Angel Number 253

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The divine supreme ultimate, or “God” employs its angels as agents in various ways. One of these ways is employing numerical signs to us mortals.

A number that you may see manifested is 253.

We shall now analyze the Angel Number 253 in the numerology of the divine.

The number 253 is informed by the single-digit numbers that help make it up. Those numbers are, of course, two, five, and three.

The Meanings of Angel Number 2

Two is a symbol of balance, cooperation, and a sort of diplomacy or communion between the divine and the mortal element of the universe. The Taoists of China employ the taijitu, or yin/yang to help symbolize this. This is a symbol also of cooperation between yourself and the divine entity and its angels.

The Meanings of Angel Number 5

Five is a symbol of individuality in virtue of the fact that it is the middle point between 0 and 10, giving it a sense of symbolizing change in one’s life.

The Meanings of Angel Number 3

Three is a symbol of manifestation and creativity. In Christianity, it is associated with the Holy Trinity, and is a symbol therein of those humans among us who have fully embraced themselves into the supreme ultimate divine influence of the world.

Examples of such enlightened or ascended might include Jesus, Moses, Lao Tzu, Muhammed, Buddha, etc.

The Meanings of Angel Number 253

253 lends itself a sort of divine manifestation that occurs (or will occur) as a result of your individual communication with the divine and its changes.

Positive life changes are coming as a result of your communication in the form of prayer, meditation, etc. of these angels and of the divine influence in your life.

The number is a symbol therein of a call to accept these changes manifested physically through angels as another step forward toward your alignment to the divine as an individual.

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