take a stand, even it is means making some hard choices. At this time, your own judgement is flawless so you can trust it completely.

judgent-tarotThe Upright Judgement Tarot Card

When the Judgement Card appears in a Tarot spread in the upright position it brings clearness of judgement and confident decisions making.

The appearance of this card in the upright position may indicate that now is the time for self-judgement and a time to bring focus to your present situation.

The Judgement card in the upright position can also suggest a crossroad in your life, a time of rebirth and re-inventing yourself.

You may have come to the realization that you need to live your life differently.

Maybe now is the moment to start listening to your needs and do something for yourself.

The presence of the Judgement card in your reading may indicate a good time for contemplation and self-evaluation.

You can now review and evaluate past experiences and see what you’ve learned from them.

This will help you in your future.

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The Judgement Card and Work

When this card appears in your readings, it means your work is being surveyed. If you have been working hard and paid attention to details, your efforts will be rewarded.

If your attention was focused on something else than work now it is the time to give it your 100% concentration.

Love and the Judgement Tarot Card

If you are not involved in a relationship, the presence of the Judgement card may tell that it is a time to make a fresh start.

Be very clear about what you want in your love life and go for it.

If you’re already in a relationship, the appearance of this card may indicate that through honesty, clear communication and mutual individual work you can solve your problems.

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The Judgement Card in Finances Readings

Things are going good in the finance department when this card appears and you can expect money or contracts to be heading your way.

Keep on the good work and don’t stray from the law.

Health and the Judgement Card

The presence of the Judgement card may indicate that you have some unresolved issues that weighing you down.

This can cause all kind of illnesses and pains. Let go of the past, forgive the ones that did you wrong and move on. Be positive!

The Reversed Judgement Card

When the Judgement Tarot card comes in a reversed position, it talks of self-doubt. You might be refusing to listen to your inner voice resulting in poor judgement.

If the Upright Judgement indicated a moment to sit and learn from your past experiences, the Reversed Judgement may suggest you are not taking enough time to absorb the past facts.

If you have made mistakes in the past, you must consider them as learning experiences rather than failures.

The appearance of the reversed Judgement can also indicate you are reluctant to let go of a relationship, a friend or a job that are pulling you back.

Change is unavoidable so all you can do is look to the future and be positive.

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Combinations of the Judgement Card

  • When The Fool or The Wheel of Fortune is in a Tarot spread with Judgment, the road you choose will have a lifetime of positive reinforcement about it.
  • If The Lovers card is present with the Judgement in a Tarot reading you can expect a marriage or a long-term commitment to be heading your way.
  • The opposite is to be expected if the Judgement is combined with The Hermit card. A long time of being single is in the readings.

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