April 3 Zodiac

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April 3 Zodiac Sign

People born on April 3 are great planners. You are adept at organizing schedules. This means that you are a key asset in any community where organization is an important component.

You are creative, and you are always generating new ideas. You thrive best where there is a change.

You come across as a sharp person with a good sense of humor. As such, people value you as a welcome addition to their informal gatherings.

Here is your complete horoscope profile. It empowers you to understand your personality better.

You are under the Aries zodiac sign. Your astrological symbol is Ram. This symbol covers those born between March 21 and April 19. From the Ram, you get such qualities as determination and enthusiasm.

The planet Mars plays an important role in the lives of those born on April 3. It enables you to be innovative and outgoing.

Your chief governing element is Fire. Together with the other elements (Water, Earth, and Air), Fire empowers you to be strong and to face all situations with courage.


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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

April 3 zodiac people are on the Pisces-Aries Cusp. We call this the Cusp of Rebirth. The planets Neptune and Mars govern these Cuspers.

Being on this cusp gives you special qualities. This is because Pisces is at the end of the zodiac signs. At the beginning of the zodiac lies Aries. As such, you get the best from these two extremes.

The Cusp of Rebirth enables you to be resourceful and industrious. You get into any task with a lot of gusto. This is why you rarely fail in your endeavors.

Your financial affairs are very much in order. However, you have to maintain your fiery financial sense to remain ahead of the pack. Taking action before others do is the key to success.

Your astrological chart indicates that you are susceptible to accidents involving your upper body and head. Be wise enough and take measures to avert this.


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Love and Compatibility for April 3 Zodiac

April 3 zodiac lovers are quite dependable when it comes to the matters of the heart. Your lover knows that they can count on you when it matters.

You have a soft spot for partners who are passionate and mysterious. They hold a certain allure for you. Once you win their heart, you will do anything to make them happy.

You are charming and attractive. Of course, you are aware of this. Therefore, you tend to choose your partners with care. You do not just settle for anyone. You seek certain characteristics that you believe can give you the quality you want in the relationship.

Your ideal partner is passionate, creative, charming, and loyal. Here, we are talking about people born under the Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius zodiac signs. You have much in common with these natives.

This means that a relationship between you and any of these natives is bound to bear very good fruits. It will be long-lasting and fulfilling. This is more so if your partner was born on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 27th, 30th & 31st.

Warning!! Your astrological chart indicates that you are less compatible with Pisces natives. Take care!

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on April 3?

April 3 zodiac people are very good at making plans. In fact, people seek your advice when they have functions and special activities. Ironically, you are not very good at following through with your personal plans!

You hate to disrupt your activities. You love change, and you are most comfortable where you are required to carry out unfamiliar tasks. Also, you love the spirit of competition. You like to include this in all your plans.

Do you know why you are likely to succeed in life? It is because you are able to combine your competitive nature with creativity and self-confidence. By any measure, these are the ingredients of success!

However, you need to check on some weaknesses that could hamper your progress. Deal with them decisively, and you will be impressed with your progress.

For example, you have an authoritarian streak. This means that you do not appreciate other people’s point of view. You believe your ideas are the best, and you are intolerant to any other.

Also, you have a fiery temper. This is not good for teamwork. People may keep away from you for the simple reason that they do not know how to handle you when you start throwing tantrums.

All in all, you will succeed when you learn to create a balance in your life. You do not have to be combative in every situation. Learn to be subtle, and read cues from your environment.

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Famous People who Share the April 3 Birthday

You share the April 3 birthday with a number of prominent people from across the globe. Here are some of them:

  • Michael Neander, born 1529 – German mathematician and astronomer
  • George Herbert, born 1593 – Welsh-English poet and priest
  • Richard Manuel, born 1943 – Canadian singer, pianist, and songwriter
  • Arlette Couture, born 1948 – Canadian author and screenwriter

Common Characteristics of People Born on April 3

April 3 zodiac people are in the 2nd decan of Aries. This decan belongs to those born between March 31 and April 10.

The Sun plays an important role in the lives of those under this decan. As such, you exhibit many of the better qualities of this celestial body. You are bright, attentive, proud, and elegant. These are the stronger qualities of Aries.

Your strongest characteristic is your great sense of adventure. It arises from the fact that you are independent-minded, and you will do anything that takes your fancy.

All you need is a rough idea of what you want to do. Before the idea even fully crystalizes, you will be off pursuing it. That’s how confident you are! Unfortunately, things do not always work in your favor. You will be burnt a number of times before you realize that slow but sure is the way.

April 3 birthday is synonymous with such outstanding qualities as eloquence, imagination, sociability, and kindness. Employ them in your pursuit of excellence.

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Your Career Horoscope

You love adventure, and you can do very well in jobs that involve adventure. While many people spend much effort and resources trying to run away from danger, you actively seek it.

You are excited by difficulties and confrontations. You are so certain that you will put any situation under your control that you do not understand what everybody else is fussing about.

You have a level of bravado and confidence that is unique. If you find the right balance in your life, the sky will be your limit.

Final Thought…

Violet is the magic color of people born on April 2. Violet signifies royalty. Also, it has a lot of historical symbolism. This color reflects your personality. It represents your courage and your potential to soar to loftier heights.

Your lucky numbers are 3, 5, 11, 17, 25, 33 & 60.

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