Dragon Man – Tiger Woman Compatibility

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Both the Dragon man and the Tiger woman are thrill-seekers. This means that when they come together, they are a near-perfect love match.

The Tiger girl is keen to establish her own independence before she can reveal herself fully to this man. In so doing, she has a clear understanding of the role she needs to play in the relationship.

The Tiger woman has high regard for the Dragon man. She will do her best to make this man notice her.

Once she sets her mind on something, the Tiger maintains focus until she succeeds. As such, it would only be a matter of time before she gets her way with him.

The two possess an unusual charm and magnetism. They find comfort in each other’s presence. Both are smart, and they have what it takes to add value to this relationship.

An association between the Dragon man and the Tiger woman is bound to be fun and exciting. They will create wonderful experiences in and out of the bedroom.

Both the Dragon and Tiger are born leaders. They enjoy taking charge of situations and circumstances. However, this is a potential pitfall for the two.

They need to have a clear-cut understanding of their roles in this relationship. Otherwise, they will be embroiled in leadership squabbles.

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How Do Dragon Man and Tiger Woman Bond?

By nature, Dragons and Tigers are attracted to each other. Each has a charm that the other finds appealing.

Both these natives are intelligent, and they understand what they need to do to strengthen their love bond.

The Dragon and Tiger signs in the sheng xiao have what it takes to create an interesting relationship. They share several similarities.

This makes it possible for both to anticipate each other’s needs.

For example, both have an innate need to control people, situations, and events. As such, they understand they need to handle each other carefully.

One wrong move from either of them can cause unending arguments, disputes, and conflicts. This cannot be allowed to happen if these natives hope to establish a loving relationship.

According to the Chinese horoscope, women born under the Tiger zodiac sign are intense. At times, this intensity is too much for the Dragon man.

It may lead to quarrels, conflicts, and tensions. They need to bear this in mind from the onset. They have the potential to live together in perfect harmony.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Tiger Woman Family Compatibility

When it comes to caring for their family and loved ones, the Dragon man and the Tiger woman get along just fine.

Their priorities are perfectly aligned.

The Dragon male creates humor and fun to keep everyone in the family happy. He is good at diffusing tension and resolving conflicts.

She, on the other hand, is ready to put aside her pride for the sake of family unity. She goes to great lengths to ensure that harmony reigns in her home.

The Dragon will want to keep close to the Tiger’s side. He is awed by her agility and natural grace. He will take care not to stray from the straight and narrow path of faithfulness.

Staying faithful for these natives is a great feat. After all, they are powerfully charismatic. They face all kinds of temptations when they are away from their partners.

Both prioritize the wellbeing of their children – if they have any. They do everything in their power to set them up for life.

For example, it is their desire to take their children to the best schools and colleges.

Can Dragon Man and Tiger Woman Work Together?

At the workplace, this pair is known for their ambition and courage. The problem comes in when they both want to control things.

They are highly competitive. They want to dominate in their departments. This can be a problem if the two are working in the same field.

The good news is that they are smart enough. They know they need to do the right thing and make some concessions.

Also, they need to be tolerant and perseverant. They have unconventional ways of solving work-related problems. If they are not tolerant enough, it may affect their productivity.

A successful Dragon-Tiger relationship is characterized by a lot of give-and-take. If they are willing to make sacrifices and compromises, they will collaborate quite well for the benefit of their business.

This relationship between the Dragon and the Tigress is an exciting one. They use unconventional means to achieve their goals.

As such, they never have a dull moment when they are working together.

All they need is to ensure that neither tramples on the other’s freedom and space. When they respect each other, they see the need to continue pursuing the same goals.

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Challenges in Dragon Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Dragon man and the Tiger girl have different expectations when it comes to love. This is probably the biggest source of conflict between them.

The Dragon considers love as an experience that’s not lacking in drama and extravagance. On the other hand, Tigress considers love as intellectual engagement.

Her ideal lover is one that can engage her in intellectual discourses. She enjoys spending time with her companion exploring new horizons and exchanging ideas and experiences.

The Dragon man expects her to be fully immersed in the love experience. He wants to feel her physically, mentally, and most importantly, emotionally.

This is a tall order for the Tigress. She has little regard for emotional connection. She is more inclined to pick his mind and thoughts in intellectual discussions.

If these two fail to bridge their motivations, this relationship can be a hard sell for both.

The Dragon must understand that the Tiger girl thrives on freedom. She wants to enjoy her personal space and he should never deny her this.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Tiger Woman

If these natives are adequately motivated, nothing can pry them apart. They are drawn together by their strong personalities.

The Dragon man has charisma and magnetism that few other signs possess. For this reason, he bonds quite well with just about anyone.

If he is interested in the Tiger girl, there’s no way she can resist him. He will take his time to study her. In this way, he’s able to determine the best line of approach to win her heart.

The Dragon is attracted to the Tigress’s intelligence and sense of independence. He is driven by the need to discover her more.

He wants to know what lies beneath all that beauty. Also, he relates to her quite easily because of her sociable nature.

Just like her, he likes being with people. This pair is very popular among people.

When the Dragon man comes together with the Tiger woman they have everything it takes to create awesome experiences.

He will infuse fresh energies into the relationship. In turn, she will introduce passion and unconventionality into this love life.


The pairing between the Dragon man and the Tiger woman is full of romanticism. It is full of fresh, positive energies.

This couple is unlikely to be bored when they are together. They provide each other with constructive challenges.

The Dragon man learns the need for tolerance and perseverance. This is the only way he gets to put up with the Tigress’ need for independence and freedom.

On the other hand, the Tiger learns that emotions do count in a relationship. They form critical building blocks to a steady relationship.

It’s no wonder that the Dragon is so keen to emotionally connect with her.

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