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When we need help meeting our material needs, we can turn to Archangel Ariel for help.

Angels are celestial beings not bound by the same limitations that bind humans and other things, such as time and space.

Angels are multidimensional beings always near us, ready to give with their help.

Our guardian angels are always nearby, providing guidance and protection for specific problems, such as material shortages. We can call upon archangels, like Archangel Ariel, for direct help.

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What are Archangels?

Archangels are also known as the ruling angels because they are charged with carrying out God’s will.

The term ‘archangels’ occurs twice in the New Testament, and they are mentioned in the Book of Revelations as the “seven who stand before God.”

Unlike our guardian angels, who protect and guide each of us specifically, the archangels have the duty to carry out God’s will.

To do this, the archangels must control and harmonize everything in Creation. Archangels also record all of the information in the Universe in the Akashic Records.

Archangels direct our guardian angels to ensure we are on the right path in our spiritual and material lives. Archangels operate on many planes all at once.

Though they are celestial beings living in the angelic realm, you can be sure that they are always near and can help us in a number of ways.

Though archangels are typically genderless, many representations of archangels have either masculine or feminine attributes.

For instance, Archangel Michael, the embodiment of the protective power of God, is represented as a strong masculine presence. On the other hand, Archangel Ariel is usually depicted with feminine characteristics.

Archangels are large and imposing beings who may arouse fear when we first encounter them. Their prodigious size and loud voices can be startling.

Throughout the Bible, whenever anyone encounters an Archangel, they are always told to ‘fear not.’

This applies to us today, as the archangels are loving and compassionate beings who are out to help us achieve our full potential.

Who is Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel is known as the ‘lioness of God.’ Ariel can help us directly by providing how to acquire our physical and material needs.

Archangel Ariel is charged with overseeing the natural elements. She is closely connected to animals, minerals, and the elemental forces in nature.

Archangel Ariel can assist us in environmental causes, like cleaning up environmental disasters and protecting and healing sick or injured animals.

Ariel is generally associated with mysticism and the Gnostic tradition in which she was one of the Archangels (or Archons) present at the world’s creation.

In the Gnostic tradition, Ariel is said to be in charge of the winds. In Jewish history, Archangel Ariel is closely associated with the wise King Solomon.

In these ancient traditions, Ariel appears usually depicted as the angel with dominion over the Earth, elemental forces of nature, and animals.

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How Can You Recognize Ariel the Archangel?

Archangel is described as one of the 7 celestial beings standing beside God in the heavenly holy city covered in gold.

So, how do you identify this Archangel when he pays you a visit? Archangel Ariel works through the natural world.

As such, you must focus your meditation rituals on the natural things around you.

Here are some symbols to help you recognize and appreciate this Archangel.

A Roaring Lion or Lioness 

Archangel Ariel is also known as the Lioness of God. As such, she’s often depicted as a fierce lion or lioness to represent her power and passion for Mother Earth.

Strength Tarot Card

In Tarot, this celestial being is represented by the strength Tarot card. The strength card depicts a feminine figure holding a lion as if to calm or tame it.

This further paints the image of a gentle yet imposing figure ready to tame the wild and make the world a better place.

The Globe

Archangel Ariel is closely associated with the globe representing her readiness to protect the natural elements and God’s creation.

As the patron saint of animals, Archangel Ariel is greatly interested in conserving and protecting the natural or elemental world.

Angel Numbers 4, 44, 444, and 4444

The Lioness of God is associated with these numbers because she wants those under her care to be stable, well-grounded, and secure.

Additionally, the number 4 represents the 4 elements of nature: fire, water, Earth, and air. Seeing angel number 4 clearly tells you this Archangel is in the vicinity.

The Rainbow and Pale Pink Color

Another symbol alerting you of archangel Ariel’s presence is the light pink color. This color is seen in many elemental items in the natural world.

This celestial being can also announce her presence in the glow of the rainbow. Whenever the rainbow appears, take it as a message from Archangel Aries.

She wants you to know she loves you unconditionally.

The Rose Quartz Crystal Stone

This symbol of Archangel Ariel represents kindness, generosity, and compassion. This Archangel is well known for exuding these qualities whenever dealing with humans.

The Rose Quartz crystal is a pale pink stone associated with the heart chakra. It promotes self-care, love for nature, and consideration for others.

This resonates well with Archangel Ariel’s empathy, forgiveness, and environmental conservation message. 

Archangel Ariel reveals herself through the Rose Quartz crystal stone when she wants you to nurture peace, harmony, and balance.

Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom whenever you find yourself near a Rose Quartz. This way, you can tap into the positive energies of this Archangel.

What Are the Powers of Ariel the Archangel?

The Archangel of Nature

The most obvious power of Archangel Ariel comes from her connection with Mother Earth. This celestial being rules over the elemental world, where she’s the patron saint of wild animals.

You can tap into Ariel’s love for nature if you desire to get closer to the natural world. This guardian angel gives you authority over the natural or earthly elements.

Be sure to use this authority advisedly for the sole protection of Mother Earth.

Ariel Archangel, the Healer

The healing powers of Archangel Aries are legendary. You can contact archangels Ariel and Raphael if you’re going through a rough patch and need to heal and recover.

This is one of the blessed angels that enable us to handle our trauma using the natural resources found on Mother Earth.

In this context, she works alongside Archangels Raphael and Michael to give us the protection to live our lives fully.

Gives You Purpose

When you contact Archangel Ariel, you can dig deep inside yourself and discover what ails you. This Archangel’s powers enable you to resolve your doubts and uncertainties.

She helps you recover from loss and inspires you to believe in yourself again. Making contact with archangels Raphael and Ariel makes strengthens your faith.

These celestial beings help you focus on your life purpose and soul mission.

Spiritual Ascension

Contact archangel Ariel and Raphael for support on your journey to spiritual enlightenment. These spiritual beings connect you to the energies of Mother Earth so that you can remain well-grounded.

This way, not even the hindrances and obstacles on your path can stop you from achieving your spiritual goals.

 Archangel Ariel’s connection with Mother Earth makes you secure and stable, knowing you have the support you need to manifest your heart’s desires.

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Is Archangel Ariel Reaching Out? How to Tell for Sure…

When celestial beings want to get in touch with humans, they send subtle signs we can identify and relate to.

This happens with Archangel Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and other archangels occupying the hallowed places in heaven.

Usually, we meet Archangel Ariel via something that touches on Mother Earth. For example, you may see wild animals behaving oddly.

This happens because Archangel Ariel controls all God’s creatures found in the wild. Some of the ways you can tell that the Lioness of God is close by includes:

Presence of Vivid Colors

As with most other Archangels, Earth’s Great Lord (Ariel) is big on colors. If you perceive some colors out of the corner of your eyes, it could be this Archangel announcing her presence.

Archangel Ariel usually appears in vibrant colors of the rainbow. She is particularly fond of pink.

Sensation on Your Skin

Are you seated in a calm room, but you feel the wind gently brushing against your skin. Archangel Ariel has the power to command all elements that are part of God’s creation found in Mother Earth.

In this case, Archangel Ariel has taken command of the wind to announce her presence. She can do the same with temperature, humidity, and noise levels.

Vivid Dreams and Visions

Dreams and visions are commonly used by angels and other divine beings to communicate with us. These channels can change fortunes, invite good luck, and heal the sick.

A dream announcing the presence of Archangel Ariel will feature earthly elements and items you can find on Mother Earth.

A close look at the type and arrangement of the natural elements in the dream will give you the divine message from this Archangel.

Positive Impact of Archangel Ariel on Our Lives

Archangel Ariel has the power to regulate and control the natural world.

She can help us meet our material needs and attract wealth and abundance.

However, this is very rarely done through miraculous means. It is much more likely that Archangel Ariel will guide you to an opportunity that will benefit you greatly.

When we seek abundance from our angels, it is crucial to keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities all of the time.

Your angels are much more likely to bring about meaningful coincidences than to make money appear miraculously.

When seeking abundance, it is important to have the proper motivation.

When we seek abundance out of greed and a need to accumulate, it will likely cause a contraction of consciousness.

The Archangels provide abundance because we are wide-open and spiritually abundant beings.

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light- behind-clouds

Connecting to Nature with Archangel Ariel’s Help

Another essential reason to make a connection with Archangel Ariel is when we want to deepen our experience of nature.

Most of us spend our days in unnatural environments like homes, offices, stores, and other artificial structures.

With the help of Archangel Ariel, we can make a deeper and more satisfying connection to the natural world.

Those who want to form a relationship with natural spirits and elemental beings should invoke the help of Archangel Ariel before they do so. Many of these beings can be tricky, mischievous, and in rare cases, malevolent.

Archangel Ariel will guide you away from these potential problems and help you find nature spirits, animals, and elemental beings that will provide you with the mystical experiences you seek.

Archangel Ariel respects our free will and will never intercede without our consent.

This means you must invoke the power of Archangel Ariel if you want to experience these benefits.

Connecting With Archangel Ariel

We should not seek a direct connection with an Archangel for trivial matters. In most cases, our guardian angels are already looking out for us and will help us achieve our aims.

However, we can connect with an archangel like Ariel when we have specific needs.

The most effective way to connect with Archangel Ariel is by reciting a brief invocation or prayer.

Before you invoke an Archangel, you will want to set up a holy space in your home to quiet your mind and commune with spiritual beings.

This sacred space should include an angel altar on which you place images that you hold meaningful and sacred to you.

Once your mind is quiet, concentrate on the sacred and holy images on your altar or in your holy space.

Quiet your mind and say the following prayer to yourself, silently or aloud, whichever way feels right to you:

Dear Archangel Ariel, please connect with me now in this sacred space so I may experience your healing light.

To benefit the Earth, the animal kingdoms, and the natural world, commune with us in this space.

Through my connection with you, help me to heal my life and experience an overflow of divine love and healing. Thank you.

When connecting with Archangel Ariel, you can do so in nature, on hiking trails, or in a peaceful place in the woods you love.

Whenever you go out into nature, you should take a moment to quiet your mind and connect with Archangel Ariel. You will enjoy peaceful and deeply meaningful experiences every time.

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 Is It Archangel Ariel or a Trickster?

How do you know the spirit approaching you is Archangel Ariel? How can you tell if an imposter tries to pass off as this Archangel?

Listen to Your Intuition

Your inner guidance has a way of locking on to positive energies from benevolent celestial beings. If you’re in doubt, listen to your intuition.

A trickster will not give you complete answers – because they don’t know the correct answers. As such, this spirit will try to confuse you with half-truths concocted with falsehood.

A Trickster Feeds Off Your Loss

Archangel Ariel is loving and compassionate. As such, she will not make demands on you when your life is unstable.

On the other hand, a malevolent spirit attacks when it thinks you’re weak. It will approach you amid family disputes.

A trickster spirit makes demands when you’re sick or struggling with doubts and uncertainties. If given a chance, a trickster spirit fuels your negative energies, making your life even more unbearable.

A Trickster Asks for a Bribe

A trickster spirit asks for a favor even before it offers its help. You may be experiencing tough challenges, but this malevolent spirit will not care.

It starts by asking for something easily obtainable, such as a flower, fruit, or glass of milk. Its appetite grows the more you supply these items.

After some time, the demands will be so high that they’ll eat into a significant change in your spiritual and material resources.

If you keep up with this, the demands will be too big. They’ll leave you totally drained and vulnerable to serious spiritual attacks.

How You Can Work with Archangel Ariel

The best way to work with Archangels is by building the altars. Your spiritual practice on this altar should intensify on your chosen Archangel’s day.

You can contact and work with Archangel Ariel on any day; she considers all days her blessed days. To work with this celestial being, follow these steps:

Build the Altar

This altar should be built on a high table, stable enough to hold the worship items you’ll place on it.

Cover the table with a white or pale pink cloth. You can accentuate the look of this altar with Archangel Ariel’s photo or statue.

If possible, you can place a Rise Quartz crystal stone on the altar to invite positive energies from this Archangel.

Light a White or Pink Candle

Use a white or pink candle at the altar to dedicate to your angel.

This setting can further be enhanced by placing a cross and a cup of water on the altar. Some people also prefer to include fresh flowers and foodstuffs related to the Earth Mother.

Ensure that you change the water, flowers, and foodstuff regularly to maintain the sanctity and purity of the altar.

Invoke the Powers of Archangel Ariel

Once the altar is set correctly and you’re well-adjusted, go ahead and say your prayers to invoke the powers of this Archangel.

It’s best that you carry out your spiritual work in a calm and serene environment. Avoid loud noises either within the room or from outside.

Some people find it easy to meditate or chant when there’s calm, soothing music.

Praying to Archangel Ariel

We can tap into the powers and energies of Archangel Ariel through prayer and meditation. The Archangel responds to our prayers by enabling us to harness the energies found in nature.

You can the prayer anywhere that is quiet and conducive to enable you to focus on what you’re saying to this celestial being.

Some people find it reassuring to pray in church or before an altar. The important thing here is that you should be calm and relaxed.

Also, clear your mind and heart of all toxic energies before beginning your prayer or spiritual practice. Focus on the good energies around you.

Prayer for Self-Discovery

Blessed Angel Ariel,

Archangel of God, comforter and protector of animals and humans alike. I come before you for support to access the natural resources to know myself better.

Archangel Ariel, I often lose my goals because I don’t clearly understand who I am and my divine mandate on this plane. Please help me to understand myself better. Communicate to me God’s will in my life, and bless me with the natural resources to carry out that will.

Blessed Ariel, please be there for me in my time of need. I need your love and support now more than ever. Support me to correct my errors to occupy my rightful place in the Universe. Amen!

Prayer for Finances

Dear Archangel Ariel,

Thank you for the many miracles I have witnessed in my career and finances. Thank you for your provisions and sustenance.

To you, I turn during this time of financial hardships. I am going through material difficulties that put my monetary and non-monetary resources at risk. I fear what tomorrow brings because my wealth is on shaky ground.

Archangel of God, show me the way out of my current predicament. I need another miracle from you. Fill my faith so that I can move to identify the opportunities you have prepared for me.

Please help me recognize the good things set in motion for my growth and progress. Please give me the courage not to fear failure but to expect positive outcomes from my labor.

Thank you, Archangel of God. Amen!  

Prayer for Healing and Recovery

Archangel Ariel,

I pray for divine intervention for healing from my pain, suffering, and trauma. I know you work with Archangel Raphael to bring healing to the mind, body, and souls of humans.

I pray you to touch my life with your healing power. I’m currently going through injuries to my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Your interventions will reset my health; I’ll be well again.

Servants of God inspire me to embrace a healthy lifestyle to ward off diseases and negative energies. Help me to identify and adopt good habits. Amen!

Final Thoughts…

To create a solid relationship with Archangel Ariel, consult him regarding your life.

This celestial being has an interest in every facet of your life. She will guide you concerning your love life, family, career, finances, and health.

Be careful not to make a promise to Archangel Ariel that you don’t intend to keep. It’s better to promise little than to over-promise when dealing with Archangels.

Don’t forget to fulfill your promises once what you want is granted. If you promise to bring flowers or drinks to the altar every week, please do so.

If you promised to increase giving alms and support for the less fortunate, don’t be tempted to renege on this promise.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where the blessings already in your life can be withdrawn.

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