Tiger Man – Rat Woman Compatibility

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According to Chinese astrology, it’s very likely for the Tiger man and the Rat woman to come together in love. When this happens, they should not take their love compatibility for granted.

This is mainly because this amalgamation requires a lot of sacrifices and compromise. Men born under the Tiger sign and Women born under the Rat sign have divergent personalities.

They must be willing to work hard to create a loving and happy relationship. They both should be willing to make certain sacrifices.

For example, the Tiger man should learn to listen. He gets easily tired of listening, something that’s likely to rub the Rat girl the wrong way.

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How Do Tiger Man and Rat Woman Bond?

If the relationship between the Tiger man and the Rat girl is not handled right from the onset, the two can have trouble connecting.

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, both parties need to work at making their relationship work. They should not assume that everything will automatically fall into place.

This couple enjoys being right up there at the center of attention. They want to be in the limelight. This is a sensitive matter and it needs to be handled as such.

They need to give each other space. After all, both of them can shine in the same space.

Tiger is turned on by a Rat girl that decides to communicate with intellect and wit. On the other hand, she is happy with a Tiger who’s willing to concede some space.

This relationship has a high chance of success if the Tiger man can learn to work on his mood swings and feelings of anger.

Ordinarily, he wants to take charge. This is not bad, as long as he knows when he needs to give way.

On the other hand, the female Rat should learn to include him in her plans. Rat women are fond of implementing their agenda with little regard for their partners.

This may not go down well with the Tiger. He wants to be involved.

The two will make much headway if they can learn to work together.

These Chinese zodiac signs do not naturally fit together. This is the more reason they need to nurture their love life.

What seems a problem can work to their advantage in the end. They just need to take the right steps.

Highlights of Tiger Man – Rat Woman Family Compatibility

The family compatibility of the Tiger man and the Rat woman depends on the depth of their feelings. People born under these signs are willing to make sacrifices to make their family union strong.

The Tiger man never sits still. In the family setup, he is the one that runs up and down in search of a more comfortable life for his loved ones.

He travels a lot. He is likely to get his livelihood from careers that require much traveling.

She, on the other hand, is warm, engaging, and flexible. Her adaptability enables her to do things that stabilize the marriage.

The Rat can read moods. This is important as she gets to make the right decisions when she’s in contact with the Tiger man.

This couple can increase their compatibility in family life. They need a willingness to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of the common good.

They will manage this with ease if they are mature enough. This kind of behavior calls for absolute control of emotions.

Also, they need to bridge the differences in material values. It’s important that they agree on the ways to make and use wealth.

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Can Tiger Man and Rat Woman Work Together?

The Chinese horoscope indicates that these natives can do well in business. In this kind of scenario, it’s best that the Rat woman works behind the scenes.

This will lessen the chances of conflict with the Tiger male. He, on the other hand, will do just fine in roles that put him in the public limelight.

This pair is compatible in the workplace. However, they should not leave anything to chance. Each should put in the effort to make things work out.

This relationship is possible if the two can find amicable ways of resolving any conflicts. Fortunately, the Rat girl is not keen on pursuing high positions in the workplace.

She’s content to work in the background, as long as he is willing to share the profits.

The Tiger man needs to take care that he doesn’t squander the profits.

Ordinarily, men born under the Tiger zodiac sign work hard. But they are not very careful when it comes to spending the fruits of their labor.

This means that from the very beginning, the two need to agree on what they are to do with the proceeds of their work.

Challenges in Tiger Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The main challenges this couple face originates from their personality differences. If they can’t marry certain aspects of their personalities, life will be an uphill task for both of them.

The Tiger man is an outgoing, go-getter individual. He believes in controlling everyone and everything in his environment.

She, on the other hand, is highly opinionated. She wants to have the last word in every matter. If she can’t find a man who favors this side of her personality, she prefers to be alone.

In some way, she looks reserved and even anti-social. This contrasts sharply to the Tiger man’s gregarious nature.

Then again, both want to have the final word in every argument. They want to have an upper hand in the relationship.

This can lead to nasty struggles for leadership in their personal life. To prevent such fallout, this couple needs to be tolerant.

The Way Forward for Tiger Man and Rat Woman

There’s much going for this couple. For example, they establish romantic rapport quite easily. This gives them much hope for a bright future.

Also, both the Tiger man and the Rat woman have strong mental faculties. They can use this gift to make sense of the world around them.

They need their mental energies to create the right balance in life. This enables them to marry practical logic and emotions.

This couple is good at generating new ideas. They are quick to come up with alternative plans when their original projects need some adjustments.

This means that the two will be fine with each other if they can learn to respect each other. By creating this common understanding, they create the foundation for firm romantic compatibility.


By nature, Tiger people are independent, caring, and optimistic. She, on the other hand, is positively motivated.

This works very well for their love relationship. She believes in him because he seems to know what he’s doing most of the time.

The difference between these natives works in their favor when it comes to matters of the bed. They give themselves to each other with passion.

They are generous with each other. This forms the main basis of their love compatibility.

If they agree on how to move forward, they can achieve a lot. They just need to agree that they both can share in the limelight.

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