Tiger Man – Rabbit Woman Compatibility

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According to the Chinese horoscope, the male Tiger and the female Rabbit are diametrically opposed. This means one of two things.

They are either very compatible or they want nothing to do with each other.

If the two decide to come together in a love union, they have to work hard for success. They should be determined to make their differences work for them.

Fortunately, they will discover that they are highly complementary. Each has what the other needs. For example, the male Tiger finds the Rabbit girl alluring.

Her beauty conveys a powerful charm and magnetism.

He has every reason to keep this relationship easy and calm, more so because he wants some favors from her.

This is not a mean feat for the Tiger. Ordinarily, he is an outgoing, somewhat rough fellow. He requires very good motivation to maintain calmness.

All the same, she is impressed by the Rabbit’s seductive nature. He is brash, courageous, and confident.

The Tiger man likes being in charge. This is no different in this relationship. He wants to control things to be happy.

But, she finds this okay as long as he allows her the freedom she needs.

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How Do Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Bond?

In spite of all their differences (or, because of them), the male Tiger and the female Rabbit are likely to have very good sexual experiences.

Both signs are opposing personalities. Many aspects of their lives working at variance.

According to Chinese astrology, this couple will create a powerful bond if they are guided by the right attitude.

Men born under the Tiger zodiac sign are courageous as well as confident. They know what they want in life, and they are not shy about getting it.

The Tiger man is happiest when he’s out meeting his friends. He enjoys partying and mingling with like-minded individuals.

However, when he’s with the Rabbit girl, he has to re-think his priorities. This is because she is shy and timid.

She may not appreciate his gregarious, outgoing personality. Rather, she’s happy if he decides to lead a quieter life.

The Rabbit enjoys spending her time at home, surrounded by the trappings of cozy domestic life.

The two natives must look for ways to merge these aspects of their lives. Otherwise, they may experience conflicts when it comes to their goals and dreams.

There’s a lot that each can appreciate in the other. For example, the Rabbit considers the Tiger male appealing and sexy.

He, on the other hand, finds her understanding, compassionate, and sweet.

Both the Tiger man and the Rabbit girl are faithful to each other. This means that they will have the confidence to grow their romantic and sexual experiences day by day.

Highlights of Tiger Man – Rabbit Woman Family Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology, the Tiger man and the Rabbit girl are opposites. She is meek and submissive. She wants to have a quiet home life, free of all stress and anxieties.

On the other hand, the Tiger man is courageous, aggressive, and outspoken.

This couple can start a good family, largely because of the differences between them. By coming together, they soon discover that they are complementary in many ways.

In the presence of the Rabbit woman, he tends to relax. In turn, he makes her feel more confident.

This means that the more they get to know each other, the more the Rabbit girl learns to overcome her fears and insecurities.

He, too, becomes more settled. He is happy that he has found a girl that appreciates him for who he is.

In the family, this couple gives each other the energy they need to run the affairs of the home. They learn to trust each other and to grow out of their comfort zones.

The family benefits from the positive energies brought about by the coming together of a Tiger and a Rabbit.

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Can Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Work Together?

Girls born under the Rabbit zodiac sign are hardworking and diligent. They enjoy drawing the attention of their bosses and colleagues because of their stellar performance.

She hates being involved in disagreeable situations. She’s all for peace and harmonious existence.

The Rabbit girl is a good negotiator. She prefers to use diplomacy to avoid potential pitfalls. Most of her activities are geared towards creating harmony and understanding.

For this reason, the male Tiger finds it very easy to work with her. Of course, he has to tone down some of his more aggressive traits.

Only then can he work well with the Rabbit woman.

Although she wants her employers to applaud her good work, the Rabbit does not want to be thrust into the limelight.

Rather, she just wants to receive their dues for a job well done.

The Tiger man hogs the limelight. He wants to win all the awards that are up for grabs. In the process of getting this done, he may get a bit showy.

When they work together, the Tiger and the Rabbit are supportive partners. They are ready to guide each other to achieve the best possible results in the workplace.

Challenges in Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

Somewhere down the line, this couple will experience some hardships. All relationships have their ups and downs, and this one is no different.

The chief cause of their clash will arise from the difference in their individual lifestyles.

The Rabbit girl likes to live her life quietly, away from all the public glare. She enjoys being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing experiences and objects.

She dislikes anything that causes her any form of emotional discomfort.

On the other hand, the Tiger is motivated to pursue diverse interests. He enjoys immersing himself in varied experiences.

He is a non-conformist. He will reject a way of life just because it is too traditional. The Rabbit girl has great respect for anything traditional.

This means that the two may find themselves drifting apart. With time, they will find it easier to live separate lives.

The Way Forward for Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman

Al indicators are that the Tiger man and the Rabbit woman are highly compatible. So, what should they do to take advantage of this opportunity?

The secret to their success lies in effective communication. They need to communicate well with each other, and with the world around them.

The Rabbit girl, in particular, should let the Tiger know her feelings and opinions. Otherwise, he could be trampling on her needs without really intending to.

In turn, she needs to understand the Tiger’s special circumstances. If she pays attention to his needs, she’ll discover that he is not so much in need of emotional or physical intimacy.

Rather, he wants a girl with whom he can hold some intellectual discourses.

The Rabbit is a good communicator and she will oblige him in healthy verbal exchanges. She is well motivated to avoid the complexities that come with emotional entanglements.

They have a lot in common. They can lean on their similarities to derive much pleasure in life.


The pairing between the male Tiger and the female Rabbit has excellent chances of flourishing. She knows that she has someone special to protect her and her interests.

He knows that he has a sweet girl to come home to.

The Tiger man in love can be quite romantic. This is something she will appreciate in him when they are dating.

He likes the fact she is never in a hurry. She takes it gentle and slow. With his unbridled energy, the two create an interesting love match.

Tiger wants to take control. She’s content to let him have his way if it doesn’t break the peace and harmony she works so hard for.

In a nutshell, this relationship depends on how understanding, tolerant, and appreciative of each other they are.

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