Dragon Man – Monkey Woman Compatibility

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Are you interested in Dragon Man – Monkey Woman Compatibility? Then this guide is for you!

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, the male Dragon and the female Monkey can become the best of friends.

They are attracted to each other effortlessly. This is more so because they know the need for good communication and tolerance in the relationship.

They will easily make their relationship into a permanent one.

All the same, they have to deal with a few issues as they get to know each other better. For example, the Monkey will discover that the Dragon can be bossy as well as irritable.

He, on the other hand, will discover that the female Monkey is jealous and that she tends to disregard other people’s opinions.

They need to resolve such issues from early on in the relationship. They should talk about their problems before such problems become mountains.

Fortunately, both are good communicators.

Also, they both enjoy hanging out together. This gives them ample opportunity to deal with any hiccups in their love life.

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How Do Dragon Man and Monkey Woman Bond?

The male Dragon and the female Monkey can make an interesting love relationship. They are good friends when they are dating.

Their sexual relationship is vibrant and exciting.

Both the male Dragon and the female Monkey are highly energetic. They enjoy being in social gatherings and parties.

They will accompany each other on adventures. They enjoy going out of their home together to explore new places and to attend social events.

They are intrigued by new restaurants, bars, cities, and eateries. They are captivated by any new events happening in their lives.

Both natives will spend much time in the pursuit of personal pleasures.

According to the Chinese astrology, it’s easy for this couple to have the same goals and outlooks on life.

Additionally, they dislike holding grudges. They will do everything in their power to avoid conflicts and unnecessary arguments.

This relationship enjoys the power of longevity because they are ready to listen to each other. This means that they don’t allow problems to accumulate in their love life.

Also, they are physically attracted to each other. This couple is emotionally and mentally agreeable. Indeed, this is one of the most powerful non-sexual and sexual relationships.

These natives enjoy spending their time away from home. They prefer to move around enjoying what life has to offer.

As such, their home may be somewhat messy and unorganized.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Monkey Woman Family Compatibility

When a male Dragon and the female Monkey decide to start a family, it will be a happy one. Both of these natives are passionate lovers.

Once they have agreed on their priorities, they won’t find it hard to give quality time to their loved ones.

This couple has all the reasons to establish a stable family life. They thrive best in a harmonious, peaceful relationship.

They can keep up with their dreams and inspirations. The Monkey is a good plotter. Her efforts will enable this couple to keep out of trouble.

As they make financial plans, the Dragon should not be overambitious. He tends to bite more than he can chew, and this may put a financial strain on the family.

Fortunately, the female Monkey is good with money. She will help him to get back on track when he loses track.

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Can Dragon Man and Monkey Woman Work Together?

When the Dragon and the Monkey find themselves in the same work environment, they are keen on their duties and responsibilities.

Any employer would be happy to have this pair in their team. They just need to be given the freedom to use their own methods and approaches.

Both natives are quite hard working. They are driven by the desire to achieve success and perfection.

The results they achieve are evident for all to see.

The male Dragon has a no-nonsense attitude to works. He dislikes lagging behind schedules and deadlines.

He is keen to achieve his goals within the stipulated timeframe. For this reason, Dragons tend to scale the corporate ladder rather fast.

On the other hand, female Monkey is creative and innovative. She thrives best in environments that encourage the use of her unique skills and talents.

She attracts the attention of her colleagues. They consider her to be malleable, easy-going, and friendly.

Some people perceive the Dragon man to be overcritical. He seems to focus on nothing else but results.

As such, he may not have as large a following as the Monkey does. All the same, his work speaks volumes.

When this pair works together, they deliver beyond expectations.

Challenges in Dragon Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The main cause of conflict between the male Dragon and the female Monkey is in their egoistic natures.

The Dragon’s assertiveness quickly changes into arrogance. He thinks that he knows best, and he is often unwilling to admit when he’s wrong.

He may get pushy when he wants the Monkey to follow his example. He finds it hard putting himself in her shoes.

His highly opinionated nature would not allow him to see things from her perspective.

The Monkey female, on the other hand, tends to exhibit a know-it-all attitude. This probably arises from the fact that she is knowledgeable and has varied experience.

This gives her a sense of superiority. Her attitude is likely to rub the Dragon the wrong way.

If neither of them is willing to take a step back from their push, this relationship could be a very difficult one.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

Both the male Dragon and the female Monkey are highly active. They don’t believe in sitting by as things happen in their lives.

They enjoy being at the center of things. This couple likes to be involved in the nitty-gritty of life. This makes them one of the most powerful love matches in the Chinese zodiac.

Also, the Dragon and the Monkey are hard working. They have a common go-getting attitude. This means that they are likely to have the same priorities in life.

At the same time, they both prefer to work in environments conducive to growth and progress. This couple never shacks on their responsibilities.

They are versatile and will allocate their resources based on the prevailing circumstances.

The most powerful thing about this couple is that they are good communicators. If they decide to solve their problems, they will do so effortlessly.

The male Dragon and the female Monkey are fast-paced in their dealings. They strive to accomplish their goals and dreams within the shortest time possible.


The love match between the male Dragon and the female Monkey has good chances of success. They are powerfully drawn to each other.

The Dragon admires her intelligence. Her support makes him feel like the king of the world. In this girl, he knows that he has a good support system.

She, on the other hand, admires his sense of adventure. This is one person she can take out in search of fun and adventure.

The Dragon and the Monkey will end up together just fine at night. They will have a passionate time between the sheets.

With this man around, the Monkey will see the need to stop playing around.

The good thing is that neither holds a grudge. They both are willing to forgive each other when mistakes occur.

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