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What is the zodiac sign for September 25?

People born on September 25 carry the zodiac astrological symbol called scales. This symbol normally affects people born between late September and late October.

This is the period when the sun is considered to be Libra hence the zodiac sign for September 25 is Libra.

Libra normally lies to the west of Virgo sign and to the east of Scorpio sign.

Libra is a Latin name that symbolize people who are funny and tends to do things with a lot of perfection.

So if you were born on September 25, you will always do things with great precision because you always believe in perfection.

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September 25 zodiac cusp

Cusp refers to the period between one’s sun sign and another. If you were born on September 25 then you carry the zodiac cusp called Virgo-Libra.

As a Virgo-Libra you are believed to be beautiful not only in soul but also physically. You are also blessed with wisdom and ability to persuade people.

You are blessed with both characteristics of Virgo sign and Libra sun. As such, you are focused and social. Hence you always have a clear understanding of the people you associate with.

September 25 zodiac sign compatibility

If you were born September 25 you are likely compatible with two more signs namely Gemini and Aquarius since you seem to share the same traits. You both have the same belief about life.

As a Libra, you value loyalty above all else. You are also attracted to romantic people who can be trusted and counted on for any help. You do not always give in to people who do not possess these characteristics.

Being a Libra, you are always concerned about how your lover feels and you can always do whatever it takes to make them happy. You don’t let feelings dictate who to fall in love with but let love prove itself.

As a Libra, you are always a friendly person but you don’t easily fall in love with anyone because you believe in unrequited love. You don’t force things to happen but you let them happen in their own way and time.

You are always after making yourself better and you spend a lot of time trying to achieve this. As such, you don’t waste your time on people who tends to drag you.

You are mostly compatible to people born on 1st, 2nd and mid-month.

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September 25 birthday personality

If you were born on September 25, you are an idealistic person. You always want to achieve the greatest perfection ever. You are always after making yourself and other people happy because of your perfect deeds. You always want to be successful in life.

You also possess a lot of imaginations. You have deep interest in mysterious things and you are always creative. You are a knowledgeable person and you always want to explore the world.

As a Libra, you enjoy having few friends. You don’t easily show that you have feelings for them but through your actions they can tell that you do. You are very romantic and you always end up falling in love with the wrong people.

However, your relationships don’t usually last for a long time because you always want your partner to treat you with the greatest perfection.

You are also charming and humorous. This not only enable you to be at peace no matter the challenges you are undergoing but also makes you popular among your friends and the people who know you.

Being a Libra also means that you have a lot of emotions. You always want to be kept in the loop about why your partner committed something wrong. You value your children and you always want to give them the best life you never had.

If you were born on September 25, you also value your healthy and you always take measures intended to keep you fit and healthy. You have a deep affinity for sports and healthy food.

You set big goals and dreams and you do whatever it takes to achieve them. You always want to travel the world, drive the best models of cars and wear the most elegant clothes and shoes.

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People born on September 25

People born on September 25 are generally honest, charming, social and love being perfect. If you were born on this day you value your friends and family above all else. You always describe them with the best terms available.

Some of the people who were born on September and are believed to possess the Libra sign include; Will Smith, Christopher Reeve, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Donald Glover etc.

Characteristics of people born on September 25

If you were born on September 25 then your traits are greatly dictated by both planet Venus and planet Neptune. Planet Neptune dictated the day you were phone while planet governed your personal characteristics.

As a result you are generally honest, charming, humorous, sincerity, alertness and general perfection is determined by the two planets.

You are also alert and usually mysterious in a way. You might however be less forgiving, insensitive and sometimes stubborn.

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Career horoscope for September 25

If you were born on September 25, you always have luck when looking for a job. This is because your good appearance is always appealing to your employers.

As a Libra, you also have luck in keeping your businesses running. This is because you normally have wonderful business skills and you are not too concerned with making huge amounts of profits.

The fact that you are a perfectionist also expose you to great job opportunities especially those careers that require precision.

You charming and humorous nature can also make you persuasive and popular. This helps improve your sales revenue thus boosting the performance of your business.

As a Libra, you also energetic and possess a great desire to succeed. These are some of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Some of the careers that best suit you as a Libra are in finance, philosophy and politics.

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