Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of pure love and loving relationships.

Chamuel is a powerful being of light and spiritual illumination. He can help you open your heart chakra and deepen all of your relationships.

Angels are loving beings that are always near and can be counted on to provide help and guidance whenever we need it.

Archangel Chamuel can help you raise your vibrational energy to higher states. This can be extremely helpful whenever you are in distress.



When you are feeling anxious, or sad due to circumstances beyond your control, call upon Archangel Chamuel to ease your anxiety and fill your heart with love.

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Who is Archangel Chamuel?

The name Chamuel literally means ‘he who seeks God,’ or ‘he who sees God.’ The name Chamuel comes from the Hebrew word which means comfort and compassion.

Archangel Chamuel is the embodiment of God’s love and great compassion which comes into the world in a pink ray of unconditional love.

Archangel Chamuel’s divine compliment or Archeia is Charity, which is another word for love and kindness.

Chamuel focuses on relationships and on the development of our higher emotions. Chamuel and Charity are so powerful, they can bring about peace and harmony on a global level.

Chamuel is the leader of an angelic realm that is call the Powers. In the mystical tradition of the Kabbala, Chamuel is one of the ten sephiroth archangels who governs the pathway of love on the Tree of Life.

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Archangel Chamuel’s Pink Ray

All things are ultimately created by God’s love, which is symbolized by the pink ray of light known as Chamuel’s pink ray.

The energy embodied in Chamuel’s pink ray is a sure sign that Chamuel is near and at work in your life, healing relationships and helping you to open your heart to others.

Chamuel’s pink ray is associated with the element of air and the heart chakra of our subtle anatomy.

The heart chakra represents the higher energy level from which spirit is born.

When Chamuel opens our heart chakra with the unconditional love of his pink ray, he is opening us up to profound spiritual growth.

Part of this spiritual growth is a new feeling of contentment with our current life and relationships.

His influence teaches us that the energy of God’s love is the most valuable and creative energy known.

Archangel Chamuel and Family Relationships

Chamuel’s unconditional love and healing energy can help us heal and repair all of our relationships, especially family relationships that are experiencing difficulty.

Calling upon Archangel Chamuel can be extremely helpful when we are trying to repair and restore our relationships with our children, especially when you are going through a divorce or there are strained relationships between yourself and one of your children.

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When to Connect With Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel should be called upon whenever out hearts are heavy and we feel downtrodden and in despair. Archangel Chamuel can help you raise your energy level, leaving despair and anxiety behind.

As the angel of love, Chamuel is very helpful when it comes to relationships, making friends, finding love interests, or repairing relationships with people that you love.

Chamuel will also don her pink armor to protect you from other people’s anger and malice, keeping you out of misunderstandings with others.

Archangel Chamuel is very helpful whenever there is hatred or tension in your home, school, workplace, or neighborhood.

Once you call upon Archangel Chamuel, the place in question will be saturated with Chamuel’s love and compassion.

One practical reason to contact Archangel Chamuel is to get help with finding things that have been lost.

Since Chamuel is the angel of relationships, she can also help us relate to things as well.

When we have lost something of value to us, simply say: “Archangel Chamuel, please help me find …” and name whatever you have lost. Then visualize the object, and in the coming days it is sure to show up.

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Connecting With Archangel Chamuel

Making a connection with Archangel Chamuel is very easy. Our angels are all around us, ready to help us whenever we are in need.

Archangel Chamuel can be invoked to help us relate to others with great love, and he can protect us from the forces of darkness that work against relating to others and experiencing love.


Archangel Chamuel, angel of Love, help me to experience God’s unconditional love. Then, help me to pass on your blessing by acting as a conduit of God’s love in the world. Please open my heart to give and receive love openly and freely.

When we feel surrounded by negative forces, we can call upon Archangel Chamuel directly for protection from the forces that run counter to love. All you have to do to invoke this protective power is say:

In the name of Archangel Chamuel: All forces of anti-love be gone!

Repeat this several times until feelings of dread have departed.

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