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Vesta is an asteroid that was discovered in 1807. Before this, three other planets – Ceres, Pallas, and Juno – had been discovered.

Vesta is only second to Ceres in size and weight. This means that it is one of the most noticeable asteroids.

It is characterized by two huge craters that were formed during the great cosmic collisions that happened billions of years ago.

This asteroid stands out for its brightness. Indeed, it can occasionally be seen with the naked eye from the earth.

The name Vesta is in itself awe-inspiring. The asteroid Vesta was named after the ancient Roman goddess of home life.

She was the protector and guide of the Romans. As long as the flames of life blazed at the vestal temple, the Roman people felt safe.

Her power, love, and protection were felt in all corners of the great Roman Empire. For this reason, a special group of virgins was chosen to keep this fire alive.

It was meant to burn throughout – day and night.

Vesta the goddess has a profound influence on your home, family, and love connections. This deity permeates to the very core of one’s existence.

It’s no wonder that Vesta was one of the most revered of Roman deities.

A series of V’s – one on top of the other – is the symbol of Vesta’s love and protection.

If this symbol appears on your astrology chart wheel, there’s a powerful message for you from the Universe.

This symbol indicates your connection to the Universe. It guides you on what you need to do with the fire that burns within you.

You need to focus on the impact of this flame on your career, relationships, health, and family.

What’s the Symbolism of Vesta in Aries?

Does your astrology chart indicate that Vesta is in your Aries zodiac? You need to take charge of your life.

Being the brightest and one of the biggest in the sky, this minor planet represents the little light in you.

You are under the powerful influence of the goddess Vesta. This deity is gently guiding you to a life of service, commitment, sacrifice, and dedication.

Vesta is primarily concerned with protection, love, and guidance. You need these positive influences to take care of your family and loved ones.

Aries zodiacs that are ruled by Vesta are special. They are in a good position to resolve the issues that prevent them from making advances.

People ruled by Vesta should not ignore the important areas of their lives. They need to deal with these issues regardless of how hard or unpleasant this may be.

The amalgamation of Vesta and Aries encourages you to deal with those areas you consider ‘private’. You’ll discover that these are the most significant areas in your life.

It’s by dealing with these aspects that you get to enjoy life to the fullest.

You can do it. You have the resources to achieve your goals and dreams. Start by taking small steps of faith.

Of course, this means that you have to get rid of your personal weaknesses. Do away with the ‘I can’t do it’ mentality.

Vesta in Aries guides you to get in touch with your truest self. You need to be happy about who you are.

Vesta in Aries Personality in Love and Marriage

Vesta is synonymous with devotion, sacrifice, commitment, and protection. You need to exude these kinds of qualities in your love relationship.

This cosmic body empowers you to focus on the growth and progress of your relationship.

Vesta the goddess stands for purity of intent. She motivates you to maintain love, respect, and faithfulness in your home.

Your family relationships are sacred. They have the blessings of the Universe. You should not allow anything to violate this.

People with Vesta in Aries are interested in keeping their family and loved ones safe. This sign is all about loyalty.

Just as the Vestal Virgins keep the sacred flames at the goddess’ temple alive; you should keep the fire of love in your home alive.

You may have to make sacrifices and compromises to achieve this. You see; Vesta’s fire cannot exist without some level of sacrifice.

Vesta’s flames must constantly be tended to by the Vestal Virgins, who must agree to do so for at least 30 years of their lives.

You need to display this kind of energy and determination in your marriage and love life.

Although Vesta is closely linked with Virginity, she is more concerned with responsible sexual expression.

Vesta in Aries teaches about purpose in sexuality.

All the same, the teachings of this deity transcend sexual activity. They touch on faithfulness and loyalty in your work.

They emphasize respect and consideration for the environment.

Vesta in Aries talks about devotion and commitment to good health.

What are the Traits of Vesta in Aries Man?

  • They are Brave and Outgoing

Men with Vesta in Aries are not afraid of life. They face issues as they come. These natives need space to express their independence.

They know what they need in life, and they are not afraid to work for it.

  • They are Enthusiastic

These natives go about their endeavors with success on their minds. They are passionate about their personal and professional commitments.

Men with this sign rarely experience issues trying to support themselves and their loved ones.

  • They are Focused

Nothing will derail a Vesta in Aries man from their goals and dreams. They are determined to work through life’s challenges.

  • Can be Egocentric

In their desire to assert their independence, these men tend to focus too much on themselves.

They may forget to fulfill some of their promises.

What are the Traits of Vesta in Aries Woman?

  • They are Responsible 

Women with Vesta in Aries know that they have to work hard to meet their goals. They are willing to put in the effort and the hours to get the job done.

They have a keen sense of responsibility for their loved ones. Success is not complete unless their family gets to benefit.

  • They are Independent-minded

This native will not allow anyone -or anything – to jeopardize her freedom of thought. She has strong opinions on things that touch on her life.

  • They are Hardworking

This woman works to be her own person. They like it when they get to sort out their own problems.

They are not quick to ask for help – unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Can be Impatient

Their competitive nature causes them to make hasty decisions. This may interfere with their plans and goals.

It could also isolate them from other people.


Vesta’s influence in Aries urges you to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

If this is indicated in your astrological chart, you need to concentrate on the possibilities in your life.

You should never forget your goals. Despite the many ups and downs you have to go through, maintain focus on the ultimate prize.

This sign gives you the fortitude to deal with life’s challenges. This is because you are meant to be a winner.

The appearance of this sign indicates that failure is not your portion.

With Vesta in your 1st House (Aries), you need to get in touch with your strengths and weakness. You are being encouraged to put your skills and talents to good use.

Have a positive mindset in everything you do.

This is the time to resolve your personal flaws. Choose to radiate a positive attitude everywhere you go.

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