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Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the archangel of wisdom and philosophical illumination. The name Uriel is pronounced YUR-ee-el and is translated as “God is Light” or “Light of God.”

Being the embodiment of the Light of God can mean many things, so throughout history, Uriel’s angelic functions have been diverse and varied.

Uriel belongs to a group of angels known as the illuminated seraphim.

Of the nine choirs of angels, the seraphim stands closest to the Creator. If you are in need of insight, illumination, and wisdom, it is a good idea to call upon Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel provides us with a direct link to the realm of spirit.

If you have been looking for a way to raise your personal vibration and become connected with higher energy, connecting with Archangel Uriel will undoubtedly help.


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Who is Archangel Uriel?

Archangel Uriel is one of the most powerful of all the archangels, with the special ability of being able to reflect the Light of God.

God’s light is unimaginable to humans, so the closest that humans can get to being in the actual presence of God is to have His light reflected upon us by Archangel Uriel. For this reason, Uriel is also known as the ‘Angel of the Presence.’

Though angels do not have actual genders, Uriel has often been portrayed with masculine features throughout history. She is associated with power, lightning, thunder, fire, and electricity.

Generally, Archangel Uriel is depicted as a guide, carrying a scroll on which you will find answers to all of your questions concerning your life path, and a staff or a bright lamp which he uses to guide you on your life path.

In the Bible, Uriel is believed to be the angel that came to Noah to warn him about the coming flood.

He is in the same category of historically significant archangels as Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Like these high-energy archangels, Uriel is also referred to as St. Uriel.

Uriel is a high-energy spiritual being who is a special conduit of God’s great wisdom and illumination, working selflessly to illuminate all humanity.

Archangel Uriel offers unconditional service to humanity, sharing the light of wisdom that illuminates all human souls.

The Story of Chief Angel Uriel

Archangel Uriel has been a beloved chief angel for thousands of years in both Christianity and Judaism.

The faithful appeal to her as the source of wisdom, enlightenment, and illumination. The name Uriel means God of my light.

True to this name, Archangel Uriel provides love, light, and enlightenment to all seeking her out.

Uriel is one of the 7 Archangels who interact with God one-on-one in the Perfect Place of Peace, and Light.

All the Archangels have their unique roles and duties by the Divine Source. Archangel Uriel brings light and wisdom to those who seek her help.

For this reason, artists depict this archangel with the scroll of knowledge and wisdom in her hands.

Uriel is a friend, companion, and protector if you’re looking for insights into your life. She guides you to connect to the Universal energies to better manage your life and unleash your full potential.

Uriel’s divine energy connects the seeker with the highest places in the spiritual realm. She stirs your intuition and inner wisdom to help you make solid decisions concerning your life.

What is Archangel Uriel’s Mission?

Archangel Uriel’s mandate is to help you serve your soul mission by awakening your intuition and inner wisdom.

Uriel’s close ties with humanity are well known in heavenly circles. Her love for humans can be seen in how she helps them release negative energies and discover their true potential.

Seekers of this archangel tend to lead positive lives for the rest of their lives. Her divine energy is so powerful that it helps humanity release self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Having Archangel Uriel on your side means you’ll effortlessly eliminate fear, anger, doubts, and other negative energies that have been bogging you down.

This Archangel is also effective in helping seekers deal with guilt and overcome the shame of past mistakes and failures.

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The Divine Powers of Archangel Chamuel

Empowering Humanity

Archangel Uriel helps you realize your hidden potentialities so that you can take complete charge of your life.

Her core mandate here is to help you stand so that you can help others in turn. She knows how far you can go and will quickly step in when you face challenges beyond your human capabilities.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Archangel Uriel provides you with the divine guidance to identify and follow your spiritual path. Her support keeps you on the right track to spiritual enlightenment and awakening, despite the challenges you face on the way.

Knowledge and Wisdom

This celestial being is depicted holding the scroll of knowledge and wisdom in artistic impressions. She is mandated to help seekers gain understanding and learn to use it wisely.

Light and Love

A touch of archangel Uriel’s love gives you insight into your own light. This archangel guides you to get in touch with your divine life purpose.

Seeking the support of Archangel Uriel helps you appreciate that your life on this plane is not an accident.

How Do I Know Archangel Uriel is Nearby?

Calmness and Serenity

Whenever Archangel Uriel is around, all your troubles seem to fly away. Her presence creates an atmosphere of tranquility, enabling you to focus on the important things in your life.

Bright Flash of Yellow Light

Archangel Uriel’s favorite color is yellow. When she wants to announce her presence, she will use a bright flash of this color.

You may also sense an aura of yellow at the corners of your eyes or around some critical objects in the room.

Warm Skin Sensation

If you are in a cold room and you feel a pleasant, warm sensation on the skin, this could be archangel Uriel letting you know she’s around.

Dreams and Visions

Archangel Uriel may appear in your dreams to tell you she’s nearby. You may also see her in a vision during your mediation sessions.

Scent of Incense or Flowers

You may perceive a pleasant scent of incense or flowers as a sign that Archangel Uriel wants to communicate with you.

Discerning the Spirit of Uriel from a Trickster Spirit

It’s important that you learn to protect yourself on your spiritual journey. This is because trickster spirits are quick to notice vulnerable souls and take advantage of them.

Trickster spirits do not cause any real harm. However, they usurp your energy by masquerading as genuine archangels, angels, guardians, angels, and other benevolent celestial beings.

Here’s how you can spot a trickster spirit pretending to be Archangel Uriel:

#1 – Trickster spirits appear when you’re most vulnerable

Trickster spirits prey on our vulnerabilities. This is to say they will appear to you when you’re grieving, fearful, doubtful, angry, and going through conflicts.

These spirits will pretend to be Archangel Uriel, while all they want is to feed on your negative energies.

Although they may not cause you harm, they worsen your situation by pretending they can help.

They indulge in mind games that make you doubt your spirituality and commitment to your Higher Power.

On the other hand, Archangel Uriel appears whenever you summon her, in good or bad times. And you can feel her presence is comforting and supportive.

She doesn’t worsen the situation if you’re going through tough times.

#2 – Trickster spirits ask for favors

You can identify a trickster spirit because they will ask for a favor from the word go. This spirit will ask you to bribe them to help you solve the issue in your life.

This request starts with something small and innocent enough. At first, the trickster spirit asks for something you can easily access and afford.

The spirit may ask for a cup of milk, a flower, or a plate of a specific type of food. However, this soon escalates into something bigger.

The demand soon graduates into something that will require more of your resources, time, and energy. The spirit keeps pushing you to feed its insatiable desire.

On the other hand, Archangel Uriel will help you for free. Her greatest desire is to see you spiritually accessible and able to efficiently run your life.

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Archangel Uriel’s Ruby Ray

The color associated with Archangel Uriel is ruby red, or yellow, which is also associated with the root chakra’s energy.

This color represents the power and vitality of the life force, which is what Uriel brings when you connect to her. With energy and vitality, Archangel Uriel acts as a stabilizing influence in your life.

Uriel’s ruby red ray is a reference to this light and energy. When ruby red light, which moves to purple and has tiny flecks of gold swirling about within it, appears to you, it is a sign that Uriel is with you.

As it is reflected and transmitted by Uriel, the light of God can have a therapeutic and healing effect on anyone who receives it.

Whenever we feel fearful, rejected, or abandoned, we should call upon Archangel Uriel to lift our vibration with his healing energy.

Connecting With Archangel Uriel

When we want to invoke a powerful spiritual being like Archangel Uriel, it is important to do whatever you can to leave negative thoughts and feelings behind, opening yourself to higher spiritual energy.

Come to Uriel with a calm mind and an open heart, and you will get an answer.

A great way to stop negative thoughts is to build an angel altar to Uriel that will serve as a sacred space in your home.

The angel altar should contain highly spiritual images, texts, and items that are sacred to you. Ruby red crystals and other ruby red items should also be placed on your altar as a representation of Uriel’s high energy.

There are many ways that you can connect directly with Archangel Uriel. Begin by quieting your mind through a chant, reciting a litany, or meditating on your breath.

Once your mind is quiet and focused, you can perform a visualization of Uriel and his ruby ray, or you can recite a traditional invocation:

Archangel Uriel, angel of wisdom and illumination, I thank God for bestowing His wisdom upon you. I pray that you send this wisdom to my life.

Please shine the Light of God into my heart.

Whenever I’m facing an important decision, illuminate my mind with God’s wisdom and help me find creative solutions that will bring peace to my life.


Working with Archangel Uriel

#1 – Find a quiet place

Identify a quiet place where you can comfortably sit. This place should induce your sense of calm and give you inner peace.

#2 – Clear your mind

Clear your mind and heart of any negative thoughts and feelings. Negative energy will likely block your access to Archangel Uriel, so you don’t want to bring it to the altar.

You can eliminate negative energy through breathing techniques and meditation.

#3 – Light a Yellow Candle

Light a yellow candle to attract the presence of this archangel. Alternatively, visualize a bright yellow light surrounding you.

#4 – Call out to Archangel Uriel

In this moment of serenity, call out to Archangel Uriel and let her know you need to connect with her. Once you feel her presence around you, tell her what’s on your mind.

This is the time to tell her the challenges you’re going through and the kind of support you need from the spiritual realm.

#5 – Listen for feedback

Listen to any responses from your archangel. This celestial being will respond by sending you a sign you can identify, appreciate, and relate to.

It may appear in the form of a thought, feeling, inspiration, or in any other way that fits into your environment.

Prayers for Archangel Uriel

Prayer for Inner Peace:

Dear Archangel Uriel, the chief angel of peace and love,

I thank God for enabling me to connect to such a powerful source of inspiration. Archangel of God, I need to be at peace with myself. My inner conflict constantly puts me on edge and gets in the way of healthy relationships.

Uriel, God’s Chief angel, helped me be at peace with myself. Teach me to love myself so that I can learn to love others.


Prayer for Confidence:

Dear Archangel Uriel,

Help me to see myself as God intended from the very beginning. Give me the courage to discover my true life purpose and to serve it diligently.

Teach me to hold my head high in front of every person I have a relationship with. Teach me to be proud of who I am and what I’m meant to do.

Dear Archangel Uriel, remind me that God loves me as his unique creation. Teach me to spread God’s love to all his wonderful creations, including my family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

Through your help and support, may I be the image of God’s unconditional love by blessing all I encounter in life’s journey.


Prayer for Financial Stability: 

Dear Archangel Uriel,

Give me the courage to identify a solid and trusted source of livelihood. Show me how to move out of my current financial situation without compromising my values and principles.

Archangel of God, give me the courage to move out of my comfort zone, take risks, and pursue the life God intended for me. I trust you to help me get the resources to handle my bills and responsibilities.

Through your help, I know I can take care of my material needs and my family’s. I pray for divine provisions that my loved ones may never lack.

Dear Archangel of God, may abundance and prosperity be my portion.


Prayer for True Love:

Dear Uriel, the chief angel of God,

Make my thoughts and feelings pure so that I may make wise choices concerning my love life. I want to be with someone who loves me for me. Help me to discover a good match, someone with whom I can develop a healthy relationship to glorify God.

Dear Archangel Uriel, may my love relationship serve the greater good. It is my desire to create a wonderful legacy of love to improve the world and spread God’s blessings all around me.


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Final Thoughts…

Archangel Uriel is a master at transforming lower energies into higher-frequency vibrations.

Within each negative emotion we experience, we can learn a spiritual lesson that will transform our understanding and lift us to a higher spiritual state.

Come to Archangel Uriel whenever you need creative solutions to problems; she will lift your heart and mind to a higher vibrational level.

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