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The world of the spirit has always been mysterious to mortal men and women.

The mysterious nature of the divine is nowhere more accessible than in the figure of Archangel Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries and the Keeper of God’s secrets.

As keeper of the secret knowledge of heaven, Archangel Raziel can help us whenever we find ourselves confronted with a mystery.

By opening your mind and heart to the secret communication of Archangel Raziel, you can make long strides in your spiritual development and even develop psychic powers.

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Who is Archangel Raziel?

The name Raziel means ‘secrets of God,’ which speaks to the function of Archangel Raziel as the keeper of the enigma of God. Raziel is said to stand always nearby God’s throne, which makes him privy to all of God’s secrets.

In ancient Jewish lore, Raziel collected all of God’s secrets in a book titled the Sefer Raziel which means The Book of Raziel in English.

The legend goes on to tell us that, when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, Archangel Raziel gave the Sefer Raziel to Adam, and again later to Noah at the time of the Great Flood.

In this way, the keeper of the enigma of God is also the initiator of individual human destiny.

Archangel Raziel and the Indigo Ray

Often, our encounters with angels come in the form of ethereal visions, such as seeing divine lights in the sky, or during meditation and visionary experience.

Archangel Raziel often appears as an indigo ray, which may shimmer with all of the colors of the rainbow.

The indigo ray is associated with the throat chakra. When we are touched by Raziel’s indigo ray, our capacity for clear communications is greatly enhanced.

The indigo ray carries all of the divine insights to which Raziel alone is privy. These insights can bring physical healing and clarity of mind.

Archangel Raziel’s indigo ray can help bring healing to mental and physical problems that have plagued you, and may have held you back in your spiritual development.

Those who suffer chronic headaches, migraines, and sinus pain should call upon archangel Raziel to heal them and clear their eyes and sinus cavities.

Archangel Raziel can also assist those who have pituitary, thyroid, and other glandular problems, and help reduce and eliminate tumors and growths.

Raziel’s healing energy can also alleviate lower back pain, ease kidney disease, and reduce blood pressure. Raziel has a distinctly calming influence on our bodies and organ systems.

Working with Raziel will also have a positive influence on your mind.

When you connect with Archangel Raziel regularly, you will find that your internal communication has more clarity.

As you become more self aware, your self-knowledge and personal understanding will increase, and your thoughts will deepen into wisdom.

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Reasons to Call Upon Archangel Raziel for Help

Raziel’s knowledge is total, absolute and perfect. There is no puzzle, conundrum or problem that he cannot help you with.

When you connect with Archangel Raziel you are literally coming into contact with the mysteries of the universe.

Archangel Raziel can help us get beyond spiritual and psychic blocks that are holding us back on the path of spiritual development.

By shining a light onto our spiritual darkness, Archangel Raziel can help us solve the abstract or metaphysical conundrums that are holding us back.

Attachment to empty knowledge and a merely material understanding of reality is one of the great barriers to meeting our full potential as a spiritual aspirant.

Getting in touch with Raziel will provide us with special insights and bursts of creativity that will deepen our experience of divine love.

Archangel Raziel is associated with both the throat chakra and the crown chakra.

By opening these chakras, Raziel helps us to develop our inherent extrasensory gifts and develop spiritual insights that are both exhilarating and liberating.

Archangel Raziel, keeper of the mysteries, is also the angel to call upon when you are seeking to enhance, understand or develop psychic gifts.

Many people find that they have extrasensory perceptions but do not understand how to work with or develop these gifts.

Archangel Raziel will put you into alignment with your special spiritual gifts, allowing you to develop them as fully as possible.

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Connecting With Archangel Raziel

The best way to connect with Archangel Raziel is to invoke him during your spiritual and meditation practice.

Raziel is one of the easiest archangels to invoke, and comes readily and quickly to those who have a regular spiritual practice.

All you need to do to invoke Archangel Raziel is say a brief invocation prayer like this:

Archangel Raziel, please bring me spiritual insights that will deepen my understanding of the universe and God’s will for me.

Assist me in interpreting God’s guidance and help me apply it in my life. Help me to understand, interpret and evaluate the information that comes to me in my life. — Amen

Many who have connected with Raziel describe the experience as intense.

How else would you describe the experience of being touched by the flames of spiritual enlightenment?

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