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The Meaning of Number 8

The number 8 usually indicates someone assertive, determined, and responsible.

This number draws attention to your finances and business. However, it is consistently misunderstood as the number of money and personal power.

The number 8 can be used to improve these business skills. Still, people should balance the 8 with numbers that will help maintain their discipline and keep in touch with their humanity.

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8 Numerology Astrological Meaning

Number 8 is closely connected to the Planet Saturn in astrology. This infinity sign helps those born on this planet exude personal power and positive energy wherever they go.

The spiritual meaning of numerology 8 indicates material and financial success. It also brings an infusion of positive energy in matters of love, business, and professional career.

This life path number has a powerful impact on most zodiac signs. However, this influence is powerful in people born under the Libra, Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius zodiac signs.

These people are keen on their personal and professional undertakings. They also have a propensity to be hands-on regarding communal projects.

The spiritual meaning of having this single digit number shows passion and aggressiveness in making suitable investments.

These people don’t fear using their personal power to attract spiritual and material growth. As such, many win accolades and awards and eventually become famous.

The strong vibes from most single digit numbers can be found in 8 numerology meaning. They are well-behaved at home and away.

These natives are fueled by positive energy, which creates a positive aura around them. People with life path number 8 are highly charismatic.

You have high chances of being a leader in your family or community if 8 is your life path number. There’s something special about this life path number.

It attracts public recognition and admiration.

The Number 8 as a Person

If numbers were people, they would share distinct qualities with the extreme personalities of the gods, like Poseidon or Kronos. (People tend to be a combination of many numbers, so it is rare to know someone who truly lives up to one number’s personality.)

If the number 8 were a person, he would be the powerful decision-making child.

The number 8 is known as the number of balance and harmony. Its shape exemplifies his need for balance best.

It is composed of two complete circles (wholeness). On its side, the number 8 represents infinity, the mathematical symbol for a number greater than any assigned number, anything that can be foreseen.

It is the karmic equalizer, both destroyer and creator, the force that regulates cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

The number 8 is primarily concerned with the balance between the material and immaterial worlds. This number finds practicality and realism on the spiritual plane; on the material plane, its focus is on achieving results.

Spiritually, he is concerned with knowing the difference between real and imaginary spiritual experiences. Materially, he concerns himself with using power (usually money) to get results.

Both spiritually and materially, he is perseverant and disciplined in achieving a goal (if he is correctly balanced by other numbers).

On the negative side, he can be a bit too aggressive and should maintain his temper to remain an authority figure. He can become easily frustrated and lack tolerance for certain people, groups, or traits of humanity and society as a whole.

While he makes an excellent leader with outstanding people skills and the confidence to succeed, if he lets his ego grow too large for his body, he could be too unmoving and insistent that his way is best.

He should be more open to suggestions until everyone is heard and a group makes a decision. Otherwise, he could find himself mistaken as a dictator, asking for everyone’s contribution but, in turn, not (himself) contributing to the whole.

The number 8 is a masculine number indicative of influential leaders (much like the number 1). The number 8, of which the cube root is 2, differs from 1 because it has traits more typical of the 2 (like an understanding of human nature).

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The Number 8 in History

The number 8 pops up across history in many traditions. There were eight people in Noah’s ark, eight reindeer which pulled Santa’s sleigh. In Rome, the eighth day after a child’s birth was considered important.

The Pythagoreans believed the number 8 to be “the little holy number” (they called it “Ogdoad”).

The Justice and Strength cards are associated with the number 8 in Tarot. The Strength card in the major arcana presents the challenge of taming desires to acquire strength.

Some healing crystals resembling the number 8 include serpentine, snowflake obsidian, and leopard skin jasper.

In astrology, the number 8 is associated with Saturn, the planet of career, practicality, resilience, status, and karma.

In the zodiac, the eighth astrological sign is Scorpio. Still, the number 8 is particularly lucky for those with planets vibrating the energies of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

Kronos was the Greek tyrant who helped his mother, Gaia, to overthrow his father. His father cursed him to be overthrown at the hands of his own children.

After years of swallowing his children to prevent this, Kronos was finally tricked into throwing up all his children.

His sons Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon agreed to divide their father’s realm, and they trapped him in Tartarus.

8 Numerology Meaning in Tarot

The science and spiritual practice of Tarot and card reading is deeply embedded in astrology. As such, Tarot and astrology usually go hand in hand.

The number 8 is closely associated with the Strength card in Major Arcana. The visual presentation of this card depicts a woman restraining or taming a lion.

So, what’s the numerology 8 meaning in Tarot?

Courage and Inner Strength

The woman in the Strength Tarot card symbolizes courage, self confidence, and inner strength. The Universe constantly challenges people with the number 8 to exude these qualities in their daily undertakings.

This tells you that your challenges are not meant to put you down.

Kindness and Compassion

From the woman’s demeanor in the Strength Tarot, she’s gentle and compassionate with the lion as she tames him.

Number 8 appears in your numerology chart to remind you of the power of being gentle and kindhearted.

Handle others compassionately and considerately, regardless of the challenges they bring into your life.

Create Proper Balance

The woman in the Strength Tarot card is gentle, while the lion exudes strength. These two qualities are sometimes mistakenly taken to be antagonistic.

The number 8 in your numerology chart tells you to find balance and harmony within yourself. This is the perfect path to establishing inner peace.

You become more effective when your inner being is at peace.

Determination and Endurance

The number 8 appears in your numerology chart as a sign you’ll achieve material and financial success. This should inspire you to devise innovative ways to overcome the challenges in your life.

You’ll realize you have to be determined and enduring in the face of hardship to claim your blessings.

8 Numerological Meaning for Romantic Relationships

Concerning your family and love life path, number 8 brings the energies of master numbers. Ordinarily, master numbers pack more power, energy, and vibrations than ordinary numbers.

Life path number 8 will likely become prominent if you feel like an outsider in your family or romantic relationship.

You feel that things don’t go according to plan, and negative thoughts threaten to engulf you.

8 numerological meaning tells you to be goal oriented regarding your love life. What would you and your partner like to achieve?

Are your heart’s desires and emotional needs well catered to in this relationship? Help your partner to be goal oriented, as well.

Remember, your union is meant to help both of you grow by projecting the best versions of yourselves to the world.

If 8 is your expression number, you must rely heavily on your intuition and inner wisdom to effect the changes you want to see in your family.

Sometimes, logic doesn’t work when it comes to love and matters of the heart. As such, this expression number is keen to help you use your intuitiveness to create positive change.

Forming lasting bonds with your family and partner will be easy if you’re positively motivated. This entails being loving, considerate, and patient.

Those with the Number 8 Prominent in Their Lives

When the number 8 appears, it brings with it an understanding of business and diplomatic relationships. The 8 personality is focused on reaching goals and usually sets many of them.

They may feel the desire to build something valuable for humanity and society.

Those with prominent 8s in their charts tend to have a knack for business and using their financing skills to set and accomplish a goal. They are efficient and focused, and their people skills help others trust them enough to obtain a leadership role.

They are realistic and intelligent, but they can sometimes be a bit overly confident or come across as cold. This can also be true in personal relationships.

The number 8 has to do with career, so people with the number 8 prominent in their charts are usually concerned with their jobs.

However, their concern with status and authority does not necessarily mean they are overly concerned with money.

Many 8s can become humanitarians or do other things not ruled by earning a large sum of money solely for personal gain (though they may be excellent fundraisers).

What’s the Biblical Meaning of 8 Numerology

The biblical meaning indicates the end of old projects and the beginning of new ones. The Bible records that God created the Earth and the heavens and 6 days and rested on the 7th.

Because the number 8 follows the number 7, it symbolizes new beginnings. It tells you to think through your plans and projects with the desired outcomes in mind.

In this context, the number 8 is a karmic number. Here are other biblical meanings associated with the number 8:

Respect for Traditions

According to the Mosaic rules, every Jewish boy has to be circumcised on the 8th day. This marks a fresh start for this boy and blessings as he embarks on the journey to adulthood and spiritual maturity.

It is along these lines that Jesus was presented for circumcision on the 8th day to signify respect for the Mosaic Law. 

New Beginnings   

In Genesis chapter 8, God sends the Great Flood to punish humanity for their evil ways. This deluge lasted for 40 days and 40 nights, covering everything on the surface of the Earth.

After the rains abated, Noah and his family had to wait a further 8 days to disembark from the ark and start life afresh on Earth.

Resurrection and Rejuvenation

According to the Synoptic Gospels books, Jesus rose from the dead on the 1st day of the week. Technically, this is the day that follows the 7th day of the previous week, making it the 8th day.

The symbolic meaning of the number 8 indicates victory in adversity. The divine realm uses this number to assure you that your health, love life, and financial matters will be streamlined.

As such, don’t judge your life based on your past predicaments. Neither should you think you’re a failure because of your current challenges.

The biblical meaning of the number 8 shows you’ll recoup your losses.

The Meaning of 8 House Number

 What does it mean to live in a house with the number 8? Put differently, what’s the impact of being under the influence of number 8 in your home?

House number 8 is associated with success in your life path. The spiritual significance of this number indicates good behavior and well-adjusted temperament in a home setting.

8 numerological meaning attracts positive energies usually associated with Master Number 11. This infinity symbol empowers you to exude an inner power for improved interpersonal relationships.

Living on a street with numbers totaling to 8 indicates that life lessons and past experiences will shape your life path.

This tells you not to shut the door on your past. Rather, use the lessons generated by your past to attract spiritual and material wealth.

People with house number 8 achieve success because they are keen not to lose focus on the crucial areas of their life path.

They know the positive energy they project outwards will change their life path for the better in the near future.

An important attribute of these natives is their ambitious nature. The 8 Destiny number keeps propelling them towards a successful life path.

Benefits of Number 8 House in Numerology

The effect and benefits of the number 8 house have different meanings in your personal and professional life.

The different meanings of this number depend on your life situation and circumstances. All the same, here are a few general benefits associated with the number 8 house.

 Good Luck and Fortune

People with the number 8 house tend to attract the positive energies of good luck and fortune.

They usually apply good judgment in their undertakings, leading to favorable outcomes that many interpret as good luck.

Great Success

You are destined for great success if the number 8 features in your numerology chart as your birth date or number house.

People with the number 8 attract favor wherever they go. As such, their plans and projects are met with great success.

Financial Freedom

You can be sure of financial stability and security if you have the number 8 house. In many cultures, being close to number 8 is associated with financial abundance.

The Universe uses this sign to indicate you’re on the right path to gaining material wealth. This should inspire you to keep up the good work you’ve been doing.

Personal Strength and Spiritual Power

Since time immemorial, the 8 number numerology meanings have been associated with strength and power. In many cultures, this spiritual number symbolizes new beginnings.

Having this number house tells you to employ your personal power and spiritual strength to achieve your goals.

Nothing can stand in your way with the positive energies and vibrations of 8 house number.  

Remedies for Number 8 House

For most people, 8 is a perfect number to have in your home. However, some people have difficulties adjusting to this destiny number.

What should you do if the 8 house number does not suit you? 

Numerology 8 meaning tells you to align your undertakings with your divine plan. This is the best way to draw divine favor and make the energies of number 8 serve you.

The vibrations of single digit numbers are easily drawn when you keep an item associated with these numbers in your house.

The number 8 house is associated with silver. Keeping a piece of this metal wards off negative energies from your home.

The numerological meanings associated with the number 8 and silver are many. All point to the eradication of negative vibes and the attraction of positive energies.

Additionally, you can benefit from the numerology meanings of the number 8 house by keeping kennel seeds near your bed.

This attracts pleasant dreams and keeps nightmares at bay.

Additionally, you can tap into the positive energies of the karmic number 8 by turning it into a 9. To achieve this, place the letter A next to the number 8.

This empowers you to cultivate healthy relationships with your family members.

8 Numerological Number and Your Career

Number 8 numerology is a good sign to receive if you want to expand your career and financial base.

The divine realm urges you not to allow anything to dampen your ambition. You will achieve significant milestones thanks to your stellar personality traits.

The number 8 encourages you to use your innate skills and talents to advance your professional career. Also, actively seek to acquire more skills through in-service training and seminars.

Repeatedly seeing the number 8 indicates the need to work with like-minded people to achieve your career goals. This is an excellent time to seek the support of your mentor and advisor to make healthy financial investments.

The divine realm wants you to be inquisitive. Don’t fear asking for help and support from those who’ve gone and done it before you.

However, number 8 tells you not to take everything at its face value. You have a responsibility to protect your finances and other achievements.

Use your good sense of judgment to conduct due diligence before putting your money into any investment plan.

Most importantly, demand transparency and integrity from all those you deal with. This is another way of telling you to shun dubious, unethical, and questionable investment plans.

8 Numerological Number and Your Health

Repeatedly seeing the number 8 means your angels want you to enjoy good physical strength. Considering the tasks and responsibilities ahead of you, ensure your physical prowess is intact.

This calls on you to eat well and exercise regularly.

Additionally, number 8 numerology points to the powerful link between self-discipline and control of your life.

This number tells you to control what you consume spiritually, physically, and mentally. Feed your mind with life-uplifting ideas.

Self-discipline also entails keeping off addictive and psychotropic substances. Your body is a sacred vessel that should be used to advance your spiritual causes.

8 numerological meaning emphasizes balance and moderation. Avoid excesses that would compromise your health.

Some excesses, such as overspending, strain your material and financial resources, eventually leading to stress.  

The recurrence of number 8 tells you not to over-indulge in anything, as this will compromise your efforts at self-care.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Number 8

The planet Saturn rules over people with 8 numerology number. This cosmic body is believed to be strict and ruthless.

However, it exudes the authority and determination necessary to overcome adversity. Here are some personality traits associated with 8 numerology number.

8 Numerology Strengths

  • These natives are resilient; they don’t give up easily. Making a few losses in your career or personal life does not douse your fighting spirit.
  • People with the number 8 are sensitive and considerate. They try their best to understand and accommodate others.
  • Numerology 8 people are committed and dedicated. They stick with their partners, family, and friends in good and bad times.

The loyalty of these natives is on a whole new level.

  • They are highly adaptable. They are used to facing setbacks and impediments on their path. These natives are often looked down upon; they are unlikely to fall apart when things don’t go their way.
  • People with this numerology meaning have a strong sense of judgment.
  • Numerology number 8 natives are deliberate and optimistic. You don’t rush into judging others based on their face value.

You expect the best out of other people. As such, you readily give second chances and the benefit of the doubt whenever someone makes a mistake.

8 Numerology Weaknesses

  • People with this numerology number often have an air of self-righteousness about them. As such, they are unlikely to listen to advice from people who don’t subscribe to their views.
  • These natives are easy prey for unscrupulous people because they often allow wrongs to go unanswered.
  • They desire to be in the limelight. Rarely are they willing to take guidance from others. People with 8 numerological meaning believe they should always be in top leadership positions.
  • They take personal commitments too seriously. As such, there’s little room for play in their relationship.
  • 8 numerology natives have a great affinity for material things. This means they must constantly be reminded to tend to their spiritual needs.

If left to their own devices, these natives are prone to losing sight of their spiritual goals.

Is It Lucky to See Numerology Number 8?

The number 8 is considered lucky in many cultures around the world. For example, the Chinese culture regards this number as one of the luckiest spiritual signs.

The Chinese culture considers it a sign of good luck and fortune to live in the number 8 house or street. All multiples of this number are also regarded positively.

However, some people regard number 8 as a harbinger of loss, miserly, and sadness. This is because of this number’s association with the planet Saturn, which bears a number of negative traits.

If you consider number 8 negative, you can make its effect positive by turning its energies and vibrations to work for you.

In a nutshell, do this to draw the positive energies of number 8 numerology:

  • Keep a square piece of silver in your home.
  • Spread some kennel seeds beneath or next to your bed.
  • Add an A next to the number 8 to make this spiritual number a 9.

Final Thoughts…

The number 8 is the most material number of all, perhaps because they can so easily detach from the material world to bring mental or spiritual goals to fruition.

Assertion and a common goal are popular themes for those with the number 8 prominent in their numerology charts (or appearing consistently in their lives).

These people should use their assertion to help them reach their material goals to fulfill their destinies and create something for the greater good.

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