Archangel Raziel

The world of the spirit has always been mysterious to mortal men and women. The mysterious nature of the divine is nowhere more accessible than in the figure of Archangel Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries and the Keeper of God’s secrets. As keeper of the secret knowledge of heaven, Archangel Raziel can help us whenever … Read more

How to Choose Your Tarot Reading Psychic

Finding the right tarot reader can be incredibly overwhelming for those new to the practice. With so many options available, and with so many different approaches to reading tarot cards, it can be hard to know where to get started. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to find the right tarot reader for you … Read more

The Magician


The Magician Card and its Meanings in a Tarot Reading The Magician card is number one in the Major Arcana Cards and it is associated with the planet Mercury. It is a symbol of the link between the earth and sky, channeling the power of the Universe into the earth. He is tightly related to … Read more

Laguna Agate Crystal Guide

Laguna Agate Crystal Meaning and Uses Waves of rose-colored striations ripple across the surface of a laguna agate crystal. They vary in shade from coral pink to a darker but no less striking burgundy red, with their indivisible lines arcing to mesmerize the eye when the faintest sliver of light strikes. The tightly banded ribbons … Read more

Brandberg Amethyst Crystal Guide

What is Brandberg Amethyst Crystal? Brandberg Amethyst Crystal is a uniquely beautiful form or quartz crystal that is only found in Namibia, Africa, in the world’s oldest desert. This high quality blend of Amethyst and Smoky Quartz emits an exceptionally high frequency vibration. Named for The Brandberg, an enormous granite mountain in Namibia’s Damaraland where … Read more

Heliodor Crystal Guide

Heliodor Crystal Meaning and Uses The power and radiance of the Sun makes Heliodor one of the strongest crystals for energy work. One can feel its solar essence as it brings forth light from darkness. What is Heliodor? Heliodor is a rare crystal that belongs to the beryl family of stones. Its name means “Gift … Read more

Kambala Jasper Crystal Guide

Kambaba Jasper Crystal Meaning and Uses These days, healing in any form is a very positive and coveted topic. Sometimes, crystal healing is the answer to achieve these goals. The Kambaba Jasper Crystal is just one out of many healing crystals out there to consider for all of your therapeutic needs. If you need an … Read more

Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Guide

Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Meaning and Uses Known as a source of radiant joy, the Crazy Lace Agate crystal is associated with happiness. It is a wonderful source of positive, subtle energy that can be harnessed by everyone. What is Crazy Lace Agate? Crazy Lace Agate is a crystal that reflects joy and happiness. It’s … Read more

Angel Numbers 450 To 499 Meanings

Angel Numbers 450 To 499 Meanings 450 Angel Number 450 is a powerful indication that the Archangels are guiding you through a period of change. Life events are happening for you that will bring you into alignment with your true desires. You have worked hard at designing a life that reflects your interests, and your … Read more

Seraphinite Crystal Guide

What is Seraphinite? Green Chlorite also named Seraphinite, or “Angel Stone”, is generaly acquired in the Lake Baikal areas of Russia and Siberia and is easily found in specialty stores across the U.S. It belongs to the chlorite family and gets its name from its chatoyance effect, which creates a feathery like appearance within the … Read more

Botswana Agate Crystal Guide

Botswana Agate Crystal Meaning and Uses Many people have experienced the life-affirming energies of the Botswana Agate. This low-energy crystal promotes well-being in a calm way, and is a perfect beginner stone for those who are new to the healing properties of crystals. What is Botswana Agate? The Botswana Agate is a beautiful mineral that … Read more

Angel Number 199

Angel Number 199 Angel number 199 is related to phases coming to an end in your life, and new beginnings being presented to you. Angel number 199 carries a message from your angels to get to work on your Soul’s Mission in this life. This highly positive angel number represents a call from your spirit … Read more

Angel Numbers 351 To 399 Meanings

Angel Number 351 Angel Number 351 is sent a message of reassurance from your angels. Changes are on the horizon. Your angels want you to know that they understand how overwhelming changes can feel. Surrender you fears and have faith that they know what’s best for you. You have their constant support as you advance … Read more