Numerology Number 27

The Meaning of Number 27

The number 27 expresses a love for and interest in the well-being of humanity and one who is diplomatic and wise.

This number is about non-judgement, compassion, and tolerance of others and their beliefs.

People with 27 in their numerology charts should use their idealistic viewpoints, humanitarian nature, people skills, and wide array of knowledge to help humanity.

The destiny of these people is to help others on a universal scale; their upmost concern is the well-being of others, even if it means neglecting the self.

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The Number 27 as a Person

If the number 27 were a person, she would be the compassionate and creative child of the diplomatic number 2 and the knowledgeable number 7. The number 9 is 27’s essence.

The numbers 2 and 7 also contribute to the meaning of the number 27, adding their own touches of tact and ancient wisdom.

The number 27’s center, 9 is concerned with helping humanity, and it doesn’t matter who is who to 9. Much less associated with 27 than 9 (though more than 7), the number 2 enhances 9’s diplomatic skills.

The core number 9 is concerned with pleasing people, so 2’s diplomacy and tact merely aids their cause, whatever it may be.

The number 7 contributes wisdom, intuition, and analyzing ability so 27 can help others by doing much more than just donating money to a cause.

The number 27 is idealistic, empathetic, team-oriented, and wise enough to help others search for their purpose and ways to help themselves.

The numbers 9 and 7 make for a perfection-seeking humanitarian and peacemaker. This is an ideal combination because 27 may just be wise enough to help others while not losing itself in others.

The number 27 is very tolerant and perceptive; however, 27 is still more concerned with others than the self, so they must put forth some extra effort (to spend some time alone) if they want to accomplish anything ideal.

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The Number 27 in History

The number 27 is known as the “trinity of trinities.” This is partially because 3 is the cubed root of 27. Additionally, 3 squared is 9 and 9 multiplied by 3 is 27.

The world is composed of water (salt and fresh), and the remainder belongs to land (27 percent).

The Hebrew and the Spanish alphabets both have 27 letters.

In the Bible, the twenty-seventh book of Proverbs has twenty-seven verses. After Julius Caesar’s assassination, the Roman Empire was established in 27 BC.

The planet Uranus has 27 moons, and elephants have 27 pairs of chromosomes.

Lastly, many famous people who made a mark on humanity were born on the twenty-seventh of a month: John Steinbeck (February 27, 1902), Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940), Samuel Morse (April 27, 1791), Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart (January 27, 1756), and Lewis Carroll (January 27, 1832).

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The 27 Club

The number 27 is particularly interesting when viewed from the spotlight. It is astounding the number of those who acquired fame at a young age and died at the age of 27 (musicians in particular).

More than fifty musicians belong to “The 27 Club.” Among these musicians are Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain. Some are quick to blame the number 27, deem it as an unlucky number.

However, it would be unwise to deem any number unlucky altogether. Every number serves a purpose, and each has positive and negative characteristics which help it serve its purpose.

The number 27 reduces to the number 9, and 9, representing the end of a cycle, is significant because it involves allowing things to come to completion.

A great deal of energy is involved in transitions, and that energy can be used to benefit or to harm. Multiple directions can be taken with every different experience.

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Those with the Number 27 Prominent in Their Lives

The number 27 is creative and logical, worldly and ideal.

Although people with 27 in their lives are self-sacrificing individuals who prefer cooperative relationships.

These people care about people because they are people, not because they say or do this or that.

They’re generally very compassionate, tolerant, and spiritual people. They tend to be philanthropic, but they are perfectly capable of finding other means of helping people.

People with 27 in their lives (or born on the twenty-seventh of a month) are interested in things like philosophy, spirituality, science, and traveling.

They love to meet people, and can get along with nearly everyone because they are so interesting themselves.

They are unique and original in thought and action, possibly because they tend to overthink about what they’re going to do before they do it.

The number 27 is materialistic and spiritual. Ideally, people with 27s have physical means they can utilize to care for themselves and help others.

These interesting people prefer interesting people, for the sake of closeness as well as romance.

They are strong people with strong opinions and success hidden around many nearby corners.

Negatively speaking, 27s can become too dominating in thought and action.

These people need to allow others to express themselves and not automatically assume 27 knows better. Their want for the material may cloud their need for the spiritual (or vice versa), so they must work to maintain the balancing act.

Their balance can be found in their originality and strength of spirit. These philanthropic individuals should use their physical and spiritual gains to contribute to humanity, even if it be to one person at a time.

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The number 27 is one that values relationships, particularly all the people they could every relate with.

For those with the number 27 in their numerology charts (particularly the birthday number), are people who should take pride in their originality and humanitarian nature.

However, they must learn to surrender to others from time to time to avoid being domineering.

These people should use their wisdom, creativity, and compassion to enhance the world (and the people) around them.

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