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Are you interested in angel signs? Then this guide is for you!

In the Order of the Universe, angels occupy a very special place. They play the role of special messengers. They convey information, instructions, and warnings from the divine realm to human beings.

Now, this role is a bit tricky, because do not experience the same physicality, time, and space as we do.

This means it’s very hard to compress their presence so that it fits in our space. In other words, it is almost impossible to confine them to our physicality.

This is not in their nature.

How Do I Connect with Angels?

So, how do angels pass their message to us? They have to lower their frequency to our level. They have to send their messages in a manner that our earth-bound senses can perceive.

The reverse is true if you want to receive their messages. You have to raise your own frequency so that you can match theirs.

When you do so, you are able to perceive their presence and receive their life-changing message.

Connecting with angels calls for adopting spiritual-based practices. For example, meditation is a powerful tool when you want to feel the presence of these celestial beings.

Also, you can try to create a genuine, heart-centered space that allows you to sense their presence.

This is not mean that you cannot work with your angels if you are unable to sense their presence.

However, it’s true to say that your experience will be so much better if you can feel that they are right there with you.

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How Do Angels Alert Us of Their Presence?

Angels appreciate that real life is happening to us, here and now. The world is fast-changing, and we are often caught up in the resultant chaos.

As such, the angels know that you may find it hard to find quality time for meditation. It may be hard for you to enter the astral to perceive the presence of your angels.

Also, you may be prone to drift off the course of your divine plan. The angels will have to pull you back so that you can enjoy the blessings that the divine realm has in store for you.

It’s often said that time waits for no man. The same is true of evolution. Unfortunately, we may not have all the time to wait for the right things to happen in our lives.

So, what do the angels do to pull you back to your divine path? They send you angelic signs! They will create an awareness of these signs in you. This enables the angels to capture your attention.

How Do I Recognize Angel Signs?

The angel signs are those clues that you’ll experience in life that alerts you of the close proximity of your angels.

They come in a wide range, and your angels know which are best for you. They know your life inside out. As such, they understand the signs that you are most likely to respond to.

When you become aware of angel signs, it means that you’ll be able to respond positively to their presence in your life.

You are able to receive the message of the angels more clearly if you know the more common signs to look for.

We know that angels are real. It’s only that they are spiritual beings, and operate at a higher frequency than us.

They will communicate with you through dreams, channeled messages, or by sending you a direct insight.

Your angels will capture your attention by sending you a flash of inspiration. Also, you can perceive them through your psychic senses.

You can sharpen your psychic senses through channeled meditation.

However, you can receive the message of your angels through more subtle ways. The angels will send you subtle signs.

These will definitely capture your attention when you notice them. As such, you will be able to move in the direction that your angels desire.

Granted, most of the angel signs appear as small hints at first. But, if you acknowledge them, they will increase in both size and frequency.

Your angels will send you the signs that resonate well with your current circumstances. The signs will perceive will respond to your particular needs.

This is because your angels know you very well. They understand your needs even better than you do.

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What are the Common Angel Signs and Symbols?

The fact of the matter is that angels are always near, even when you don’t perceive them. However, they will send you a sign when they want to capture your attention.

This sign, no matter how subtle, is an indicator that they want to guide and support you.

As noted earlier, angels use a variety of signs. But, most of these signs are quite common. This means that you won’t miss them if you seek them out.

So, when you see any of these signs, smile. Know that your angels are expressing their love for you. Your angels want you to be in sync with them.

In this way, you’ll get all the love and support you need.

Remember, your success is a priority for the angels. The signs they send you is an assurance of this.

Here are the 15 Most Common Angel Signs:

Angel Sign 1: Finding Feathers

This is one of the common ways that angels reach out to people. Feathers of any shade of color is a sign that your angels are reaching out.

However, it takes a more significant meaning if you find these feathers in an unusual place.

A sign of a white feather is a powerful message. Such a message comes from either your guardian angels or one of the Archangels.

The same is true if you unexpectedly find yourself in the presence of white birds.

Angel Sign 2: Scents and Fragrances

Have you encountered an unexplained or unexpected hit of a smell? Did it come from something clean such as citrus, flowers, and perfume?

This should be a joyous occasion for you, for it is a sign from your angels.

Experiencing scents is also an indicator that your spirit guides are trying to get through a veil you have created around yourself.

It means that your angels or Ascended Masters are trying to reach out to you.

Your ancestors also appreciate the power of scent. For example, you may smell a late relative’s favorite perfume in a place you least expected it.

However, you need to distinguish the smells sent to you by your angels from those of your relatives. Scents sent by angels are both angelic and divine.

Angel Sign 3: Sounds and Music

Angelic music is unique. It will capture your attention the moment you hear it. It transports your senses to the world outside the physical one.

When this happens, you can be sure that the angels are reaching out for you.

Angels can also get in touch with you through songs that recur in electronic media. If you keep hearing a particular song on the radio, it’s likely that your angels are trying to communicate with you.

At other times, a series of songs with a particular message will keep playing through your mind. Try and decipher the theme of such songs.

It could be that the angels are sending you a sign of love and support.

Angel Sign 4: Babies and Pets

Have you noticed your cat or child seem to be playing with something invisible in the air? Have you noticed them smiling or gazing pleasantly at something you can’t see?

This is a common thing with pets and babies.

This is because pets and babies have a closer link with hidden energies that grownups are. They are emotionally pure. As such, they may perceive an angelic presence close by even before you do.

So, the next time you see your baby or pet focused on a blank spot on the wall, pay attention. It could be the angels sending you a sign that they are close to you.

Angel Sign 5: Appearance of Orbs

Angels have a close association with light and love. When you orbs and shimmers of light that you can’t explain, it means that the angels want you to notice their presence in your life.

Alternatively, they will send you a flash of light or a particularly bright star.

This sign will be persistent even when you close your eyes. This calls on you to create harmony in your life.

The angels will rejuvenate your life and lift you to a higher level. The appearance of orbs in your life is an indicator that you will receive the power of healing.

Angel Sign 6: Changes in Temperature

The temperature in your body, as well as that of your surroundings, will change when you are in the presence of angels.

This change makes you feel a warm, comfortable glow within you. This is an indicator that the angels are willing to guide and support you.

Remember, this sign is only valid if it gives you pleasant sensations. Anything else short of this may be an indicator of something else – such as the onset of a malady.

Angel Sign 7: Cloud Formations

The angels prefer this sign because it has a special appeal to most people. The angels will form special cloud formations that will alert you of their presence in your life.

Such clouds can be in the shape of hearts, angel wings, and even an olive branch.

Angel Sign 8: Finding Coins

Ever heard of the phrase ‘pennies from’ heaven? Well, no other phrase can better fit this angel sign. Finding coins is a sign from the angels that the divine realm is ready to guide you on your path to abundance.

This sign lets you know that you are not far from creating wealth as a result of your efforts. As such, this sign will appear to you when you have been working particularly hard.

The angels want you to know that you’ll reap handsome rewards from your industriousness.

Also, it’s important that you pay close attention to the dates indicated on the coins. This could be the time the Angels intend to send you your breakthrough.

Alternatively, the date on the coin may symbolize certain things that you are supposed to do.

Angel Sign 9: Special Angel Numbers

Numbers are a powerful method that angels use to capture people’s attention. They will send a particular number repeatedly into your life until you can no longer ignore.

For example, your alarm clock will wake you up at 5:55 in the morning. As you take your morning coffee, you’ll see on the TV that the last week’s lottery winning numbers started with 555.

When your car stops at the traffic lights on your way to work, you’ll notice that the license plate of the car ahead has 555.

Over your lunch date, your bill will come to $55.50. It will seem like a coincidence when you look at your watch and realize that the time is 5:55 as you leave the office.

This is just an example to show you that angel numbers are not a coincidence. They are powerful signs from the angels.

They want you to know that they are around to guide and support you.

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Angel Sign 10: Unexplained Feelings

Do you experience some weird feeling, like there’s an angel around you? Do you feel like there’s a presence when you enter an empty room?

Actually, these feelings are not weird at all!

The angels are sending you a sign that you are in their presence. They want to assure you that they will protect and love you.

They are in your life even when no one else is.

In other words, they want you to know that you are not alone. They are reaching out to you with their unconditional love.

Angel Sign 11: Appearance of Rainbows

When you keep seeing rainbows, the angels are sending you a sign of their presence. They send this sign as an indicator that they’ll wrap you with their divine love.

Also, angels will send you this number as a sign that they will answer your prayers very soon. They want you to be patient.

Continue with your good works. The rainbow sign lets you know that your rewards are on the way.

If you are going through a particularly challenging time, the angels may send you a double rainbow, or a rainbow orb around the moon.

These signs indicate that what you are going through is not a punishment. It’s an encouragement that you need to work through your challenges.

The angels will help you to overcome. In the process, you’ll become a more mature and better person.

Angel Sign 12: Adverts and Billboards

If you have been praying for an opening, your angels can give you answers through advertisements and billboards.

The angels will send you in the right direction so that you can see the billboard or shop sign that will respond to your prayers.

They may even send this message via an advert on the TV or a song on the Radio.

Angel Sign 13: Whispering Voices

Do you sometimes hear some sweet whispers out of the thin air? Does such a whisper seem to come out of nowhere?

This is a clear indicator that the angels are trying to contact you. Don’t imagine that those whispers are the wild imagination of your mind.

In reality, these whispering voices are providing you with the answers you have been seeking.

You can ask the angels to speak louder in case the whispers are too soft. Let them offer you divine guidance, reassurance, and comfort.

Angel Sign 14: Tingling Crown Chakra

As we noted earlier, angels hold very high frequencies of energy. Thus, when they try to reach your life, you may first notice their presence through your crown chakra.

Your crown chakra is right at the top of your head. At the point, high frequency of energy can easily enter your body.

So, when you get that tingling at the top of your head, it’s likely that the angels are sending you a sign. They want you to know that you are in their presence.

You can reach out for their guidance and support.

Angel Sign 15: Unexpected Gifts

Have you ever received a gift quite unexpectedly, and yet you really needed it? This kind of miracle does not happen by coincidence.

It is a sign from the angels that they fully support you. They want you to know that they are ready to help you meet your needs.

As such, they will send you opportunities when you need them most. They will intervene in your life when you are in dire need of guidance.

This means that you should never take any good fortune in your life for granted. It is a sign of blessings from your angels.


Angel signs bring into our lives the possibility of progress, positive change, and growth. Angel signs are an important way of the angels making their presence in our lives known.

They enable you to tune to the presence of these divine beings. In this way, you are able to attract the energies, support, and guidance you need to achieve your soul mission and divine purpose.

Pay close attention to angel signs, for they act as the herald of divine intervention in your life.

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