How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

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A Taurus man is one of the most loyal partners in the zodiac spectrum. When this man falls in love, he’s in it for a lifetime.

This means that he is not in a hurry to commit himself; he takes time to be sure that he is with the right person.

The Taurus man is some sort of a mystery when it comes to matters of the heart. This is because, unlike most people, he does not wear his emotions on his face for all to see.

He kind of keeps his emotions well tucked into his heart, and only when he’s very sure about you will he expose this love.

As such, it is not always easy to tell that this man is into you. He will be deeply in love with you and you’ll be none the wiser.

So, how do you know that the Taurus man loves you? You need to acquaint yourself with his personality to understand him.

The Mysterious Taurus Man Personality

According to astrology, a man born between April 20 and May 20 is a Taurus. People in this zodiac sign are known to be easy-going, stable, and emotionally reserved.

They also don’t speak much but when they do, they mean what they say. A man born under this sign speaks his mind.

When he says that he loves you, you can be sure that he means it. He does not use these words just to impress you; he says them because they have come from the deepest part of his heart.

The Taurus man is as stubborn as he is loyal. Both these qualities are a good thing when this man falls in love with you.

This is because he will not let go of you for any reason – unless you have messed up beyond redemption.

You can also be certain that this man will not have eyes for any other girl as long as he is with you. As such, it is in your interest to keep this man when you discover he loves you.

This man has a high affinity for material comforts. He enjoys staying at home surrounded by comfortable furniture and enjoying his favorite movie or music.

Because of their legendary love skills, they act as a magnet for a variety of star signs.

Key Signs That a Taurus Man Loves You

#1 – He Spends Quality Time with You

When the Taurus man is into you, he will pause everything else just to be with you. He wants you to know that you are his top priority.

This is saying something considering that this man’s time is very precious to him. He wouldn’t spend time with anyone he does not feel a duty and responsibility towards.

#2 – He Upholds Your Plans

When the Taurus man tells you he’ll be there to enjoy your free time with you, you can be sure he will not stand you up.

He will uphold any plans you make together by making available the resources and time you need to accomplish your goals.

If he keeps turning up on your dates, know this guy is serious about you.

#3 – He Will Not Rush You

The Taurus man will take the time to know you before he takes you to bed. He takes things slow and steady because he likes you, he doesn’t consider you cheap.

You need to understand him at this point because he wouldn’t want you to rush things either. He will want both of you to delay the chase so that the ultimate moment can give you maximum satisfaction.

#4 – He Shares His Secrets with You

You’ll feel that he’s telling you things he’s never shared with anyone before. This is because in his eyes you are special and he believes that he can trust you.

This is the hallmark of the legendary Taurus loyalty. When he loves you, he’ll have no problem confiding in you his innermost secrets.

It would be important that you reciprocate by telling him stuff about yourself as this will make him even more comfortable in your presence.

#5 – He Acts Shy in Your Presence

Ordinarily, a Taurus man is confident, boisterous, and flirty around girls. However, when he falls in love with you he loses these qualities and becomes shy around you.

He may even try to talk to other people when you are around to see whether you are as interested in him as he is in you.

When he starts talking with you, it will be some time before he becomes his super-charming self again.

Don’t judge him too harshly should he stammer or make flat jokes. It’s just things become a bit foggy in his head around you.

#6 – He Wants to Hold Your Hands

Taurus men are sensual by nature. They clearly understand the language of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

You’ll know your Taurus man is in love with you when he insists on holding your hands and hugging you all the time.

Little gestures of affection from this man speak volumes about what he feels for you. Indeed, a kiss from this man is not out of the question even when your relationship is just beginning.

#7 – You’ll Sense Signs of Jealousy and Possessiveness

People born under the Taurus zodiac are some of the most possessive of the sun signs. The Bull cannot imagine sharing you with anyone in any capacity.

From the early days of your relationship, you’ll sense he has a tinge of jealousy and possessiveness. This will gradually keep growing the closer he gets to you.

He’ll want to know whom you spend your time with when you’re away from him. You’ll notice that he’s not too happy when he realizes you have a number of male friends.

If he had to choose, you’d have no male friends but him.

#8 – He Keeps Tabs of Your Movements

Your Taurus man will closely monitor your progress. He’ll start by getting acquainted with your schedules and routines.

This is not a bad thing; it shows that he’s getting acquainted with the intimate details of your life. He may go as far as supervising you as an expression of his love.

He may pop into your social joint when you least expect him as a sign that he has a romantic interest in you.

#9 – He Showers You with Romantic Gestures

The Taurus man believes in the conservative and traditional version of romance. When this man loves you, you’ll receive the special treatment of the Taurus’ romance.

He will buy you special gifts that will convince you he is more than just a friend. You’ll receive chocolates and flowers at work when you least expect them.

He’ll call you to his home to listen to soothing music backed by sweet scented candles.

This is a clear sign that this man is head over heels with you and he’s unlikely to stop at nothing until he wins your heart.

#10 – He Introduces You to His Relatives and Friends

A Taurus man who truly loves you will not keep you hidden in a closet. He will announce you to the world for everyone to see what a beauty he has won for himself.

This will start with an introduction to his mother or other relatives and his friends. He will parade you around as his trophy because of the love in his heart.

When this man loves you, he’ll want you to become part and parcel of his inner circle. He wants you to feel that you truly belong to him.

#11 – He Supports You Financially

People born under the zodiac sign are some of the most generous people in the world. A Taurus man will do everything in his power to impress you and keep you.

He will be more than willing to help you sort out your most troublesome bills. Take care, however, that you don’t become too dependent on him.

Taurus men are attracted by some level of financial independence in their women. He’d like you to be responsible for the use of your finances and other resources.

#11 – He Gets Concerned with Your Security

When a Taurus man falls in love with you, he sees you as his personal responsibility. He strongly believes that he has a duty to take care of you and keep you safe.

This could also be because he is possessive and he doesn’t want you to be taken away from him by another male.

When this man starts fretting about your safety and security, know that you are more than a mere friend. His temperature rises whenever he sees you!

#12 – He Compliments You on Your Looks

This is another tell-tale sign that this man is madly in love with you. He will notice any changes you make to your hair, clothes, and jewelry.

He will compliment you on just about anything from your signature perfume to your latest pair of earrings.

He wants you to know he’s paying very close attention to you because he has deep feelings for you.

#13 – His Eyes Tell It All

If there’s one thing you can depend on to tell you whether this man loves you, it is his eyes. At first, he’ll be too shy to make eye contact with you.

When he eventually does, you can clearly read from his eyes what he feels about you. You’ll see that his soul yearns to connect with yours.

Final Thoughts…

You can only understand when the Taurus man is in love with you by familiarizing yourself with his personality trait.

This man behaves in a peculiar way from most men, and it would be wrong to judge him based on what you know about other men you’ve met.

You’ll realize that, unlike most men, he takes things slowly. He wants both of you to understand what you are getting into before you commit yourselves fully.

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