Angel Number 855

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Angel Number 855 Meanings

Angel Number 855 reveals that your health is on the verge of vast improvement.


Karma, the universal law of return, is at the heart of this Angel Number. As its shape suggests, an endless circle is produced by your thoughts and actions.

The Angels want to remind you of all the wonderful things you have accomplished. They also want you to understand that your kindness and good deeds have not been overlooked.

This number can often signal that financial abundance is on the horizon. It can also reveal that other blessings such as a better job or improved relationships are soon to be yours.

It is vitally important for you to retain a sense of gratitude as prosperity finds its way to your reality.


The presence of the Angel Number 5 is often a message to pay attention to matters of health and well-being. It can mean that either illness or improved health is in your future.

Angels want you to take time to realize the magnitude of your spiritual blessings. They encourage you to be grateful in every circumstance, for all circumstances serve your soul’s purpose.

Changes are a part of life. Your Angels want you to embrace change as a necessary part of growth.

Use your life lessons to help you through periods of change. Learn from your experiences to become a better person.


The repetition of the Angel Number 5 here is a strong reminder to pay attention to health. Its union with the number 8 means that your health changes will be positive.

Karma is now working on your behalf to produce optimum well-being. The measures that you have taken to care for yourself are reaping wonderful rewards.

Your Angels want you to know that good health is the root of supreme happiness. They also want you to celebrate your accomplishments in this area.

Know that your continued commitment to health and physical fitness will bring about much abundance and prosperity.

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