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March 23 Zodiac Sign

Were you born on March 23? Then, pay attention! This horoscope profile is for you. It will enable you to make critical life decisions regarding your personality.

The zodiac sign for those born on March 23 is Aries. Your astrological symbol is Ram.

This symbol covers those born between March 21 and April 19. It empowers you to be attentive, ambitious and focused.

The planet Mars exerts a lot of influence on your life. As such, your oratory skills are amazing. You are able to use your eloquence to involve your acquaintances in the evolution of their society.

Fire is the cardinal element in your life. This element governs your ambitious nature. It gives you the passion to follow through your dreams.

Fire does this so aptly because it closely works alongside Earth, Water, and Air.

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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

March 23 zodiac people are on the Pisces-Aries Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Rebirth. The planets Neptune and Mars govern this cusp. Neptune governs over Pisces, while Mars rules over Aries.

Being on this cusp means that you possess some very special qualities. The planet Neptune has bequeathed you creativity. On the other hand, the planet Mars is responsible for your initiative.

The combination of these qualities means that you will achieve most of your dreams in life. It is easy for you to convert your dreams into reality.

The Cusp of Rebirth has enabled you to be entertaining and dynamic. You are able to convince almost anyone to do what you need to be done. You have a magnetism that draws people to you.

However, go slow on this, as its effect can sometimes feel stifling.

The cusp has given you a healthy measure of control over your finances. You regard money as something to keep you afloat. It is not as valuable to you as it is to other people.

Your astrological chart indicates that you pay close attention to your physical fitness. However, watch out for problems related to migraines and infections in your upper body.

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Love and Compatibility for March 23 Zodiac

March 23 zodiac people are passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. However, you are never in a hurry to fall in love. You take your time to pick the partner you feel meets your standard.

You are attracted to partners who are creative and eccentric. Your ideal partner has to be ambitious and passionate.

Anything less than this is substandard, and you would not give it a second thought.

You are a productive person in your society due to the very many projects that you pursue. This makes you so busy that you often fail to realize it when you are lonely.

Being attractive and charming, you have a good number of admirers. Nevertheless, it is not easy for any of them to win your heart if you do not have the interest.

People who mirror your attributes can awaken your interest. Consider partner from amongst the Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius.

You share such qualities as attractiveness, creativity, a sense of adventure, and compassion for those born under these zodiacs. As such, you can form very stable relationships with them.

This is more so if they were born on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 18th, 21st, 23rd & 30th.

Warning!! The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with a Pisces. The truth is that you do not share much with people born under this zodiac sign.

As such, a relationship with them could be problematic. Consider yourself warned!

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on March 23?

March 23 zodiac people are visionaries who are also good risk-takers. Granted, your spirit will always be young and playful. But, you exude a high level of maturity throughout your life.

You love outside work that involves being around people. You like competitive activities that pit you against your friends and family members. This works well to quench your thirst for triumph.

You are good at making plans. Unfortunately, you do not follow through with all your best-laid plans.

You are an idealist who hopes to change the world. The good thing is that you have the resources to put the ideas to good use. Then, why are you not doing so? Remember, ideas are good for the society, but their implementation is better!

You are intelligent. Many people use you as the sounding board for their plans before they implement them. They like the fact that you do not disappoint on this score.

However, you have a few flaws in your personality that you need to take care of. These weaknesses have the potential to mar your otherwise good reputation.

For example, you do not take well to disappointments. When this does not go your way, you break down in desperation.

Also, you are quite impatient with others. This can make you miss critical opportunities.

All in all, you have the power to soar to loftier heights. Do yourself a favor. Convert your good ideas into actions. Ideas are only viable if they can be turned to reality. Be as much a doer as you are a dreamer!

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Famous People who Share the March 23 Birthday

You share the March 23 birthday with a number of famous people from all over the world. Here are five of them:

  • Emperor Go-Kogon, born 1336 – Emperor of Japan
  • Margaret the Great, born 1430 – Queen of Anjou
  • Corinne Celery, born 1950 – French actress
  • Ozan Tufan, born 1995 – Turkish footballer
  • Aidan Davis, born 1997 – English rapper and dancer

Common Characteristics of People Born on March 23

March 23 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aries. They are in the same category as those born between March 21 and March 30.

The planet Mars rules over this decan. As such, you have such stellar qualities as innovation, resourcefulness, and bravery. This means that you possess the stronger qualities of Aries.

You are self-motivated and quite headstrong. You just need a little nudging, and you will be off, flying on your way to success.

This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy for you. Don’t get me wrong! You still have to work hard like the rest of us. But, you are destined for greatness. Just ensure that you are on the right footing.

Your birthday is synonymous with affection, trustworthiness, flexibility, and organization. Use these qualities prudently!

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Your Career Horoscope

You can excel in the field of entrepreneurship. As an independent businessperson, you will open up opportunities for your society.

You cannot do very well under the restricting structures of a corporate.

You do not like the inhibitions of rules. They make you have too many conflicts with coworkers.

It is no doubt that you would make many enemies in a structured corporate. Of course, this means that you will never rise to the pinnacle of your career. Your enemies will make sure of this!

Therefore, the best route for you is that of entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, many March 23 zodiacs miss this and find themselves imprisoned in structured corporates.

Do not make this mistake!

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Final Thought…

Aqua is the magic color of people born on March 23. Aqua signifies strength and independence. This reflects on your character. Regardless of others’ opinions, you have the strength to stand on your own.

Your lucky numbers are 1, 5, 9, 20, 23, 24 & 60.

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