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A man born under the Aquarius zodiac sign is a people person. This is not the kind of person who complains of loneliness.

He has a genuine interest in people. He’s open and friendly. He is happiest when he’s contributing to other people’s progress and wellbeing.

It is no wonder, then, that he is very much involved in humanitarian activities.

The Aquarius man has a soft spot for social girls. You have better chances with him if you are interested in uplifting other people’s lives.

He wants a girl that can discuss topical issues. He’s the kind of guy that is okay spending the whole night looking into ways of solving issues in the community.

He’s driven by the need to seek the truth. At times, he comes across as a vocal analyst. He will be very much interested in a girl if she’s willing to share her personal problems with him.

She’ll find him to be both helpful and resourceful.

The Aquarius man is also very affectionate. For him, affection and friendship are one and the same thing.

He believes that you can’t build genuine affection overnight.

If you are interested in this man, you should be willing to allow him to take charge of the relationship. He dislikes being dominated.

Also, he dislikes being put in a position he has to give long explanations about his thoughts and actions.

Although he often looks cool on the outside, it’s important that you should tap into his inner energies. You may be surprised to realize that he is a very emotional individual.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Aquarius Man

If you send the right cues, the Aquarius man will have a burning desire to have sex with you. You just need to be genuine, open, and sincere as you send the hints.

The Aquarian man dislikes any form of pretense. Be original as you deal with him. He is very much attracted to your individuality.

So, don’t be scared of flaunting the unconventional aspects of your personality. The more original you are, the more likely you are to sustain his interest.

The Aquarius man is very social. He bonds well with a woman that exudes a similar quality. So, don’t be so guarded around him.

He has a soft spot for the girl that can manage to excite his mind. He is easily bored by routine. Unleash your unique qualities to win some mileage with this man.

Also, you need to bear in mind that sex and love don’t mean the same thing to him. Don’t think that he’s into you just because he’s agreed to sleep with you.

He loves his independence, and he wouldn’t want to compromise this by mixing love, affection, sex, and friendship.

If you can understand these things about him, you’ll have a long romantic life with him.

What are the Sexual Traits of Aquarius Man?

When it comes to sex, the Aquarius man is a non-conformist. He is progressive and doesn’t allow traditions to tie him down.

If you don’t allow this man the freedom he craves, he may not stick with you for long. Life is meaningful only when he gets to exercise his independence.

For this reason, most of his friends are more of acquaintances than anything else. He’s happy to meet other people and make as many ‘friends’ as possible.

But, these relationships are usually superficial.

If you are his girl, you should not be worried by the number of girlfriends he has. It’s likely that his relationship with them is not deep enough.

It doesn’t warrant your concern. Just remain true to him by loving him and caring for him. This is the best way of getting the feedback you’ve been seeking.

The Aquarius man loves challenges. He is easily bored by having to do the same things over and over, all the time.

You should be ready for the great adventures that come with this man. He will use the excitement generated in this way to woo you.

Best Ways to Seduce the Aquarius Man

Do not overreact to the stubbornness displayed by the Aquarius man. Before you get into any relationship – whether temporary or permanent – with this man, accept the fact that he is stubborn.

To avoid any problems that may arise from this, make sure that you satisfy him in the right way. Be familiar with the sex styles and positions he enjoys most.

Does he like taking you from behind? Don’t be shy about giving it to him. However, let him work for it first.

He needs to feel that he has struggled for this reward, and he will love you much more for it.

Additionally, approach your Aquarius man carefully. The Aquarius man can be cold and distant. You need to understand his moods well before you make a move on him.

If he seems aloof, think of giving him some space. This is not the best time to get intimate with him. Rather, let him find his emotional bearing before you make another attempt.

Get to know this man’s Achilles’ heel, and use it to win him over. Every man has his weakness. Find out what his is.

When in bed, don’t forget to pay attention to his calves and ankles. These are his weak spots. Use your hands, fingers, and tongue on them to make him love you more.

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Secrets of Aquarius Man in Bed

The Aquarius man is attracted to an energetic girl. He enjoys being with a girl who can fully please him.

So, get to know what he likes. This will help you to decide whether you want to board that ship or not.

Don’t attempt anything half-heartedly. If you can’t do certain things, just let the guy know. After all, there are so many other options that you two can try out.

He wants you to go with the flow, and to feel the moment with him.

Also, you don’t have to make things between the two of you too formal. Keep it as formal as you can. He doesn’t like anything that threatens to stifle his independence.

This is your cue that you shouldn’t be possessive.

Rather, he wants a thoughtful girl by his side. Allow him the space to enjoy the freedom he craves for. This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t make any romantic moves toward him.

The reason for being with him in the first place is to create emotional and physical intimacy.

He is very much interested in your dress and appearance. Get to know what turns your man on. You’ll discover that he will keep chasing you when you keep dressing in a certain way.

Capitalize on this. Dress as per his taste, and he will respond appropriately.


If you want the Aquarius man to see you as a sexual object, he will. If you want him to treat you any other way, he will.

He is that malleable.

He is very much interested in the needs and tastes of the girl he’s wooing. If he’s interested in you, he can’t hide it from you.

You’ll know it from the sudden interest he has in your affairs. He will unleash his full romance arsenal on you. Chances are that you won’t be able to resist him.

He’d appreciate it if you can behave similarly if you are into him. Don’t leave him guessing for too long.

The sooner you let him know what’s on your mind, the faster both of you will create your little paradise here on earth.

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