Rat Man – Ox Woman Compatibility

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Rats are known for their sociability, intelligence, and a great sense of humor. On the other hand, Oxen are serious, rigid, and somewhat shy.

This difference in their personality accounts for much of their compatibility. Ox women are simply crazy about Rat’s lightheartedness.

Rats are strongly attracted to the Oxen for their sense of honor and trustworthiness.

By just looking at them, you may think that the Rat man is cool and cold. He often seems detached and disinterested in what’s happening around him.

The truth, however, is a different matter altogether. Deep inside, this man is full of tension, worry, and excitement.

He is an emotional being and experiences regular mood swings.

He is also very cautious with finances. For this reason, the Rat man is rarely hard up. He sees the danger ahead and prepares for it adequately.

He can hold on to something for a long time. He is a hoarder. The Ox woman is quite different from him.

She takes other people’s views into account before making any major decisions. She is generous to a fault.

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How Do Rat Man and Ox Woman Bond?

Rats in the Chinese zodiac horoscope are charming, determined, and aggressive. They are keen on how to make and spend money.

They would rather save their money than spend it for the sake of it. An Ox woman, on the other hand, is stubborn and persistent.

She is also loyal and dutiful. She has a good memory, and will never forget a favor done to her. Neither does she forget a wrong.

Both these natives are industrious. They have a keen sense of responsibility. When they come together, they are willing to support each other through thick and thin.

The two are kind and loving. They are not prone to being jealous. All the same, they are happier with a partner whose level of faithfulness is unquestionable.

Each has what the other needs. This means that they are unlikely to be bored with each other’s company.

They fill their life together with fun-packed activities.

This is important to the Ox girl, as she tends to live a routine life when she alone. She needs the presence of the Rat man to see the more adventurous side of life.

These two can bond well. The Ox girl gives him all the attention he needs. In turn, he helps her to get out of concealment.

Highlights of Rat Man – Ox Woman Family Compatibility

In the Chinese horoscope, opposites attract. This works very much in favor of the Rat man – Ox woman compatibility.

They are the most likely couple to have a successful family relationship. The bond between them can last a lifetime if both partners are willing to work for it.

The Ox girl is powerfully drawn to his go-lucky ways. He is attracted to her faithfulness and a great sense of honor.

This is the kind of arrangement needed to set up a successful marriage and family life. How they relate to each other creates stability and security.

They have what it takes to build warmth and comfort in the family.

Rats find it easy to lighten up the mood in the family. They are full of jokes and a good sense of humor.

They bring the fun necessary to break up all the seriousness and boredom that tends to creep into the family after some time.

Indeed, they create the balance everyone needs to remain focused on their individual as well as family goals.

The Ox girl is stubborn – particularly when she’s in love. This is the main cause of arguments in this relationship.

All the same, the Rat man appreciates her a lot for her reliability. Regardless of what’s happening in his life, he’s sure that she always has his back.

She makes him feel secure – without which he’d be unable to focus on his goals and dreams. This, among many other things, makes this couple ideal for a long-term relationship or marriage.

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Can Rat Man and Ox Woman Work Together?

Yes, the Rat man and the Ox woman can work well together. Indeed, they are likely to achieve financial freedom as a result of combined effort.

The Ox girl is industrious and ambitious. This is not always seen as she’s shy and withdrawn. Enter the Rat man and she is empowered to come out of hiding.

She redoubles her efforts and before long, not even her toughest critics can deny the results she achieves.

In turn, she helps the Rat man to see things as they are. He often comes across as a joker. The Ox girl has what it takes to help him remain grounded to reality.

They both love their work. Once they have settled on their chosen careers, they rise rather fast.

The Ox girl is clean. She prefers working in well-organized work stations. Her office space is free of clutter.

Although she is stubborn, she’s also smart. She knows not to talk when doing so would ruffle feathers. She’s willing to make sacrifices for the sake of peace and harmony in the workplace.

The Chinese zodiac symbol Ox is brave and outgoing. He speaks his mind. This makes him a good sounding board for new concepts and ideas.

These natives offer each other guidance and support. They are willing to create an understanding to enhance their work relationship.

Challenges in Rat Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The differences between the Rat man and the Ox woman are the source of their greatest joys. Ironically, these differences are also the cause of the conflicts they encounter in this relationship.

One of the biggest impediments arises because the Ox prefers long-term commitment. On the other hand, the Rat man is jumpy. He doesn’t like to be involved in anything that ties him down for long.

If the circumstances are favorable, the Rat man may cheat on his Ox partner. He has an inquisitive mind, and he satiates this by meeting new people.

He is adventurous. Half the time, he is out there in the pursuit of new, exciting experiences. Sometimes he comes across as someone incapable of sustaining a serious relationship.

He may occasionally have brief flings with different girls.

But, if he is properly motivated, the Rat native will settle down with the girl of his choice. He’s indeed lucky if this girl is the Ox woman.

The two have what it takes to establish a powerful, long-lasting relationship. They complement each other in ways most other couples can only dream about.

The Way Forward for Rat Man and Ox Woman

The Law of Nature has it that opposites attract. This is very true of the Rat man and the Ox woman. The quick-witted, outgoing, courageous, and sociable Rat is a great match for the reserved Ox.

She is hardworking, determined, and ambitious. This is just the kind of person he’s looking for in life. She is sure-footed and well-grounded. Many people find it hard trying to floor her.

However, even her stoicism can’t withstand the onslaught of Rat’s sparkling sociability. In this man, she gets her match.

The Ox woman is slow in revealing herself to strangers. But, she finds it easy to open up under the Rat’s charm. She enjoys his lively conversations.

The Rat man needs to give her time when it comes to sexual intimacy. She’s a bit cautious, and she’d not like to be hurried when it comes to such intimate activities.

If he is patient with her, she will surprise him with her richness of passion.


The Ox woman has a strong sense of right and wrong. This is just what the Rat man needs not to lose his bearing.

He needs this kind of woman to remind him of the reality of life.

Although he seems cool on the outside, he’s worried and anxious on the inside. He needs her positive energies to ally his fears.

In turn, he injects fun and humor into her life.

This couple is a good match for each other. This means that whatever effort they put in place will not go to waste.

The Rat man and the Ox woman have the potential to create a happy life together.

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